February 2020 e-news
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Combatting Coronavirus
Coronavirus (COVID-19) has been in the global news cycle for the past two weeks. With over 40,000 infected throughout China, the ability to respond to a viral outbreak has been a burden to the Chinese healthcare system.
SOS is joining in the relief effort to assist medical workers in mainland China. This week, we sent a large container shipment to Shanghai, China to help medical workers contain the outbreak spreading across Southeast Asia. With our partnership with UPS, our medical shipment of masks, surgical gowns and personal protection gear was flown directly to Shanghai to deliver these items where they are most needed. Our shipment included over 65,000 antiviral masks - an item crucial to protecting medical providers and community members - as well as thousands of medical coveralls and protective eye gear. This shipment arrived in China on Wednesday, February 13th we will keep you up to date on the coronavirus outbreak as it unfolds.

If you or anyone you know is interested in supporting our efforts to help our global community, please send us an email to let us know how we can help.
SOS team preparing the Coronavirus Relief shipment
Top Photo via Sky News
Continuing our Commitment to Liberia
In 2014, when the Ebola virus was rampaging across West Africa, SOS stepped up to supply community health workers in rural Liberian villages with proper medical clothing and supplies (pictured) to contain the outbreak. In January, SOS sent a second shipment to the Liberian communities still healing from the trauma of the Ebola crisis.

Working with the Trembo National Association, a national organization of Liberians in the U.S., SOS is delivering medical supplies, medications and fortified meals to 28 communities in Central Liberia. We teamed up with Love the Hungry and CMMB to deliver this comprehensive health shipment that will supply three medical clinics across the region and provide over 40,000 meals.

Viral pandemics are back in the news and this shipment to Liberia is a timely reminder of the after-care needed in devastated communities. The Ebola outbreak and the communities it affected are no longer in the news. However, the families that lost loved ones and the struggling healthcare infrastructure overburdened by the outbreak still need assistance to recover from a deadly disaster. Once the TV cameras and relief organizations have left, the call for help is often not heard. Our work is designed to answer that call for help and we continue to assist and support communities that need a helping hand.
Members of the Trembo National Association help load the final boxes on their container.
SOS partners with St. Elizabeth Healthcare
SOS kicked off 2020 with a new partnership! Last month, we formally announced our partnership with St. Elizabeth Healthcare. Starting with their Edgewood campus, SOS will be recycling medical supplies and equipment from all St. Elizabeth facilities - reducing their environmental impact while helping save lives in under-served communities around the world. Our partnership got off to a successful start with their donation of an anesthesia machine from St. E's Edgewood facility! This anesthesia machine will be delivered to the Mashiah Hospital in Jos, Nigeria in the coming weeks.
St. Elizabeth Healthcare team with SOS driver Wade Cunningham and anesthesia machine donated from St. Elizabeth Edgewood.
Mark You Calendars
This spring and summer you'll have three chances to support SOS at local restaurants! Each night a percentage of your bill will directly support the mission of SOS! Follow our social media for updates on ways to support SOS.
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SOS is a Louisville, Kentucky-based nonprofit organization that meets critical health care needs in medically impoverished communities around the world by collecting and distributing surplus medical supplies and equipment.

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