KACB's cleanup of Salt Lake's 7 Nesting Islands and Shoreline was just in the nick time last week.
Why? Love is literally in the air and early in Aransas County this year! Local Avian Biologist, Lindsay Brown with CBBEP was surprised to hear that one of our citizens spotted a couple of pretty good sized baby Blue Herons on nest last week in the County.
So? Very Early - T exas Ag. Life Ext's website indicates that Blue Heron eggs are typically found starting February 20-June 17 with nestlings present from March 23-July 21

Let's get ourselves "woke" to the following:
  • February to August - Stay clear of coastal nesting areas like our rookery islands to give them a chance to grow/thrive, it's Federal law
  • September to January - Get involved in KACB's Debris removal and native Greening projects in Ar-Co's nesting areas for our birds future

Jane Moore, a local Mid-Coast Texas Master Naturalist created a fantastic flyer on the "Birds of Salt Lake" to reinforce the "Why" behind the good work:

KACB Becomes Partner With
Mid-Coast Chapter
Texas Master Naturalists

KACB is honored to become a partner with this prestigious group dedicated to Aransas County's natural resources and nature areas. Area Master Naturalists were so supportive of the Fall/Early Winter Rookery Restoration work, and we are happy to continue to support the ongoing work of MCMN Greening and Cleaning of our popular Aransas Pathways. Recently, KACB awarded a $150 Student Scholarship to help support the next class of inspired Master Naturalists. See the link below for more about this wonderful organization.
( Pic: Center - Bill Burge, VP - MCMN with two current students, Fred and Nathalie Woolfrey at Salt Lake)

Holiday Beach - Lamar March 2nd 9:00 to Noon

This pic just after Harvey says it all. They've come a long way in 18 mos. But still have a way to go.

Join us as we show some love to Holiday Beach for a Homeowner led cleanup of their Roadways and Shorelines. Wear mosquito spray, bring a water thermos and dress for weather conditions. Check-in at the Holiday Beach Boat Ramp Parking Lot off of Channelview Road.

Salt Lake - Results

Braving 2 very tough days in the February weather - by the numbers:
  • 12 & 14 - Volunteers total for total of 78 hours of manpower
  • 2 - Bay Boats used
  • 1 - VRBO Home offered to host
  • 2 Nesting Platforms Installed
  • 7 Do Not Enter Nesting Signs
  • 1340 lbs of debris removed / 100 lbs a person that day - Now that's a good workout! Ha!

Our 2019 Theme:
Love Where You Live and Play

Have you seen any Flamingo's while out and about? Why? 'Cause Life's too short, you gotta LAUGH and have FUN!!! Contact us if you or someone you know wants to spread the Flamingo Cheer:

Aransas County Adopt a Highway/Spot Initiative

We just had our 1st KACB Facilitated Adopt a Highway Cleanup Group make contact to Adopt -- Lamar Beach Road!!
More details to follow pending TxDot approval! And, major KUDOS to our Chamber's Leadership Class for adopting 3036 on their own recently! Go check it out their TxDot Signs and everything. :)

In 2019, we hope to install adopt a highway signage, etc. in as many areas as we can. Empowering citizens is the only way to effectively cleanup the county and keep it clean. All supplies and haul off provided free of charge.

If you'd like to grab a spot, before someone else does, please call or email us!

A word of heartfelt Texas-esque WINTER APPRECIATION to our dedicated KACB Board, Aransas County Turtle Team and Salt Lake Citizen Volunteers. You've all been more than willing to get dressed for the cold and go out during the harshest of Texas winter days to help out like you did in Salt Lake last week and even for the Padre Island National Seashore during the shutdown.
You're actions show that you are all Aransas County Conservation Heros!


D'Ann Williams, KACB President
Also, On the Horizon:
March 2nd - Monthly Plant and Seed Exchange at the History Center
April 6th - Don't Mess With Texas Trash Off
Big Blue Crab!! - Join our Subcommittee by emailing Amanda Wilson
Rockport-Fulton Signage - Native Landscaping Day
KACB's Self-Indulgent Refrigerator Door Magnet Post
(Akin to placing your child's homework on the refrigerator to show how proud you are.)

Board Member, Stephen Gregory and His
Beautiful Turtle Conservation Work -
Gets the Channel 6 News Coverage - Twice in one month:

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