February 2014
Issue: #16
The road to HAMSA~
TriYoga's creative center.

Many TriYogis are beginning their journey into nada yoga:

discovering the connection to music is the yoga of sound.

May all join the online nada yoga classes and 

develop voice & instrument.

Medical research overwhelmingly expounds on the 

benefits of music.

No wonder the yogis have said 

it is the easiest path to the Divine.

Yogini Kaliji

Kaliji taught three sessions and a pre-conference workshop at the Inside Yoga Conference in Wels, Austria, and gave a video interview. TriYoga programs were held in the largest hall and averaged 100 students per class during the 3-day conference.

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Next Live On-Line with Kaliji
Sunday Feb 23rd.  Click here  to register.

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Upcoming Programs with Kaliji in Europe

March 28-April 2 All-Levels and Level 4 in Munich
April 4-6 in Vienna, Austria
 April 7-9 in Moscow, Russia.
Upcoming programs with Kaliji in USA

February 28-March 2  Level 3 Prana Vidya in Santa Cruz
March 7-9 at TriYoga Boston
Message from KALIJI


On this full moon weekend when love is in the air ~ 

it is called Valentine's Day.  It is symbolized by the heart.


In the same way, the spiritual heart symbolizes the anahata cakra of unconditional love.  


The petals of the cakra were first the shape of triangles.   Due to energy 'bulging' forth, the triangles formed into a lotus petal or a heart like shape.  The Triangle symbolizes unity of body * mind * spirit.    In this unity, the heart,
anahata cakra is felt today and every day...


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... in the flow,
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Message from Kaliji
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Upcoming in Europe with Senior Staff
Vegan Recipe
Level 1 in Santa Cruz
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Around the Globe
John & Stef traveled to TriYoga Central Pennsylvania for a weekend of workshops, including YogaFlow from Basics to Level 3, Partner Stretch and a multi-level Prana Vidya class. While there, they also met with Basics Interns Sarah and Justine who had done their Basics Teacher Training with Senior teacher Theresa Shay. Congratulations to our new Basics teachers!

In Germany, Mitra Deva in Berlin teaches a regular TriYoga Kids class.
Kaliji met via Skype with the Basics interns at TYC Bad T�lz teacher training with Eva Maria; Roselyne offers Introduction to TriYoga Feb 15 & 22 in K�nigstein; and Johanna continues a Basics Teacher Training in Allershausen.
Kelli's Vegan Kitchen started off the year with a 28-day transition to vegan program, and next offers a Live Online vegan cooking demo on Feb 16.
Upcoming Events in Europe 

28 Feb-2 Mar All-Levels with John & Stef in Vienna

1 Mar-14 Mar Level 1 TT with Eva-Maria in Brovary (Ukraine)

7-9 Mar All-Levels with John & Stef in K�nigstein

21-23 March Level 3 TT with Eva-Maria in Bern

19-23 April Level 2 TT with John & Stef in Samsoe


Check out the new calendar at TriYoga International for more details or to register.

Red Lentils and Turmeric Quinoa
Cook the quinoa as directed, adding diced onion if you like.

While the quinoa cooks, saute red onion with coconut butter and tomato puree. Add half the lentils and heat thoroughly. Add the rest of the lentils and cover with water, allowing them to simmer until soft (10-15 minutes). Add salt, chili, pepper, turmeric, paprika, garam masala (any spices you prefer).  

When quinoa is almost finished (still some water in the base of the pan) add turmeric and salt to taste.
Upcoming Teacher Training at TYC Santa Cruz

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