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February's Birth Flower

The February flower is the Violet. This is a low, herbaceous plant that comes in various shades of yellow, cream, blue and mauve as well as several species identified as pansies. These charming flowers symbolize faithfulness, humility and chastity.

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Associated Landscape Contractors of Colorado's Tip of the Week

This weekend marks the midpoint between two weeks of almost spring-like weather throughout much of Colorado.  This weekend could also be a critical time to water plants as warm temps and minimal precipitation has created dry soil conditions that can impact ongoing plant health.
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February Maintenance Tips


* By mid-month try to clean up leaves and other yard debris weather permitting.
* Check trees and shrubs for any maintenance pruning that may be necessary. Concentrate on removing broken branches .
* Slow early growth and help conserve water, reapply mulch that may have thinned.
* During heavy snowstorms remove snow build up from limbs.
* If conditions have been dry, water evergreens and newly planted deciduous trees and shrubs once this month.
* Water only if the soil is dry and only when warm weather is expected for several days. Most established deciduous trees do not need extra water except in very exposed sites. 


Metco Winter Watering Resources

Periods of drought are common on Colorado's front range but even in years when drought is not a concern winter watering is crucial in maintaining a healthy landscape.

Some winter watering tips:

  • Water your deciduous and evergreen trees up to two times a month between October and March.
  • Check soil moisture levels around the dripline of the tree to determine how much water is needed. To accurately determine soil moisture, dig down at least 4-6 inches.
  • Water during the day when temperatures are above 40 degrees to allow the water to soak in before freezing night temperatures. Do not water if soil is frozen. Hand watering, soaker hose or drip applications are allowed up to two hours per area with no day or time restrictions.
  • Soaker hoses, soil needles or hoses with a soft spray attachment can be used to water trees in the winter. Do not turn on your irrigation system to water your trees.
  • How much water your tree should receive depends upon the tree size. A general rule of thumb is to use approximately 10 gallons of water per inch of trunk diameter for each watering.
  • The most important area to water for deciduous trees is within the dripline (from the trunk to the outer edges of the trees branches). For evergreens, water 3-5 feet beyond the dripline on all sides of the tree.

Well-timed fall and winter watering may allow a tree to survive on less water than a regime of plentiful water applications during the growing season.


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