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Love THYself

Creating a Sacred Space

Just over a year ago I decided to finally do myself a favor and create a sacred space for myself. I put a mat down in a room and claimed it my own. It started as just that, a mat in a room. And then it grew...a work desk and a dresser. The room itself is
nothing huge, in fact it's a converted spare bedroom, but it's full of natural light, it has my yoga books, space for my mats (yes, plural) and a bamboo plant from my best friend. 

I have collected items from many I hold dear to my heart and made a small altar, or pooja, for myself where I place sacred items: a mala blessed by the Dalai Lama, my yoga Barbie from my bestie, a daily reading book, a meditation shawl from India when I did my 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training & many other pieces.  

This yoga/office/room has taken on a mind of it's own over the course of time but  it's more about what has stayed the same that makes this room special. This space  has a purpose, or more specifically a presence. No matter the distractions or  challenges the day brings, I can turn here and focus on two things: yoga and self. 

From this space many new lessons have blossomed.  

It's where I work out my work life yoga and also my personal yoga. I truly believe if we spend enough time with ourselves doing what we love, and sometimes doing those things even when we're feeling too tired or too busy, we reap the greatest benefits. I encourage you to take the things you say you want to do and then go forth, and DO THEM. 

My advice to you, number one: make some space that you can call your own and number two: spend some time there and learn about yourself. Create a sacred place for you to work on Self Knowledge. The Bhagavad Gita says to us, self-knowledge is spiritual knowledge. The more we connect to the divine within, the closer we find ourselves to true fulfillment. This is not the type that comes from the physical and tangible things we 'think' make us happy, it already exists within us. It is the thing that is always there and helps us find a greater happiness, one that doesn't come from owning a fancy car, or not-so fancy car.

Embrace it. Empower yourself. Find yourself elevated by connecting with who you are in your truest nature: Pure Consciousness. From this empowerment you can create abundance for yourself and for those around you. My experiences prove this more with each day, so go out there and make a space for yourself. Watch life manifest itself and feel its abundance. Make space for you, whether it is a spare bedroom, a corner in your home, or just enough room to put down your mat.

Extend yourself a little more love so you can better extend love to all that is.

                                                                                      With love & gratitude...

                                                                                                              xo Purvi

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to see a photo of Purvi's space & share your own!

  February is  #loveTHYself Month

At Tree House, yoga is more than postures and breathwork. It is about taking everything we learn on our mat and sharing it with the world.

Before you can give to others, you have to give to yourself. Which is why our winter challenge is meant to warm you up from the inside out: #loveTHYself

Our hope is that your heart can be just that much more full. And your spirit that much brighter. Your capacity to love, that much greater.

To help you #loveTHYself-- both on and off the mat -- we have come up with a list of 29 acts of love. You can do one each day or do several in one day. The goal is to make time to #loveTHYself and those around you. We've even included two 'free spaces' for you to customize with your own special good deeds. Remember: no act of love is too big or too small.

For the month of February, we'll have a board posted in the studio to track your progress. And we encourage you to share your acts of love in the Tree House Tribe Facebook page  and tag them #loveTHYself. You can also find a printable PDF of the calendar and the 29 acts of love there.

Each person that completes the whole month will be entered to win a #loveTHYself Love Basket full of our love for you.

And because we want to see your smiling faces in the studio, we have decided to bring back the $10 Community Class price for our classes at 6:30am, 9:00am and 12:00pm Monday through Friday.

Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for special workshops and classes specially themed for the month. We plan to sprinkle plenty of THY love about.

Welcome to our new instructors

Kati Black

Kati is certified to teach children's yoga as well as vinyasa yoga. She is excited to share her own voice with the Tree House community.

She loves music, travel, craft beer, cooking, golf and spending time with her husband and her awesome dog - Karl.   

Join Kati for her 9:00 am Flow on Wednesdays.

Laura Haehl

Laura has been teaching yoga for over 8 years. Her favorite style is Yin Yoga. She loves the quiet space it provides for her students.

She spends her free time writing, cooking, binge watching TV and hanging with her family and friends.

Join Laura for Yin Yoga on Mondays (7:30 pm) and Fridays (7:15 pm) and Lunch Express on Wednesdays and Hot Flow on Fridays (6:00 pm).

To learn more about our new teachers, click here .

Featured Class: 

Tuesdays & Thursdays  
9:00 - 10:00 am ($10)
with Candy Irven

Help the body and mind wake up together with this Yin yoga with Vinyasa flow that creates an integrated and balanced practice. The first half of class gently awakens the body with Yin to help release the connective tissues, create space and integrity in the joints, and remove blockages to internal energy flow. 

The Yang portion gets the body moving with a slow flowing repetition of movements requiring strength and balance, while emphasizing breath work. The heat and internal awareness generated in the Yang portion build on the release cultivated during the Yin series. 

Leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated with a renewed sense of clarity and purpose.

** Room is kept comfortably warm **  Yinyasa is a ppropriate for all levels **

February Schedule Changes

// 9:00 am classes Tuesday - Friday //
Wednesday is new
Friday moves from 10 am to 9 am

// Community Mornings //
Our 6:30 am, 9:00 am and 12:00 pm classes are $10 Community Classes

Existing Changes from January

Saturday 4 - 5 pm Flow w/ Brittany
 Weekday Noon Flow is now Lunch Express (Non - Heated)
Tuesday - Thursday 6 am classes moved to 6:30 am 

Click here to check out our entire schedule

February Events

Click here to find out more

Workshops @ Tree House

Join Candy Irven, certified Eating Psychology Coach, for You + Food, an 8 Week breakthrough program exploring our most intimate relationships through our connection with food.

You + Food is for: people who want to lose weight, get healthier, find digestive relief, or rebuild their relationship with food. This workshop series will focus on doable strategies that don't involve counting calories, fad diets, or exercising for hours on end.

Fridays from 4:15 - 5:45 in January & February

$20 Individual Class Drop In 

Sign up here

Join Candy and Laura for a peaceful afternoon as we move quietly through a series of Yin postrues, meditations, and journaling techniques.  Your soul will feel nourished and refreshed as we explore learning to fill ourselves with love so we can live a full life and give to others from our own 'cup'.

Look out for more Yin & Journaling workshops every month!

Cost: $20 for first 8 to sign up (promo code FIRST 8); $25 after

Sign up here


J oin Candy & Laura on this journey combining Yin Yoga and Reiki that is sure to leave you feeling both physically and energetically refreshed. For 90 minutes you will be led through an introspective Yin Yoga practice combined with hands on Reiki energy healing techniques to create a unique  opportunity for self-care. This workshop encourages you to get out of your head and into your heart, taking the time to be present with emotions and explore where and how they manifest in the physical body.

Come as you are. Leave feeling a bit lighter.

Cost: $20 for first 8 to sign up (promo code FIRST 8); $25 after

Sign up here

Back to Basics introduces students to breath work, common yoga postures and basic alignment cues. This workshop-style approach to learning encourages students and instructor to interact in a more casual basis and allows each student to learn how the posture feels and affects their body, mind and spirit. It's good for students new to yoga or those wanting a refresher.

Students receive two weeks of classes upon completion of the workshop at no additional cost!

Cost: $30

Sign up here

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