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In honor of ranking #1 in the Nation for CoolSculpting*, we are celebrating YOU
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$10,000 package: 6 cycles CoolSculpting, 4 cycles CoolTone, 3 Vivace, 2 DiamondGlow, 1ml Juvederm Voluma, 30 Units Botox. Call for details. Must be a member of Alle. Must book a consultation and get treated by one of our EMD providers between 2/25/21 - 5/1/21.
Everyone’s Talking about Elite

What is cooler than CoolSculpting to get rid of excess fat from the body? CoolSculpting Elite, of course!

At EsthetixMD we have been effectively freezing fat for almost an entire decade! Why? Because it WORKS! 

Since we added CoolSculpting to our body contouring portfolio, we were excited each time we were able to offer a better procedure to our patients. At first, we offered the ability to speed up the treatment by offering dual sculpting. Then we invested in the new technology and upgraded from the parallel plates to better suction cups. We waited eagerly to be the first ones in our area to offer to treat the submental area and additional petite areas with the new applicators.

Education is a priority at our clinic, so as we continually upgraded our equipment, EsthetixMD invested in additional master courses offered only after every provider in our clinic attended their university program and we had performed over thousands of treatments. We were the first ones in Oregon to be Master trained at the Coolsculpting University, once again able to offer our patients the best of the best when it comes to body contouring. 

Fast forward to 2021, we have the prestige of being ranked #1* in the Nation with over 11,000 treatments provided in our clinic. We are now proud to offer you the latest technology available along with the Coolsculpting Legacy. The Coolsculpting Elite is now the most advanced technology available on the market. The CoolSculpting Elite has been able to provide dramatic results, and in some cases in a much shorter amount of time, with up to 18% more coverage! That’s COOL!

*full 5 star vivace review by our patient at EsthetixMD can be found on Google.
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