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This month our Newsletter provides insights and tips to enhance how you engage with your employees to deliver maximum results. Recent developments like "The Great Resignation" and continued hybrid or work-from-home arrangements have challenged business leaders to reevaluate how they engage with and retain their employees. Check out our Forums Spotlight featuring a team that used their Forum to boost employee satisfaction, our tips for giving meaningful feedback, and a recommended Fortune article about using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs to boost employee retention and performance.

Forums Spotlight

Hear from CAM Property Services President, David A. Herrera, who explains how their leadership team used forums@work to deliver meaningful change in a matter of weeks and the impact it has had on employees who participate in Forums.

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What's New From forums@work

Try It: Giving Meaningful Feedback

Providing real-time feedback makes your team members feel valued and reinforces positive behavior. In the 9th week of the forums@work Turnaround Artists program the action step is to provide feedback to members of your team when they’re doing well. You can practice delivering more meaningful feedback by following the three rules below:

  1. Be specific
  2. Emphasize how they are making an impact
  3. Start with the words, “you are”

If you are interested in developing your team's leadership and communication skills, enroll in our 12-Week Turnaround Artists program with your team!

Insights from forums@work

A recent article from Fortune, “How Maslow’s ‘Hierarchy of Needs’ Could Be The Key to Stopping Employees from Quitting,” demonstrates how addressing employee’s higher-level basic needs of belonging and support for life-outside-work values boosts performance, retention, and productivity.

For leaders and organizations looking to address the higher-tier needs of their team members, our 12-Week Turnaround Artists program establishes psychological safety, trust, and caring between team members as individuals that has proven to increase employee satisfaction and retention.

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