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Dan Walterman Receives Award from Healthcare. gov / Medicare: Dan Walterman was awarded the Circle of Champions Elite Certificate of Recognition. Recognizing Premier Health Insurance of Iowa as being a top advisor for Healthcare .gov / Marketplace insurance.

GoodRx Ordered to Pay $1.5 mm For Sharing Info: As many of you know, we like GoodRx. The discount on generic prescriptions often makes them cheaper than the insurance itself. However, we have always warned NOT to create a GoodRx account or download the ap. Here is the reason why.

FDA Announces Levothyroxine Recall: The US Food & Drug Administration annoiunced a recall of popular thyroid medication: Tirosint-sol or levothyroxine sodium stating certain "lots" due not have the correct potency. Read Details

Tax Services Sharing Consumer Information with Facebook: H&R Block, Tax Act and Tax Slayer have been recognized by various representatives from Congress as selling client's personal information to Facebook. Details Here
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