Monthly Newsletter
February 2019
D o you remember your first volunteer experience?

 My first experience was at 13 years of age as a Sunday School teacher teaching three-year-olds (I haven’t volunteered with that age group since). Then I volunteered as a Candy Striper in a Veteran’s Hospital (where I learned that my interests did not lie in geriatrics). During high school, I spent three summers working with children in summer programming and day camps, which I loved. Here, I gleaned valuable experience that influenced my career path.  

A 2013 General Social Survey on Giving, Volunteering and Participating found that for more than a decade youth have volunteered more than any other age group. For example, they found that 53% of individuals aged 15 to 24 are involved in volunteering.
In this issue, we will address many questions regarding youth volunteers. Is your organization utilizing youth volunteers and staff? What screening and training should you be doing and can you even do for youth? What policies should you have in place? How young is too young? Do they always need to be supervised by adults? 

It is not too early to begin to think about March Break Camps and Summer 2019. Plan early to reduce the risk of injury, harm and abuse. Jessica Debanne, our French Office Assistant, shares in her article what she has learned about risk during her summers as a Camp Counsellor and Camp Director.

-Melodie Bissell, President

Camp & Volunteer Prep Webinars in February

This month, we have two valuable webinars to assist you for both March Break and summer camps:  Plan to Protect ® for Camps , and  Special Interest: Youth Volunteers and Staff .

If you missed it, take a few minutes and read about why Muskoka Woods Camp chose Plan to Protect ® as a strategic partner in child protection HERE .
W hy protect your summer camp?

 As a young girl, I spent many summer weeks in camps (day or sleepaway). I enjoyed the local pool or lake, arts and crafts workshops, soccer games, outings to the water slides or the science center, and a few archery classes (thankfully, my counselors deemed it better for me to stick with drama workshops given my terrible aim).
When came the time for me to look for a summer job when I was fourteen, I did not hesitate for long: I would be a day camp counselor, a nod to the summers of my youth.

February Special
As you begin to make summer plans and recruit staff, plan for safety.

During the month of February we are gifting you one $25 coupon per organization/account to apply one of the following options:
  • Become a Plan to Protect® member to receive access to Special Interest Webinars, email and phone support, Plan to Protect® manual, and more 
  • Review and update your protection policies
  • Screen your staff and volunteers on the Plan to Protect® ScreeningCanada platform. 
  • Purchase a bundle of on-line training registrations
  • Update your own professional development with our Certification training for Administrators and Trainers
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To redeem this coupon, call us at 1-877-455-3555.

Coupon expires February 28, 2019.
Only one coupon per organization.
Other discounts do apply .
Not Yet a Plan to Protect ® Member? Here's What You're Missing:

Drugs & Alcohol Policy: In response to the legalization of cannabis in Canada and some states, we have updated our policy on drugs and alcohol. You can purchase the policy on our online store.

Special Interest Webinar: Drugs & Alcohol: If you missed our special interest webinar on drugs and alcohol, you're in luck. A recording of the webinar is now available at the Plan to Protect ® School.

Cost for non-members: $30+tax

Are we able to use the term Plan to Protect ® ?

For the answer, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page (question 13H) on our website.

COMING SOON to the Plan to Protect ® School

Learn how to handle crises in any organization with our online certification training. This self-paced course will be available at our online school in April 2019. Stay tuned for official launch and registration.

Karli Montesano McCrossan, our Assistant to the President, gave birth to a baby boy on January 3, 2019, who surprised us all arriving five weeks early.

Welcome, Dominic (Rori) McCrossan, 6lbs 9oz!