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January is almost over and 2012 is well and truly here. Spring is only just around the corner now so we thought we'd share some news a little birdy told us.

Dolores has always been ahead of her time - and most other people's - so now she's the World's first great great Grandma on Twitter (OK so we can't actually prove that, but what are the odds?). You are invited  to follow her on Twitter for updates, quotes, exclusive invitations to events and competitions available only to her followers on Twitter.

Special discount offer for the Dolores Mediterranean Cruise 

For February ONLY we are able to offer the first 20 people who register for the Dolores Cannon New Earth Cruise a discount of $50 per person


This offer is strictly limited to the first 20 registrants only who are doing the full workshop program and cannot be extended. 

After making your reservation you will be sent a confirmation showing the discount if you were in the first 20 passengers booked.


Hurry, as this Cruise is proving very popular and spaces are selling fast! 


To secure your place for this once in a lifetime journey of self-discovery, please click here.



More Cruise Details: 
Dolores Cannon and The New Earth Cruise

'Exploring Our Ancient Past to Create Our Future' 
Featuring Ozark authors Guy Needler and Julia Cannon


Dolores Cannon will be sailing into 2012 on her first European Cruise in October.


Join Dolores for this once in a lifetime voyage of discovery in the Eastern Mediterranean as she, alongside Ozark authors Guy Needler and daughter Julia Cannon explore Earth's ancient past and invite us to co-create the World of the future, or The New Earth.

Together, Dolores, Guy and Julia will teach about fascinating topics including:  

  • 2012 and beyond - The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth
  • The energetic shift that is taking place on our planet right now and what this will mean for all of us
  • The powerful groups of souls working with our planet to achieve spiritual renaissance
  • How the Earth was made, by whom and what the future holds for our planet

A cruise of this kind affords you with the opportunity to hear first hand from all the authors as they discuss information from some old favourites as well as brand new books.

  • Dolores will focus on information from her latest book The Convoluted Universe, Book 4, as well as others including The Three Waves of Volunteers and The New Earth, Jesus and the Essenes, and They Walked with Jesus.
  • Guy Needler will teach from his book, The History of God and show us how to raise our energy to enable us to connect with our Higher Selves, our Guides and ultimately God.
  • Julia Cannon will share information she has gathered from working alongside Dolores as well as through her own work about how to heal your body by working with the connections between mind, body and spirit.

Your journey through ancient lands with these unique authors will open your eyes to new possibilities as they each share their knowledge and wisdom not just from our ancestors but from the very Beings who created our Earth and our Universe.  

  • Retrace Dolores' own footsteps as she travels back in time to re-connect with one of her past lives in Ancient Athens.See through her eyes the very view she once had from the Parthenon and witness details of a dramatic death scene at the foot of the statue of Athena.
  • Join Dolores, Guy and Julia for lunch in Ephesus, the site of Mother Mary's house. Listen to Dolores tell the story of Mary, Jesus and many of the other figures associated with the story of early Christianity and hear what really took place back then.
Click here for more information including how to book

Click here to watch a special video about the Cruise


New five day format for Dolores' Intensive Classes
Many people who have either studied Dolores' Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, or who are interested in studying with her in the future will have noticed that she has begun to teach Level One over five days instead of three.

Previously, Students were given three very intensive days of training then encouraged to practice to ensure that they had perfected the technique before beginning with clients.  A great deal of support was given online by Dolores, daughter Julia as well as the many excellent moderators especially chosen by Dolores on the Practitioners' Only Yahoo site.
While this support will continue, Dolores wanted to ensure that all students had the opportunity to put heir new-found knowledge into practice while still with her and under her guidance, giving them a chance to ask questions of her in person and for her to ensure that they felt confident and as comfortable as possible before allowing them to pass this first level.
She decided to extend the Level One class to 5 days and this new format will be in practice from February 2nd in Los Angeles.
For further information on taking one of her classes, please click here.
Ozark Mountain Publishing now has a presence in UK and Europe
As Ozark Mountain Publishing grows, it is reaching out to new people, new territories and exploring new possibilities.  
Headed by Dolores's daughter Julia, the Ozark UK and Europe team will be presenting Workshops in and around their new Headquarters in Wiltshire, also home to the UK Crop Circles, Stonehenge and Avebury.  This wonderful new space also gives Dolores a home from home for her stays in this part of the world, offering her a much needed place to rest in between all her travels as she presents her Lectures and teaches her Classes. 
If you would like to contact the UK office, please call Vitaly on +44 (0) 1672811501.    
What will 2012 mean for you?     
 by Walter Pullen, author of
Evolution of the Spirit 
 published by Ozark Mountain Publishing

The year 2012 is now here, and that means interest in this significant time by spiritual seekers and the public in general. However, what exactly, if anything, will be happening? There are a wide variety of publications talking about 2012, some of which suggest dramatic end of the world scenarios such as depicted in the Hollywood movie "2012". Fortunately, such fear based hype can be ignored! The real year 2012 will be much quieter, yet more deeply transformative, if we approach it the right way.


On December 21, 2012, the 5,125 year Mesoamerican Long Count calendar ends and restarts. Interestingly, the Winter Solstice is that day at 11:11am GMT. That doesn't mean anything in itself, because other calendar systems from other cultures aren't resetting. For example, the year 2000 AD was effectively a 1,000 year cycle reset in our Gregorian calendar.


There are however other events aligning with 2012, which may be indicative of a deeper spiritual change. For example, the 11:11 Doorway series of planetary Activations that have been taking place for 20 years are ending in 2012. Venus will transit over the Sun in 2012, which won't happen again for over 100 years. Also, the 11 year sunspot and solar activity cycle will reach its peak in 2012.


One way to consider 2012 is that there's actually something to it, which can be scientifically or at least psychically measured. Our potential for evolution exists at all times, however there are times where growth is easier, which are great opportunities for personal or planetary progression. Think of it like a road, where there's nothing stopping one from walking alongside it whenever they want. However, at certain times a bus comes by. If we get on this spiritual bus, we have an opportunity to travel farther and faster than we would otherwise.


Another way to look at 2012 is that the main reason why there's something special about the year is simply because many people believe it to be important. That can still be very powerful. For example, if everybody comes together to meditate for world harmony, that will have a transformative effect no matter when it's done. If we want 2012 to be a positive year, we should work to make it happen!


It's important to realize that evolution is a gradual process. We shouldn't focus on December 21, 2012 as if it were a one day event, and ignore the changes taking place in the rest of the year or decade. Besides, even the exact date isn't certain. For example, according to author Carl Calleman, the Mayan Calendar actually reset on October 28, 2011.


Remember that spiritual growth is internal, not external. The most important changes happening in and around 2012 are within our individual and collective hearts. We shouldn't focus upon or worry about purely physical manifestations such as earthquakes or other "Earth Changes". What we learn from experiences and how we choose to live our lives is more important than what happens or doesn't happen externally.
Walter also writes more about the year 2012 in his book, "Evolution of the Spirit", which he addresses in his chapter "A Vision of Our Future". For more information on Walter please click here
To purchase Walter's book please click here  

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