Ethan Embodies our Local Health Program
Dumped at the Kentucky Humane Society and near death, Ethan has been nursed back to life by KHS staff using IV fluids provided by SOS. Dr. Emily Bewely (pictured w/ Ethan) has been a longtime SOS partner and advocate for our mission. She told us that Ethan was brought to her as close to death as any animal she has ever seen. After calling SOS for supplies, we surged into action providing the items desperately needed to save Ethan.

Some expired supplies we collect, unable to be shipped internationally, are perfect for our furry friends at local animal shelters. Ethan, who has become international news, is one of many animals alive today thanks to our donated supplies. Ethan, Dr. Bewley and SOS's Local Health Program remind us that medical items treated as "waste" will save lives when put into the correct hands.
Photos provided by Kentucky Humane Society
Healing Trauma and Sparking Hope

SOS teamed up with WaterStep and we dedicated time and talent to improving Kashoro's community. We had to approach this project with a holistic mindset - this community needed more than access to healthcare alone. They needed clean water. They needed technology and internet access to educate their children. Our humanitarian shipment needed to address many problems at once.
This shipment recently arrived and we have received these pictures and an outpouring of gratitude. Along with critically needed medical supplies and equipment, we sent dozens of WaterStep's bleach-makers and chlorine generators and desktop computers for the local school. This shipment will touch every aspect of daily life in Kashoro's community.

What do we want for our own families? Good health and a bright future. SOS serves communities globally that have neither.
Now this community has clean water. Now there are beds for women in labor. Now there are bassinets and warmers for newborns to sleep safely. There is a peace of mind that suffering can be confronted and overcome when we work together as one for common good.
Hospital Staff in DRC Unloading Supplies from SOS
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SOS is a Louisville, Kentucky-based nonprofit organization that meets critical healthcare needs in impoverished communities at home and around the world by collecting and distributing surplus medical supplies and equipment.

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