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February, 2015

RTS is your point-of-sale solution. We provide ticketing and concessions software for every movie theatre. In addition, RTS now provides your digital signage package as well. 

RTS was developed in a theatre so we understand your needs. RTS licenses include upgrades, hardware and software support, back office management, online ticketing through your website, and direct integration with industry partners. 

With 20 years in the business, we work with more than 1500 theatres in the US and Canada. Please visit our website or contact sales for further product information.
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As everyone is settling in for the year ahead we have some great new updates.  
RTS Team 
Reserved Seating
Take the guess work out of choosing a seat at the theatre. Using RTS's reserved seating option allows your patrons to choose their seats in the theatre, enhancing their overall movie going experience. Reserved seating allows a patron to view available seats within a particular show.  
  • Large graphical buttons for seat selection
  • Real time updates
  • Graphical display of seat availability
  • Multiple seat purchase groups
  • Exact seat placement
  • Custom floor / seat maps
  • Optional customer selection with second touch screen

     Selling Screen for Employee             Customer Display


                                     Online Ticketing 
Software Changes
Check out our News Tab at for information on software changes. 

  • First install prompts for station numbers configuration during installation
  • First install on office machines disables licensed selling
  • First install on partner units removes all bad T500 printer variants
  • First install on selling units adds RTS to the start up folder
  • Added using configuration for internet ticket pickup after showtime block time
  • Computer name is automatically changed on new installs on integrated POS models
  • Auto log-in is enabled when installed for the first time on an integrated POS models
  • Added a prompt to continue modifier selections when an incorrect selection is made during pick lists
  • Report emails are now adding the current user and local database information to report email text
  • Added international email character validation to customer entry email checks
  • Added support for electronic weight scales
  • Added pre-configured and user configuration of shift report options.
  • Added export/import of configured shift report options
  • Added API Remote user metrics report to deposit report
  • Added additional logging to start up of Digital Sign Software
  • Added Partner 6800 cash drawer selection
  • Added new reserved seating online customer purchase page which allows seat splitting of groups, graphical seat pictures, block group purchases, and theatre layout graphics.
  • Added switch to optionally enabled new reserved seating layout in local web server
  • Added a Top Attendance Report
  • Added expediter's printer support
  • Added film editor button to new scheduler
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