Spanish Wells Club Newsletter | February 2018
Photo Credit: Golf Member Janet Johnson

––––––– A Message from the General Manager –––––––

Please Welcome Our Newest Members to the Club!
  • James & Jacqueline Hayworth
  • Richard (Rusty) & Dana Jaquiss
  • Gerri Griffin
  • Andrew & Erin Carmines
  • Jeffrey & Lauren Reilley
  • Todd & Tracey Hawk
  • Kevin & Darcie Patrick
  • Donald & Patty Supcoe
  • Bethanne Carroll / Lewis Hammet
  • Todd & Lisa Parrott
  • James Hall / Wendy Kitner

If you know of any friends or family looking for an awesome
"Lowcountry Kinda' Club", please have them come see me or Sandy!
“I don’t know about you, but this has to be the
Coldest New Year I have ever been through!”

- Bill Vaughan, General Manager
Head Golf & Teaching Professional, Spanish Wells Club

Photo: Bill Vaughan and Eric Funk
––––––– From Sandy Dacey Woodard, Membership Director –––––––

Dear Members,

"Onward and Upward" In the New Year!
I have so many things to be thankful for and one of them is getting to know all of you! Let's make this the best Membership in the Low Country. Make it your goal to sponsor a "new Member" in 2018. I am counting on you to help your Club grow and prosper!

– Sandy
Cell: 843.384.1386
Photo: Sandy with Members
Michael and Regina Kirshbaum
––––––– From The Golf Superintendent, Ted Wells –––––––

Course will be closed
Mon. - Feb 5th - Maintenance
Mon. - March 5th - Maintenance

Due to the cold weather, the grass is very dormant. Hopefully, there will be warmer days to come. Greens are in poor condition. We are currently spraying for weeds and will continue to work on the greens trying to get them in better condition. 

In the meantime, thank you for your patience, help and support. 

– Ted Wells
Golf Schedule
Save The Date:
Club Championship Sun - Nov 11th

Weekly Schedule
Mon: Club House Closed "Open Golf"
Tue: Open Golf 12p
Wed: Men Show Up Group. 3p
Play For Beers
Thur: Ladies Golf League - 10a Start "Thursday Thrashers" - Show Up Group Starts At 10:15a Welcome All Types Of Golfers (Mostly 15 Handicaps And Up) Come Over And Meet Some New Friends - No Need To Sign Up.
Fri: Men'S Golf League - 9a Start
Sat & Sun: Open Golf
Golf Clinic
Fridays 11a - 12 noon
Bill Vaughan / Eric Funk 

$17 / Discounted Rate 

All Invited - Men, Women, Children
Every Friday Morning - Weather Permitting
Beginning January 19th 
(Cash Or Check Only - Please)
Call The Club House To Reserve A Space
––––––– From Peter Bella, Head Tennis Professional –––––––

Tennis Happenings

For upcoming events please call
Peter Bella
Cell: 843.290.4305

Tennis girls enjoying
Cheeseburger in Paradise Friday night
by the fire pit. L-R:
Amy Rhine, Amy Cavanaugh and Amy Wright. Known as the 3 Amy’s.

––––––– From Calibogue Catering, Social Events –––––––

Brentt & Lindsay
Now that the cold is hopefully gone, we are looking forward to some warmer days and fun at the Holbrook Room.
We want you to know our menu’s are never set in stone, we welcome any suggestions.
If you have a special request or have a feature meal suggestion. Please let us know… we are here for you and would love to accommodate in any way.

The Calibogue Room is booking quickly but we still have vacancies for Spring graduations, Weddings & Family events.

Please Contact Brentt for availability.
Special addition for every Saturday in February is BBQ Pick Up in the Holbrook Room… Check your email for to go details, or click the link below.
Remember your guests and friends are always welcome.
We look forward to seeing you at the club!
Thanks for your support!
Brentt, Lindsay, Kenny & Kirsten
––––––– Additional Mentions –––––––
New To Spanish Wells Club

To High Tea & Crumpets 
 "Love To Quilt?"
Introduction & Demonstration By SWC Member - Janet Johnson Fine Arts Major,
noted art quilter and educator
Sunday Afternoon - March 4, 2018 - 2p - 4p
Cost: $5.00 / pp
Outdoor Games
In an effort to enhance the Holbrook Grill Outdoor area, any outdoor game donations would be appreciated. Calibogue Catering has provided the use of the cornhole boards. We would love to provide some more activities for children and adults to enjoy during our amazing weekend events. Please contact Bill Vaughan, if you have any to offer.

––––––– Supporting the Spanish Wells Club –––––––
Board of Managers
  • Sam Cavanaugh, President
  • Bernie Flanagan, Vice President
  • Mike Lewis, Finance
  • Ted Athanas, Secretary
  • Art Clephane
  • Greg Goldberg
  • Cara Py
  • Marty O'Brien
  • Nelson Sturm
Golf Committee
  • Mark Finger, Chairman
  • Cheryl Clephane
  • Geri Flanagan
  • Jack Fugal
  • Ed Godley
  • Kathy Joyce
  • Lila Mellen
  • Marty O'Brien
  • Peggy Rabeor
Tennis Committee
  • Ted Anthanas, Chairman
  • Brenda Bruce
  • Leslie Ford
  • Greg Goldberg
  • Jane Jarrett
  • Chris Martin
  • Phil Py
  • Cindi Rieman
  • Nivia Weitzner
Membership Committee
  • Janet Johnson, Chairman
  • Ron Johnson
  • Joan Waterbury
  • Sandy Dacey Woodard
Marketing Team
  • Karen Cerrati
  • Travis Stephenson
  • Bill Vaughan
  • Sandy Dacey Woodard

1 Brams Point Road, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926