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Seasonal Ideas & Information for February

The following are a list of activities to consider for your February gardening:
  • Vegetables & Herbs  - Our vegetable, tomato & herb transplants are arriving daily.  If you start your plants from seeds, it is time to get them started.  We have a large selection to choose from, including organics.   We can also help you select soil, compost and fertilizer for your garden.
    Botanical Interests Seeds
  • Fruits & Nuts -  Early February is the best time of the year to prune fruit trees, vines and bushes.  To protect your fruit trees from pests, apply dormant oil or neem oil before new growth emerges in the spring.
  • Perennials & Annuals - Now is the time to divide summer and fall-blooming perennials and bulbs.  Ornamental grasses can also be divided.  Plant cool season color:  cyclamen, delphinium,  Gerbera daisies, geraniums 
  • Trees, Shrubs & Vines - February is a great month to plant roses.  Consider planting some shrub roses as they bloom repeatedly through the year.  Make sure to choose a sunny location and one with good drainage.  We can also help you select soil and fertilizer for your roses.  February is also the month for pruning exisiting roses in your landscape.
    Knock Out Rose
  • Lawns - If you are going to use a pre-emergent on your lawn to control weeds, now is the time to apply. Corn gluten is an organic approach, while Barricade and Dimension are a non-organic approach (all products can be found in our product warehouse).
    Corn Gluten
    liquid formulation
  • Beds - Wait to cut back tropical plants until after the last frost, this includes hibiscus and bougainvilleas.  It is okay to prune back perennials that are overgrown or have frost damage.  


Galveston County Master Gardeners Educational Programs:                      
  follow this link    2017 Gulf Coast Gardening for February


How to prepare for upcoming cold weather:
1.  Cover all of your tender plants with frost cloth.  
      Do not use plastic to cover your plants.  
     The plastic will harm your plants.
2.  Water all of your plants and containers before the cold weather              arrives.  This will help to protect your plant from frost damage.
3.  Mulch your flowerbeds and plants well to keep plant roots insulated

From Our Landscape Architect:
"Is your landscape welcoming? "
by Janielle Guzinski
There are houses that we just don't feel like walking up to.  They could be scary, creepy, desolate, claustrophobic, or any number of other "negative" adjectives.  Part of what makes a house so foreboding or unwelcoming is the landscape around it.  There are a couple of tricks to having your landscape look welcoming and friendly.  
Too many ornaments
Desolate stilts

Both too much and too little in the yard will make it less welcoming.  If a yard is cluttered with items or the plants are stacked right on top of each other it gives a feeling of smothering.  If there is nothing between the house and the road but grass, it tends to feel a bit desolate and harsh.  You should still be able to walk between planting beds and have a mixture of open space and planted space.  Also, consider spacing out your yard art and having a variety of pieces.  A collection of yard gnomes can quickly go from cute to creepy. 

Overgrown Yard

Maintenance of the landscape is also important.  If everything is perfectly manicured and there is not a weed or unruly shrub in sight, it can seem a bit artificial.  But if everything is overgrown and on top of each other it gives the appearance of neglect.  Don't worry about having the perfect landscape, we as humans don't usually feel comfortable around perfection.  Just make sure it looks neat without killing yourself or spending a fortune of yard services. 

Welcoming Drive

The last part to a welcoming yard is about the planting design and bed placement.  People like to walk through an entrance and have a garden that opens up and curves around them.  It tends to be welcoming and makes a great frame for these old Galveston houses.  Having different layers of plants, from small to tall helps create a feeling of depth in small lots and showcases the plants nicely.  Your colors can reflect the house, offset it, or just be a veritable rainbow.  But think about the effect you want when you plant.  Too matchy-matchy can be boring and end up looking a bit crazy, but not everyone is a fan of the riot of color.  I would recommend having a couple of colors that you focus on and using other colors in moderation.  For example, a purple/blue/white/yellow focused yard with an orange bird of paradise or red bottlebrush tree as a contrasting focal point.  

Layered Tropical Landscape
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