Dear Bengal Parent or Friend,

Cowboy. Downhill skier. Gas station attendant. As a child, these are some of the answers I gave to the often-asked question, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” When I started college, I can’t be confident that my answers would have been much different. As a “deciding major” for two years, I still didn’t know what I wanted to do when I “grew up.” However, one day my academic advisor changed the question. She asked, “Who do you want to be?” When I focused on who I wanted to be as opposed to what I wanted to do, a world of opportunities opened up. 

This is the time of year when your student is probably thinking about their world and their future. The future may mean this summer, next year, the next 3-5 years, or even longer. As a family member, you may also be thinking of your students’ future. Please know Idaho State University has staff and resources ready and available to support your student through their discernment process. Our Career Center staff is ready with classes, workshops, and one-on-one meetings where your student can learn about writing resumes and cover letters, interview preparation, and job shadowing. They will also be able to provide information about internships (on-and off-campus) and the job search process.

You may remember I am a parent of college students. As they have progressed through their educational journeys and are nearing graduation (they are both scheduled to graduate this May), we have been focused on the graduate school and job search with them. The stress and anxiety has been tempered by the excitement of the opportunities coming their way. As parents, my husband and I have tried to find the balance of challenging and supporting, listening and talking, loving and laughing.

You and your student have a community of people at Idaho State University who are committed to them and their success. Please allow us to support you as well. You are welcome to contact me at or (208) 282-2315.

Bengals for Life,

Lyn Redington
Vice President for Student Affairs
ISU’s Spring Career Fair and Helpful Job Search Tips

Lance Erickson, Ed.D., LPC, Career Center Director
The Career Center at Idaho State University will once again be hosting the annual Spring Career Fair on Wednesday February 20 th from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM in the Student Union Ballroom. This career fair is a wonderful chance for ISU students from a variety of majors and disciplines to meet with employers about full-time jobs and internships. The Career Fair is also a great time for undecided students to explore a variety of career options as well.
Here are a few effective tips to share with your student—from getting ready for the event to making a great first impression.

  • Meet with a career counselor at the Career Center to have your resume reviewed.
  • Participate in a practice interview with a career counselor.
  • Practice your 15-30 second “elevator pitch” or introduction when meeting with an employer.
  • Contact the Career Center for information on which companies will be coming and do some research on them before the fair.
  • Prepare a list of questions you want to ask employers at the fair.
  • Plan the time you will be attending the fair (morning or afternoon) and give yourself sufficient time to meet with the employers you have previously identified.
  • Remain open-minded to other companies you may wish to speak with at the fair.
  • Bring several copies of your resume to be able to give to employers at the fair.
  • Dress for Success! Plan to dress professionally the day of the career fair. Business professional is highly suggested to stand out from the crowd.
  • Come to the Career Fair ready to visit with those companies that interest you the most.
  • Have your resumes in a professional folder or portfolio so you may move freely around the room. (We suggest not bringing too many things to carry around the fair).
  • Speak clearly and concisely as you introduce yourself and show confidence, enthusiasm, and genuine interest.
  • Be courteous! In addition to representing yourself, you also represent your department and the University.
  • Ask good questions and gather information, including a business card so you can follow up later with that employer.
  • Thank the representative for their time and information.
  • Within a week, follow-up with each employer you met with at the fair to find out the important “next steps” in the hiring process.
Guide to a Successful Spring Break
During Spring Break, ISU’s Outdoor Adventure Center (OAC) encounters students looking to de-stress during one of the busiest times of the year. Thinking back on spring break trips often conjures memories of great times shared with good friends. Here are some tips for you to share with your student to ensure a successful trip with enduring memories.

Tips for Car Travel Getting “there” is often the most challenging and stressful part of any trip. A few days before the trip, your student should check out their vehicle, allowing time for necessary repairs. There are many quick service oil change shops in Pocatello which will check and change fluids. Even if a car has had a recent oil change it’s never a bad idea to check levels before heading out on the open road. This can catch a problem before your student is in an unserviceable location.

Encourage your student to stop at a local tire shop. It is a good idea to have tires rotated and checked for serviceability. Remind your student to have the brakes and the spare tire inspected. Does your student know how to change a flat tire? Now is certainly a better time to learn than on the side of the interstate with 18 wheelers whizzing by! Les Schwab offers a free pre-trip safety inspection which checks all of the above mentioned items and if your student needs a refresher on how to change a tire, they can help with that too.

Items often overlooked are those paperwork details. Have your student ensure they have an up-to-date vehicle registration and insurance card. They should also ensure that their driver’s license is not expired, or about to expire and that should be same for anyone they are traveling with.

Remember, just because your students vehicle can get them across town, doesn’t mean it will get them to Southern California and back.

Travel Awareness Having a plan, rigid or flexible, can be helpful. Are reservations available ahead of time? What roads is your student traveling? Are there construction or road closures that will affect their travel? Does your student have the proper clothing or gear for their activities? It is much easier to address these issues in advance than on the road.

Let your student now you will never tire of hearing from them. Whether it’s an email, text or phone call, they can let you know where they’re going and when they expect to be back. When possible, encourage your student to travel with friends. It’s fun to have someone to talk and laugh with and there’s safety in numbers.

Travel with the Outdoor Adventure Center (OAC) If your student loves to play in the outdoors, or is interested in doing so, the OAC always has opportunities available. OAC is ISU’s outdoor education and recreation program. They offer outdoor recreation adventure trips, classes and workshops, and outdoor informational services. Rock climbing, white water rafting, mountain biking, xc skiing and snowshoeing, backpacking, and stand up paddle boarding are just a few of the activities your student might try at the OAC.

This year the OAC is going to Moab in southern Utah for spring break (March 16-22, 2019). Mountain and road biking, and rock climbing are the main activities with some day hikes as well. Moab is a recreation paradise situated next to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks. One of the benefits of an OAC trip is that the driving and planning are taken care of by OAC staff. Beginners are always welcome on OAC outings and if your student needs gear for this trip or for an adventure of their own planning, the OAC rents sleeping bags, tents, camp stoves, rafts, and much more. Give us a call for more information, 208-282-3912 or visit us online .
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Summer Registration
Online registration for summer courses is now open for all class levels.

Spring Career Fair
February 20, 2019 9 a.m.-2 p.m., Student Union Ballroom

Grad Finale
A one-stop-shop for graduating students. Purchase regalia, order class rings and graduation announcements, and meet with the Career Center, Graduate School, Registrar's Office, Alumni Relations and others.
February 20 & 21, 10 a.m.-2 p.m., University Bookstore

Celebrate Idaho State
Join us for the 9th annual Celebrate Idaho State. This CommUniversity event features fun interactive family-friendly activities, free t-shirts to the first 600 kids courtesy of ISU Credit Union, free food, prizes and more.
February 27, 2019, 4-7 p.m., Pond Student Union Building

Spring Break
March 18-22, 2019
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