It is hard to believe February is already here! We hope that your 2019 has been off to a great start and that you are staying warm during this extra cold winter season! 

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Intro to Yoga/Port Huron Studio
  This is a class for those new to yoga and those interested in learning about a new style or aspect of yoga! Each week our Intro to Yoga class will focus on a different topic, including how to move through a sun salutation, categories of asana (seated, twists, standing, balancing, etc.), meditation and breathing techniques, inversions, and styles of yoga such as yin and Ashtanga. Class will move slowly and carefully, providing information about proper alignment for each pose and what the class, style, or technique entails. We will post the topics each month on our social media channels and monthly newsletter to help you find the class that is right for you!

February Intro to Yoga Schedule: 
February 4th - Intro to Yin & Restorative Yoga, Exploring the Similarities and Differences
February 11th - Intro to Balancing Poses
February 18th - Intro to Chaturangas and Sun Salutations
February 25th - Intro to Transitions, Learning to Flow Freely from Pose to Pose



Meet Rachel, our featured team member for February!

1.) What got you interested in yoga? 
I grew up doing all styles of dance, so when I started exploring exercise classes yoga seemed like a no brainer because it has a lot of similar physical and mental benefits! 

2.) How long have you been practicing?
Hmm, I can't remember my very first yoga class, but probably on and off for close to 9 years. 

3.) What is your favorite yoga pose and why?
Standing/seated forward fold is like my unsung hero of yoga poses. It is so versatile in that it can be a hamstring or lower back stretch or a relaxing rag doll for much needed shoulder and neck release. Plus you can do it almost anywhere! 

4.) What is your least favorite yoga pose and why? 
This probably depends on the day! Most regularly, twisted prayer chair. I love the challenge of chair, but add the prayer twist and it's just so much to think about at once. 

5.) What do you love about working at Happy Dog?
Everyone's kindness! From both the teachers and the students! 

6.) Any pets or children?
No, just me! 

7.) What is your favorite food?
Yummy and healthy vegan food! I've been vegetarian for almost 6 years and am working on becoming fully vegan, so if you see me feel free to share your fav plant-based recipes. 

8.) If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go? 
Anywhere I could see the aurora borealis! Iceland would be especially cool. 

9.) What is your long term goal?
I got my bachelors degree in 2017, but I am applying to go back to school for nursing so I can eventually become a certified nurse midwife. 

10.) What hobbies do you have aside from yoga? 
I love trying other exercise classes, right now I'm spinning at the Y. I also co-produce a podcast called The Activist Hustle. And of course, spending time with my two older sisters! 

11.) What's 1 thing no one would ever guess about you? 
People always seem surprised to learn that I am a pretty cluttered/messy person at home. 

12.) What's your favorite song?
I think my favorite song of all time is Say a Little Prayer originally by Dionne Warwick, but there's an awesome cover by Lianne La Havas that I would not be mad if any teachers added to their flow playlist! 

13.) If you were stuck on a desert island and could only bring 3 things what would they be?
My Spotify account, a meditation journal, and a mat. Voila, desert yoga! 

Meet Vicki, our February student of the month!

Why I love yoga: Yoga has brought many things that were not always as present in life as they should be! In just the few short years that I have been practicing I feel that my life has truly changed in so many positive ways. Starting with a "Summer of Yes", morphing into a "Year of Yes", which looks like it is becoming a "Life of Yes". I am definitely more open to the unknown and new experiences!
Peace - I can tune into myself through movement and breath, or meditation, both in a class or alone, and feel a total sense of calm and renewal.
Strength - I am physically and mentally much stronger than I ever thought I was.
Acceptance - The ability to accept myself as I am, and not feel that I need to be anything other than what I am in the given moment.
Friendship - I have met and become friends with an incredibly amazing group of people through yoga!
Gratitude - For the ability to move, breathe, serve others, and experience all of the wonderful and not so wonderful things that life brings!





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