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Wayne Andersen, DO, BS
, Co-Founder Medical Director, Take Shape For Life

Annapolis, MD


Marilyn Disch, MD, Integrative Health Coach, New Leaf Transitions

Chesterfield, MO


Luke Lemke, MD, Physician Partner, Columbus Medical Center LLC

Columbus, NE


Leigh LoPresti, MD, Medical Director, Kohl's Wellness Center

Brookfield, WI


Ernest Severn, DO, Family Practice Physician, Zenith Family Health

Farmington, UT


Reshma Shah, MD, MPH, Pediatrician, The Family Table

Menlo Park, CA


Guruprasad Venkateshwara, MBBS, DPMR, Consultant Rehabilitation Medicine, Salford Royal Hospital

Cheshire, United Kingdom


Glenn Waldt, Medical Student, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Philadelphia, PA


Carol Wroblewski, PhD, Food for Life Instructor, Franciscan Alliance Weight Loss Center

Indianapolis, IN 


Kum Kay Chook, MBBS,

Medical Director, Dr. Chook Sports & Lifestyle Medical Centre

Republic of Singapore


Erik Gnagy, PhD, MS, BSE, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Texas

Austin, TX


John Mullins, MD, President, Marshall Lifestyle Medicine, PSC

Lexington, KY


Roger Price, BScPharm, CEO, Breathing Well, LLC

Clifton, NJ


Vicki Reid, MD, Physician, Kaiser Permanente

Portland, OR


Pankaj Vij, MD, Senior Physician, Kaiser Permanente at UCSF

Pleasanton, CA


Upcoming Events Calendar


ASENT Conference

Attend the only meeting that advances neurotherapeutics by bringing together academia, advocacy, government and industry. 

Feb. 19-21, 2015

Washington, D.C.


Preventive Medicine 2015

Join the premier event for professionals in disease prevention and health promotion that advances the science of preventive medicine. 

Feb. 25-28, 2015

Atlanta, GA


Healthy People in Healthy Communities 2015

Discover the key differences in motivation, participation, and healthy outcomes for Active Men and Active Women, to help you reach your goals, have strong relationships and live longer. 

March 9-11, 2015

Loma Linda, CA


CHIP Facilitator Training Workshop

Attend a training workshop to become a certified CHIP facilitator and impact lives in your community and workplace. 

May 11-12, 2015

Athens, OH 


Tools for Promoting Healthy Change

Change your competence and performance-in-practice by increasing your knowledge of lifestyle medicine. 

June 26-27, 2015

Boston, MA

Lifestyle Medicine in Action
    February 2015
The President's Report 

David L. Katz, MD, MPH


Lifestyle Medicine, and Common Cause: Even Causes Have Causes


As I write this, the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and the American College of Preventive Medicine have made considerable progress toward a prenuptial agreement that may allow for the mutual rewards of marriage in the foreseeable future.  As I write this, those two entities along with the Institute for Functional Medicine have made considerable progress toward the drafting and submission of a joint manuscript elucidating the perhaps overlooked architecture of our native alignment.

The former endeavor is, ultimately, much about the details of practice, and the practicalities of administration.  The latter is all about principles.  The first principle underlying a mutual devotion to causes is this: even causes have causes.

Preventive Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine, and Functional Medicine all profess to target the true causes of disease, and there is a valid basis for each such claim.  The specific contentions of each enterprise are the substance of that manuscript now in the works; it's not my place here to preempt those better arguments, by better sources.


I can, however, illustrate the effort by noting the pedigree of Lifestyle Medicine's claim.

We might trace the origins of our mantle to Hippocrates, who famously advanced the cause of lifestyle medicine with such admonishment as: "let food be thy medicine."  There is little left to append there other than: amen. 


Read complete article at


Spotlight: - Coming Spring of 2015 

Marc Braman, MD, MPH        
President, Lifestyle Medicine Foundation


Truly helping those we serve in the most effective way possible.  This is what it is all about, right?  We want to help people have the health and vitality to fully engage with, and enjoy, life.  Lifestyle Medicine does more than other fields of health care to accomplish this, treating the cause of disease and not just the symptoms.  But our health care system is built for ever-increasing pills and procedures to treat symptoms, not causes.  This is very frustrating for those of us seeking to practice what health care should be.


So how do we incorporate scientifically-proven, lifestyle medicine into practice? The Lifestyle Medicine Foundation's new website is going to provide a very tangible means for providers everywhere to do just that. Inspired by the great work of Michael Greger, MD, and, the Foundation is developing content for the scope of Lifestyle Medicine.  Providers everywhere will be able to "prescribe" Lifestyle Medicine education, allowing patients to access the educational component of "first line therapy" that is convenient and of the highest quality.  


But there is so much health information out there.  The internet is swimming with an overwhelming flood of it.  What is different about  Two big things.

  1. Real Lifestyle Medicine is fundamentally different in that "lifestyle" is the primary treatment modality.  It is talked about, handled, and applied as the dominant therapy, receiving the vast bulk of time, attention, and energy.  It is used in therapeutic dosage.  Medications or other therapies are "adjunct".  This turns the typical medication-based paradigm on its head. 
  2. It's about people. Period. Money is the means to the end of helping people the most in the most effective way possible. 

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Submit a talk for Lifestyle Medicine 2015. The Call for Presentations is open now through 4/13/15 DVD: Volume 23
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Our friends over at want to give ACLM community members access to Dr. Greger's Latest in Clinical Nutrition: Volume 23 free of charge.

To get your complimentary copy, just email and specify whether you'd like a physical DVD, video download, or both!

Job Postings:
Company: Renown Health
Position: Concierge Primary Care Physician

Location: Reno/Lake Taho, Nevada

■ Premier Care Site Location with limited panel size

■ Competitive Base Salary Guarantee with bonus potential
■ Benefit package: Health Benefits, Malpractice, CME and Licensure fees
■ No State Income Tax


Company: Intermountain Healthcare - LiVe Well Center
Position: Integrative Medicine Medical Director

Location: Park City, Utah

■ Competitive salary range ($175,000 to $220,000 per year depending on specialty and experience)

■ Full benefits package that include defined pension, 401k match, & CME.

■ All-purpose leave of up to 25 days/year

■ Relocation provided, up to 15k.


Company: LifestyleMedicine.Pro
Position: Business Manager

Location: Salem, Oregon (flexible)

Develop a marketing strategy and executable program from the ground up for a start-up organization

■ Work in an entrepreneurial and unstructured environment

■ Part-time (20 hours a week) to full-time (40 hours a week) based on the needs of the organization and the candidate

■ Competitive base plus bonus salary structure


Research Summaries

The following presented by Medpage Today (May require log-in)

'Fat but Fit' Only Temporary

Whole Grains Reduce CVD, Total Death Risk

Head Start Really Does Help Obese Kids

Heart Healthier Community Achieved With Grassroots Effort

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Food for Thought: How Pizza Impacts Kids' Health

Lifestyle Medicine: Watch Saturated Fats, Skip Glycemic Index


The following presented by WebMD

Little Change in Fast Food Calories, Salt Content

Night Shift May Boost Black Women's Diabetes Risk

Lack of Exercise More Deadly Than Obesity

Good spirits may be as important as lifestyle habits


The following presented by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention 

Using Mixed Methods to Develop Principles for Promoting Healthy Eating and Physical Activity in Out-of-School Settings

Prevalence of Sleep Duration on an Average School Night

Temporal Trends in Fast-Food Restaurant Energy, Sodium, Saturated Fat, and Trans Fat

Relationship Between Social Support and Body Mass Index

Prevalence of and Risk Factors for Adolescent Obesity in Southern Appalachia, 2012

Links to Opinion Articles, Practice Advice and Patient Handouts

The following presented by

The key to medicine is to love our patients

A PA's deeply personal journey to lose 130 pounds

The following presented by Berkeley Wellness

Why 'Fun' Workouts Are Better


The following presented by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Is Quitting Smoking on Your Calendar for 2015?


ACPM Headlines 

Here are some of the stories found in the recent issue of ACPM's newsletter:  


Lifestyle Medicine in Action  

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