I can think of no other breakfast dish that is more romantic than this puffed-up colorful Triple Berry Dutch Baby, made just for two.
Dutch Babies are baked rather than cooked in a skillet. They are best made just before serving because they deflate so quickly. The pan is heated in the oven with some butter until it’s just melted--then the batter is poured in. This is much easier to prepare than standing by the stove making individual pancakes! And you’ll have more time with your Valentine.
Dutch Babies puff up into a light yet satisfying breakfast delight. The powdered sugar dissolves into the creamy mascarpone, creating a light glaze. Colorful berries add welcome sweet fruit flavor and brilliant red colors. Some people ask me why I don’t add the berries to the pancake batter. If you add any fruit to the batter the pancake won’t puff up as much because the fruit holds it down. So, scatter a handful of mixed berries on top of the just-baked pancake and serve immediately.

Your Valentine will thank you!