February 2016 Newsletter

My Spirit of  Commitment

At age 18, I was a professional ballet dancer in NYC. I realized a dream with discipline, skill, passion and perseverance. One of my proudest moments was when my special needs daughter performed in her wheelchair the Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker with the New England Ballet Company. This is the same spirit and commitment I bring to all my clients. To learn more about how I can serve your needs, please visit our website.
5 Things to Know About Social Security Claiming Rules
News You Can Use

I read with great interest a recent article by Philip Moeller who is an expert on retirement, aging, and health. I've posted at our website some excerpts that I found particularly thought-provoking, including the upcoming April 29th deadlines. Read more at our website.
ABLE Accounts and Individuals with Disabilities
News You Can Use

In 2014, Congress created Achieving Better Life Experience (ABLE) accounts which enable individuals with disabilities to save up to $100,000 in these accounts without jeopardizing their Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income. I've posted some information on this topic and invite you to learn more by visiting our website.
How to Explain Fiduciary Duty to Clients
News You Can Use 

I understand that most consumers who invest don’t fully understand the financial jargon of the word fiduciary. Since there are now new rules applying to the industry, I think it timely to briefly describe how I differentiate myself as a Registered Investment Advisor. I posted some thoughts on this topic at our website for your consideration. To read more, visit our website.
New Look to Our Website
Using the latest technology to serve you
We've recently updated our look online and are planning more outreach efforts to help spread the word about our expertise and the services we offer. Visit our website!
Lili's Latest News

LifeCare.com webinar: “Divorce and Your Finances” for the national Financial Planning Association (FPA) and LifeCare.com. The webinar presentation was the first of its kind on divorce for the FPA and its consumers. It covered such topics as: the legal options for divorce; key financial issues in divorce, highlighted 10 important divorce considerations and summarized 12 key financial mistakes often made in divorce. To view this webinar visit our website.

American Bar Association national webinar: "Divorce Matters: Separation With a Special Needs Child" I was the financial expert discussing the challenges of divorce when a special needs child is involved. Facing the challenges of divorce are never easy but an added factor of a special needs child can be a major hurdle. A cookie cutter approach to divorce will be highly unlikely as special care is needed to address transition planning, health and medical care, public benefit assistance, and special education needs. Decisions regarding the best interest of the child require a thorough evaluation and divorcing parents should take a thoughtful approach. ABA members can the view the webinar at the ABA website.

Upcoming Presentation on March 16th, “Divorce Mythbusters”is a series of public speaking events. Lili co-presents with Maurice Segall, Attorney Mediator, at the JCC in Woodbridge on the topic of the foundation of actual divorce facts in CT while dispelling common divorce “myths.” This presentation is open to all divorce professionals, therapists, and anyone contemplating or going through divorce. To read more on this topic, visit our website.