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Meeting Calendar - Next 90 Days
Earlier this month at SAM, we held an workshop providing tips on how to "Choose the Right Meetings."
Well, if you can recall to May of 2019 when we launched our website, the purpose of was to provide all of us valuable reviews, ratings, and testimonials in an effort to help all parties make stronger, informed decisions when choosing which meetings to attend
So Let's Get To It! Submit a survey (they're not long, we promise) so we can help meetings continue to progress for both DPMs and Exhibitors!
FABI Nugget: Bite-Sized Chunks For Your Practice
Bringing Your A-Game
This FABI Nugget is brought to you by the letter A. If you want an “A Team” of “A Players” then you need to be an “A Leader”. It’s that simple. Your Ability to lead is critical to the success of your organization and your Apathy toward leadership and your role in the output of your team could be your downfall. So let’s focus on the essentials to ensure you get a straight A education.

Attitude: A positive Attitude is perhaps the number one quality of a successful leader. Positivity breeds positivity – a negative attitude can kill morale. You are the authority in your organization. So keep the altitude of your attitude as high as possible. There’s a popular motivational quote that reads “what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?”. That’s the attitude necessary to win and the example you must set for all those around you. Attitude not only sets the tone – it can set the path.

Actions: You demonstrate your positive attitude through Actions to support your desired result and those actions speak louder than words. Too many people talk a good game, but are unable to actually play the game. You must be an athlete and demonstrate to others how the game is won. Your actions should be consistent with your core values (something we talk quite a bit about in FABI). The actions you take reflect your authentic self.

Alignment:  Actions taken with a positive attitude will assist with Alignment of the team. Articulating your vision with the team and asking them to be in alignment with you and the organizational values are key steps in accomplishing your aspirations.

Acceptance:  Your positive attitude and actions cannot control everything around you. You must learn to Accept things that are out of your control (illness, accidents, disabilities) and focus on what can be controlled. This does not mean you have to accept poor performance from an employee, but you do have to accept that the underachieving employee will not last long in your organization and move on to A players. It’s always best to accept the reality you want to change, then take action to change it.
Availability:  What if the poor performance of an employee is actually your fault because they weren’t trained appropriately? Being Available means you spend the time necessary to mentor your team and show them (through attitude and action) the expected way to achieve success.

Accountability:  If you have a positive attitude and your actions align with your values and you’ve made yourself available to those who need you, you must be able to hold your team Accountable. Your team needs this and I believe actually wants this. Accountability weeds out the poor performers and allows the A players to rise up. Find ways of holding yourself and your team accountable and watch the awesomeness that follows.

Appreciation:  Always appreciate those around you, supporting you, assisting you as you lead them. Appreciation can be shown when things go right and also when things go wrong – appreciation for the effort put in goes a long way.  You’ll never find lasting success without appreciating those that helped you along the way.

I hope I’ve accomplished an accurate account of “A Leadership” and how you can go from amateur leader to absolute rockstar with your newly acquired acumen. Now get off your arse and act appropriately.

As Always…I Appreciate your time.

Matthew Dairman, DPM MS
Maximize Meetings for Marketing
Sarah Breymeier

Being out of the office for several days to attend a meeting can be really stressful. Sometimes, it may even make you resent even going, right?

Well, going along with Dr. Dairman's article about having the right attitude will certainly put you on a more motivated path, but I'm also here with another tip to help you find even more value in your meeting experience outside of your continuing education.

If your patients don't get to see you in the office while you're gone, let them see you on social media.

So often, I hear DPMs state that they are struggling to find content for their social media channels. Well, for one - check out this PodiatryExpo presentation segment I provided in August about email marketing. Yes, it's about email marketing... but the principles discussed here about content generation can be utilized for social media as well.

Additionally, meetings are the perfect resource for social media content - for a lot of reasons... you're likely in an interesting location or tourist town... you're networking with experts of the profession... you're researching new and innovative technologies...

These are all great opportunities to showcase to your patients that you are committed to continued learning and training, that you are a leader in your field, and that you are seeking new and exciting technologies to deliver them better outcomes.

Take some advice from Kim Kardashian (yes... seriously... she is a social media genius)... "EVERYTHING IS CONTENT"!
Monthly Quick Poll - Want More Than CECH Events?

We are always striving to provide you with information that is relevant to your interests and your needs. If you're familiar with our calendar of events, you know we work our tails off to make sure we're providing as much up-to-date information as we can for meetings which provide CECH.

There are a LOT of events in the industry that are non-CECH that could benefit your practice and your patients! So, we want to know...

Would you like to see information from us regarding events that are
Let us know below!
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The Science Behind PodoExpert

PodoExpert is the very first foam cream to contain skin equivalent lipids. The combination of the patented technology of the bioavailable Lipo2 lipids and the BarrioExpert delivery system makes a unique foam cream proven to induce actual skin repair in just 30 days. 
Clinical studies prove that it not only repairs skin within 30 days but actually puts it into a state of regeneration. Its effects are profound for anyone, but separate studies show it is especially effective for diabetic skin that is at higher risk for breakdown.
PodoExpert actually addresses the cause of the dry skin and is responsible for the reorganization if the lipid lamellar bilayer of the stratum corneum when used twice a day for 30 days.

In this session, Bree Wright, RN, CFCN will review the scientific journal publication behind the prospective, double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial for the treatment of severe foot xerosis and the evidence of skin barrier repair. Additionally, you will learn how to help educate your patients in order to achieve optimal, sustainable results.
Helping You Choose Strategic Partners for Your Practice

Register for upcoming sessions below.

Presented by Doug Richie, DPM, FACFAS, FAAPSM
Tuesday, March 14th @ 8pm EST
Twist My Arm? Of course I want to be there! Please send me the login details!
No thank you... I have to fold 100 paper cranes for origami class.
Did you miss our latest sessions?
Well, we're bummed you didn't show up for the live airing, but we always have our Academy Sessions recorded. Check 'em out!
Marketing Fireside Chat
with Dr. Barbara Aung
Regenerating Lipids for Patients with Dry, Cracked Skin
TRICKS OF THE TRADE - Quick Tips for Vendors
Pre-Show Communication Strategy
Sarah Breymeier

This month at SAM we held an Experienced Exhibitor Workshop that was packed with information. We do plan on sharing it all with you... but here's a chunk focused on pre-show communication that you can sink your teeth in to for now.

Communication strategy is a LOT to digest... so we're trying to deliver this to you in a way that is easier to swallow. Enjoy!

Review the Attendee List
Old-school phone calls… or at least send a pre-show email
Make sure they are aware of the opportunities they can take advantage of before the show, and the benefit of coming by the booth (see next slide).

Email Marketing: 3-week Automated Schedule
  1. Hey, we’re going to be at the show – here’s our booth information and who you can expect to see
  2. We’re introducing a new product and/or a new tool for your practice; or come see us and give us your “pain in the chain” so we can help
  3. Show-Special – DUH
It’s critical to feel you got immediate ROI out of a conference with actual sales versus leads.
Remove the stress out of that small window of time by making an offer before the show:
  • "Purchase XYZ product (or spend, say, $500) BEFORE the show, and when you get here, stop by the booth because we have a free gift for you."
  • Pre-show purchase could unlock another discount that they have to get on site.
RESULT = ROI and Booth Traffic
Sweeten your standard show special (say 25% off) to 50% off for bringing a colleague to the booth.

Let the current customer sell for you by singing your praises. Be sure to tell them before the show so they can start thinking about who to refer.
You know they are going to come to your booth and order a good amount of their favorite product.

Try this... "Get 20% off the product you purchase the MOST of, and receive 50% off a product you've never tried before.”

Featured Event
FABI's 10th Annual Live Virtual Event

Join the Top Podiatrists in the Industry at FABI's 10th Annual LIVE VIRTUAL Event and Learn the "Perfect 10" Strategies for A Million-Dollar Practice.
Tired of feeling stuck in your podiatry practice and not knowing how to take it to the next level? Discover FABI's "perfect 10" expert insights, practical strategies, and the latest marketing tactics to attract high-quality patients, increase profitability, build your dream team, and increase revenue. 

Opportunities don’t happen, you create them.
Stop dreaming of success and start achieving it! Be part of FABI's annual event and take action towards scaling your practice, with expert advice, proven strategies, and hands-on learning, you'll leave with the tools and motivation to reach new heights.

Learn from industry leaders
Sick of hearing generic marketing advice from gurus who don't truly understand the unique challenges of running a medical practice? It's time to turn to the experts who have been there and done that - podiatrists just like you!

Learn from the success stories of experienced podiatrists who have scaled their practices to the million and multi-million dollar level. With their insight, knowledge, and proven strategies, you'll have the tools to supercharge your marketing, scale your practice and achieve the success you deserve.

Be part of a supportive community
Attending FABI's event isn't just about gaining knowledge and strategies for your practice, it's also about joining a community of like-minded and successful podiatrists.

By networking with your peers, you'll have the opportunity to collaborate, share best practices, and receive support from others in the industry.

You'll also leave the event with a renewed sense of motivation and inspiration, knowing that you are part of a community of doctors who are all working towards the same goal of scaling and growing their practices.
Monthly Quick Poll

We want to make sure the DPMs you are trying to reach know about the exciting events you've got going on! So, we are building a database of non-CECH events, and we want to make sure you're included!

So... do you have a list of upcoming webinars you'd like to make us aware of? If so, let us know below and we will include it in our upcoming publication!
Please give us the 411:
Yes! We have webinars planned and want you to put it on your non-CECH calendar.
Nothing to communicate right now, but maybe in the future; please remind us!
Click below to see industry events for upcoming months.
Quick Tips for Meeting Planners
No Secrets Here. This is What We've Been Chatting About with Vendors.
Sarah Breymeier
Over the last several weeks, we have taken a deep dive into creating practical ways exhibitors can determine how to "choose the right meetings".

So, we thought it only fair to share with you the information we are recommending to our vendor family when they are figuring out what meetings make sense for them.

First, we want them to MAXIMIZE OUR RESOURCES. This includes our calendar of events, our surveys, and publications (like this newsletter!) So, with that in mind, we highly recommend that you keep an open line of communication open with us (Ann and Sarah) so we know everything that's going on for your event and we can appropriately communicate those details in the relevant spaces!

Please, ask your DPMs and your vendors to take surveys so they can share just how amazing you are - spreading the word and letting everyone know that investing in your meeting is going to deliver ROI.

We also encourage vendors to take part in our quarterly Experienced Exhibitor Mastermind Sessions. These focus groups result in a vast amount of information that we would love to share with you! Shoot us an email so we can discuss how we can collaborate to make sure you are getting the information you need to elevate your meeting in the vendors' eye.

One interesting tid-bit from these sessions is that the traditional, "big" meetings aren't necessarily making vendors as satisfied anymore. Smaller meetings, about 100-400 attendees, are performing better (according to feedback). Possible Contributing Factors:
  • Less Cost = Higher ROI
  • Smaller spaces create an environment conducive to quality conversations

This is just the tip of the iceberg! Let us know if you want to know more by contacting us at presents information about upcoming podiatric events, featured podiatry vendors, exhibiting and travel tips, and more!

Contact us by hitting "reply" or email us directly at