New Website Feature: Michigan Vegan Travel Blog
We all look forward to a vacation Up North or even a day trip to a great Michigan city. Our new blog will help you find vegan-friendly restaurants, markets, and sustainable shopping ideas for your next Michigan exploration. We are excited to welcome Rebecca Gade-Sawicki as a new monthly guest blogger. Rebecca is the creator of the vegan travel blog, Veggies Abroad. She loves to travel, and her goal is to help us find amazing vegan food around the state. Check out her first blog featuring West Michigan. 
Plant-Based Food Giveaway Update & How You Can Help
Our free plant-based food giveaway was created so that those who are new to plant-based/vegan eating can try some popular items such as Beyond Burgers, Cottage Inn's vegan pizza, plant-based milk, and other items. We also share information and a short video about the benefits of plant-based eating with those who sign up.

This is a very expensive initiative to run, but it is proving to be successful at getting individuals to add more plant-based items to their daily routine. We must stress, this program is not for vegans or for those who already eat vegan regularly. As of now, we are focused on the Greater Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area, so if you know someone who is new to plant-based eating in this area and you think they would be interested in trying a few plant-based products, please have them sign up here.
Dr. Jamie's Health Corner
Hi, VegMichigan! I hope you are all doing well and getting through these frigid winter months! Whenever things get busier in my world, it takes a little extra effort to maintain a healthy diet. I’m sure it’s the same for most of you, as well. It can be challenging to eat healthy plant-based when our schedules fill up and we spend less time at home, but there are ways to make it work. For this month, I thought I would share what I try to do to simplify a relatively healthy, plant-based diet on a busy schedule.
Dr. Greger Entertains and Informs VegMichigan Members
VegMichigan hosted a special virtual Q&A with Dr. Greger for our members in January. It was a wonderful event in which current members had their questions answered directly by Dr. Greger. If you were unable to attend and would like to view the recording, you can watch it here.

If you want to receive more info from Dr. Greger and notifications about his upcoming webinars, including the one he mentioned, The Best Diet for Optimal Thyroid Function, subscribe here.
Upcoming Virtual Events
In February, our engaging free presentations continue with Dr. Joel Kahn, America’s healthy heart doc, and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Chantal Singer.
The Miracle of a Plant-Based Diet
with Dr. Joel Kahn

Get Healthy with Plant-Based Nutrition
with Chantal Singer, RDN
Plant-Based Options Continue to Soar in 2021
You may remember that 2019 was proclaimed the "Year of the Vegan" by The Economist, but little did we know that 2020, and now 2021, are turning out to be even more successful for all-things plant-based! Forbes recently claimed "2020 was the year of the (vegan) chicken" and this year "will be (vegan) fish" with one company partnering with Tyson to launch vegan shrimp and Trader Joe's announcing that "vegan seafood is coming".

That's no surprise, given Google searches for the term, vegan, surged 47 percent last year, celebs continue to launch plant-based companies, popular vegan brands, like Oatly, are planning an IPO, and mainstream food companies are looking to cash in as an increasing number of people learn the benefits of eating plant-based for their health, the environment, and for animals. Check out this year's highlights so far:
Congrats to Last Month's Winners and New Raffle
Congratulations to the winners of last month's word scramble! (The answer was: wishing you a happy and healthy new year.) Jennifer Kokenakes won a gift card to Sweet Vegan Chocolates, Beth Singer won a gift card to SpaceCat V-stro, Marian Gonsior won a gift card to Detroit Street Filling Station, and Theresa Ross won a gift card to Bobcat Bonnie's. Congratulations!

For this month's raffle, you'll have a chance to win one of the prizes listed below.

$25 Gift Card to Shimmy Shack (Plymouth)

$25 Gift Card to Chili Mustard Onions (Detroit)

$25 Gift Card to Strange Matter (Lansing)

$25 Gift Card to Vedge Cafe (Ann Arbor)

Why Bars Gift Pack

To enter the raffle, solve the word scramble below and email your answer and gift preference to raffle@vegmichigan.orgThose with the correct answer will be entered into a raffle drawing for the prize of their choice. Winners will be announced in March newsletter.
April VegFest Postponed
Unfortunately, due to government restrictions on gathering sizes, the April 2021 VegFest will be postponed until spring 2022. VegFest is VegMichigan's signature event and we hate to have to postpone it again but the event takes many months of preparation and there is just too much uncertainty regarding the vaccine, lifting restrictions, and the effect of the new strains. We hope that things will improve over the summer and we will be able to host our outdoor Free Festival in the fall.

Confirmed Vendors: Since the event was originally sold out, we would like to transfer your registration directly to next year’s VegFest. This will make it easier for you, and for us, with no forms to fill out or payments to make next year and your spot is guaranteed. This will also help us offset the upfront costs we have already incurred, including the deposit at TCF Center. Contact if you have questions.

Ticket Holders: If you have already purchased tickets for last year's VegFest, we would like to transfer your ticket(s) to the 2022 VegFest. Contact with questions.
Plant-Based Drive-Thru Now Open in Lansing
Congratulations to Veg-N, the former food truck turned plant-based drive-thru! We're excited to share that Veg-N is now open in Lansing at 902 E César E. Chávez Ave. The first plant-based drive-thru in the Lansing area features "Plant-Based American Classics," including burgers, sausages, and sandwiches, like vegan grilled cheese and Reubens. While the menu is vegetarian, it features a ton of vegan options. Check out the menu here.
A Special Thank You to Volunteer, Kim Johnson
VegMichigan would like to offer a note of congratulations and a huge thanks to our longtime volunteer, Kim Johnson, for her dedication to the library display program! Kim is retiring from her longtime role helping to organize the educational library displays around the metro Detroit area since 2013. Her diligence and dedication to this important outreach effort will be missed. Kim, thank you for your service and we wish you much rest and relaxation in your next chapter!
New Movie Pick: VEGAN 2020
Newly released at the end of 2020, Plant Based News' latest documentary, VEGAN 2020, explores the troubling connection between the COVID-19 pandemic, global warming, and animal agriculture. It garnered more than 50,000 views within hours of its launch. The documentary features high profile vegans, including Dr. Greger, who "all discuss the dangers animal exploitation poses to humanity". Watch it for free here.
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