Katie's Kids Mission Statement

To elevate child development to a new level by leading the social and emotional growth and education of young children by providing a safe, welcoming home-like environment with a caring, educated, and professional staff that promotes partnerships between parents children and other early childhood professionals. 
Upcoming Events

February 9         Winter Olympics begin
February 10        Saturday Night Live @ Fort Jesse
February 19        Katie's Kids will be Closed
February 20        No School Day Program  (Unit 5 School Improvement Day)


February 19

Professional Development Day

Katie's Kids will be closed for teacher training. 
We appreciate this valuable time.  

February 10
Saturday Night Live
Katie's Kids @ The Links
5:00 -10:00 p.m.

Need a night off? Can't find a babysitter? Check out Saturday Night Live @ Katie's Kids! Saturday Night Live is a Saturday evening full of fun for children while families go out. Children can enjoy playing, having dinner with friends, and snuggling in for a movie.  

Meals to Go 
Tuesday Nights
February Reminders:  

If the outdoor temperature is above 25 degrees the children will be going outside to play.  Please make sure your child has appropriate clothing... boots, winter coat, snow-pants, hat, gloves, etc




An exert from the book Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide...

"The major problems we face in society from crime to racism stem from a lack of respect and kindness to our fellow human beings, and if we continue to grow children with disrespect, this will never change. When we set the standard so low in those early years for how young and vulnerable humans should be treated, we can't expect humanity to rise above those standards. The cycle of disrespect just keeps repeating." She explains that children feel our respect by how we "respond when they cry, correct them when they make a mistake, hold them through their fears...Peace on earth begins in how we treat the littlest humans today."

   author: Rebecca Eanes

8 Toothy Tips 
National Children's Dental Health Month


The most important preventive step against childhood periodontal disease is to establish good oral health habits at an early age, according to the  American Academy of Periodontology.
Here are some basic preventive steps to help our children maintain optimal dental health:
  1. Brush for two minutes, 2 times per day...with our kids.
  2. Show them how to clean between teeth...FLOSS!
  3. Limit sugary snacks & drinks between meals, eat healthy.
  4. See the dentist regularly for family checkups, and ask them about sealants & fluoride.
  5. Establish good dental hygiene habits early. When your child is 12 months old, you can begin using toothpaste when brushing his or her teeth.
  6. When the gaps between children's teeth close, it's important to start flossing.
  7. Serve as a good role model by practicing good dental hygiene habits ourselves.
  8. Check our child's mouth for the signs of periodontal disease, including bleeding gums, swollen and bright red gums, gums that are receding away from the teeth and bad breath.