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Colorado 99s Chapter Meeting at APA
Sat, February 9, 8:30am

Wed, February 20, 6:00pm

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Solos, Certificates,  
and Ratings

Erina Houk
Commercial Multi-Engine Pilot
CFI Scott Larson

Alec Armstrong 
First Solo
CFI Kiley Lynch

Ben Gross 
First Solo
CFI Trever Jones

Britta Schroeder
Private Pilot
CFI Chris Slate

Ben Johnson
First Solo
CFI Jenna Coffman

Daniel McMillard
First Solo
CFI Ron Dunn

Madi Siegrist
Instrument Rating
CFII Connor Hanley

Ely Kassner
First Solo
CFI Mike Nance

Helen Song
First Solo
CFI Connor Hanley

Jon Paukovich
First Solo 
CFI Brandon Ramberg

Joshua Carrier
First Solo
CFI Stefan Comina

Wyatt Gober
First Solo
CFI Connor Hanley

Gage Hecht
Private Pilot
CFI Jason Lang

Bill Griffith
Commercial Pilot
CFI Shelly Engel

Conner Barrett
Commercial Multi-Engine Pilot
CFI Zach Brewer

Justin Parrow 
First Solo
CFI Kiley Lynch

Matt Heron
First Solo
CFI Branden Hockaday

Joseph Samaniuk
Private Pilot
CFI Shelly Engel

Ash Bobye
First Solo 
CFI Andy Shelton

Wendy Elliot
First Solo
CFI Andy Shelton

Shelby Schultz
Commercial Pilot
CFI Scott Frank

Andrew DeGarbo
First Solo
CFI Kristine Wanner

Bill Kearney
First Solo 
CFI Eric Hineman

Braden Mattson
First Solo
CFI Mike Nance

Dave Washechek
First Solo
CFI Cameron Hallock

Doug Gogol 
First Solo 
CFI Jeff Hartig

Luke Billingsley
CFII Connor Hanley

Mason Mikael
First Solo
CFI Ben Barash

Mitch Hobgood
Private Pilot
CFI Luke Billingsley

Paul Will
First Solo
CFI Scott Frank

Stephen Bourgeois
CFII Conner Hanley

Heather Henry
Private Pilot
CFI Conner Hanley

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February 2019                                   Issue No. 2, Volume 37
Club News
As 2019 is well underway, we wanted to take a minute and give you an update on some important changes that you will see in the upcoming months. 

First, thanks to you, our Members, Aircraft Owners, Student Pilots, Flight Instructors, Supporters, and dedicated Employees at all of our locations, 2018 was a good year for The Club. We added planes at all locations including new air-frames to the fleet, renovated the offices at Centennial and Broomfield, formalized some partnerships with airlines to provide career pathways, and recommended over 350 people for Check Rides ranging from their first certificate to Multi-Engine Instructor. 

The first part of 2019 will see more additions to your rental fleet, continued updates to the facilities you visit every day, the launch of a new location in California, and a roll-out of our American Flight Schools concept. We are also planning on adding a number of social activities this year, to keep the club atmosphere vibrant. Hope to see you at them.

Planes and Fleet
We are excited to announce that we have taken possession of our very first Tecnam P2010, N143TU. It is a new model with G1000 and a third door for easy entry into the backseat. The Club also added a second Diamond DA42 for use in the multi-engine training program.

We also have placed an order with Cessna to acquire TWO brand new 2019 Cessna 172 G1000 models. You can expect that more Pipers, Diamond DA40s, and Grumman Tigers and Cheetahs to make an appearance within The Club. Also, we are always on the lookout for other fun aircraft or trip planes to add as well...Mooney anyone? With over 90 aircraft available for rent, we think that there is something for everyone of every skill level to fly.

2018 saw some significant improvements to our facilities and in 2019 we are continuing that process in order to bring you quality
places to do your flight training as well as to gather with friends and other passionate pilots. For example, at Broomfield we completed painting the exterior and interior of the building, replaced the carpets throughout the common areas, remodeled the bathrooms, and added a new lounge that acts as both the After Hours Dispatch and Recreation Area. 

In Aurora, OR we replaced the carpets, opened up two new additional office/briefing rooms, and this year we will be making further improvements to the space. The front lobby at Centennial underwent an extensive remodel by replacing all the worn out cabinets and counters, adding new carpet throughout, putting Line Service into our offering with pre-heating services, and are opening a soon to be approved FAA Testing Center.
Last but certainly not least, at Front Range Airport, we have moved into an entirely new building ( link to directions) that also has a 15,000 Sq Ft heated hangar attached. The improved office, study, and hangar facilities at each location reaffirms our commitment to providing all of our Members with great amenities to utilize.

It is no secret that we have been looking at other states to expand our unique offering into and I am pleased to announce that in February
we will be officially launching a new location in Livermore, CA. Located at KLVK, the newest member of our family will be officially unveiled later this month but we think that California can use a little of our philosophy. That philosophy is rooted in the idea that flying should be both Fun and Affordable. We are currently finalizing a new office location in Livermore, hiring staff and CFIs, and arranging our fleet offering. 

Expect a formal rollout announcement later this month.

American Flight Schools

I'm sure some of you by now have started to see the American Flight Schools logo on things like Aircraft 
Checkout Forms, policy and
procedures documents, and a host of other items. The concept behind American Flight Schools is an effort by The Club to offer a more standardized training curriculum at each location. We want our Members to be able to expect to receive a similar experience no matter which location they most frequent. By having a similar syllabus for those seeking a certificate or rating, to expecting professional Instructors at each location, to providing quality aircraft across the organization, the American Flight Schools concept is being introduced. While each location will continue to operate as an individually branded entity (Aspen Flying Club, Western Air Flight Academy, Aurora Flight Training, Alliance Flight Training, and the new California location), American Flight Schools will be the marketing and management arm that provides some of this consistency of message, standards, and support to each of our locations. 

We have not officially launched the American Flight Schools website and there are a few minor tweaks that we are still working on, but I invite each of you to visit our new website. With your help, we can quickly identify any errors, misspellings, or other things that may have been overlooked. Please visit '' and let us know what you think!

We are excited to continue to be your preferred flight school and flying club and look forward to seeing you up in the air this year.
Fleet Update
Welcome Our Newest Addition to the Fleet!

Diamond DA-42 Twinstar
You have to check out this beautiful 2006 G1000-equipped multi-engine aircraft!  N430TS  is an excellent choice for transitioning from single- to multi-engine aircraft, as well as for cross-country flights and weekend getaways.  Only $299/hr!

Tecnam P2010
We are exited to add another G1000 aircraft
 to Aspen's fleet. N143TU is a beautiful 2016 Tecnam Twenty-Ten with a premium interior and lovely paint job. With 180hp and autopilot, N143TU is a perfect plane for cross-country travel or getting a higher rating. Try it out today at only $169/hr for members. 

Piper Saratoga
N84KL is a beautiful six-seat 1999 Piper Saratoga, well-equipped with a 300 horsepower engine, Garmin 430WAAS with GMX200 MFD, a Lynx ADS-B, autopilot, and XM Weather and Radio. Get checked out today under the introductory rate of only $199/hr for members. 

Piper Archer II
N8342N is a 1981 Piper Archer II with a 180hp engine. It looks sharp with clean paint and a new interior. It is equipped with a Garmin 430 WAAS and the familiar Bendix King audio panel. Only $124/hr for members.

Click here to view the rest of our fleet of high quality, low cost aircraft.
Voluntary Noise Abatement Procedures

Let's be good neighbors!

We all know that the Centennial, Rocky Mountain Regional, and Front Airports are all tucked under a busy Bravo Shelf. That means we must stick closer to the ground. However, even when airspace is no concerns, we must still do our best to treat our neighboring communities with
Click for larger image.

Something you might not know, is that every airport has published
 recommendations about how to be good neighbors. 

General Guidelines
  • Stay at the correct pattern altitude
  • Avoid flying low with high RPM over high density neighborhoods
  • Fly the suggested pattern
    Click for larger image.
So the next time you fly,
remember all the folks on the ground. Make sure to always follow  FAR 91.119

And whenever possible, comply with voluntary noise abatement guidelines for UAOAPABJC, and  FTG.

Please note that in all cases, safety and ATC instructions supersede noise abatement. 
Leadville Lunch Flyout at LXV
Sunday, February 23rd, 11:30am 
The weather may have delayed our Flyout to Leadville, but never fear! Now is the perfect time to fly to America's highest paved airport. The cold creates a  higher chance for smooth air and a lower chance of convective activity. So bundle up and join us!

We'll meet at the Leadville Airport at 11:30am, enjoy lunch together in town, then head back home in time for the evening's festivities.

No mountain checkout? No problem! Just call us to get paired up with a mountain-qualified instructor to start your checkout or to join the fun as a dual flight.

Click here for complete details and reserve your plane today! 

Upcoming Ground Schools!
Taking a Ground School class gives you a solid understanding of the knowledge you need to be a great pilot. Check out these upcoming classes so you can pass the FAA Knowledge Test - all in a casual, friendly environment.
Classes below are for the first half of 2019. More classes can be found on our public calendar
Private and Sport Pilot Ground School 
Centennial Airport (KAPA)
Tuesdays & Saturday,  2:00-5:00pm & 6:00-9:00pm, 
7-Week, Part 61 Course
Centennial Airport (KAPA)
Thursdays & Sundays,  2:00  -5:00pm & 6:00-9:00pm
7-Week, Part 61 Course
Rocky Mtn Metro Airport (KBJC)
Mondays & Thursdays,  6:00-9:00pm 
8.5-Week, Part 61 and 141
Aurora State Airport (KUAO)
Mondays & Thursdays, 6:00-9:00pm
8-Week Course, Part 61
Instrument Ground School
Centennial Airport (KAPA)
Mondays & Wednesdays,  6:00-9:00pm 
6-Week, Part 61 Course 
Rocky Mtn Metro Airport (KBJC)
Mondays & Thursdays,  6:00-9:00pm 
8-Week, Part 61 and 141 Course
Aurora State Airport (KUAO)
Tuesday & Saturdays, 6:00-9:00pm & 2:00-5:00pm
8-Week, Part 61 Course
2019 Summer Youth Program at APA
We are pleased to offer one weeklong immersion program for your budding young aviator this summer in Denver!
AeroCamp Basic
Ages 13-15 (Middle School)
Mon-Fri, June 3-7
9:00am-4:00pm Daily

Aspiring aviators will participate in hands-on activities and learning experiences. Learn firsthand about the dynamics of airplanes, careers in the aviation and aerospace industry, tour air traffic control facilities, and take a flight lesson.

AeroCamp is limited to 10 participants to maximize 1-on-1 attention. Sign up soon to reserve your spot! Registration deadline is May 1st or when enrollment maximum is met.  Click here for complete details.

Ages 9-12
Mon-Fri, June 10-14
10:00am-3:30pm daily

Aspen is pleased to host Aviation Expedition - an exciting hands-on STE(A)M (Science-Technology-Engineering-Art-Math) experience for students who have an interest in the world of aviation. Your budding aviator will be given the opportunity to understand simple piloting concepts and skills through the use of experiments and real-world aviation tools.  Click here for c omplete details.

From the Chief Flight Instructor

Becoming a designated pilot examiner can be a long and daunting process. I got lucky on the timing when the Portland FSDO gave me approval to participate in the process last spring. I completed all of the requirements this past November and was designated by that office to administer check rides for private, instrument and commercial pilots. It is a nice addition to my capabilities to serve the pilot community in Denver and the Portland/Aurora area.

This gives me a whole new perspective on the examination process we all go through and the work that goes into a check ride before the exam has even begun. It also allows me to celebrate a successful outcome twice, once as the DPE and again (after the paperwork is complete) as a club member. A tip of the hat to those who have been administering check rides for a long time and making the process look easy, I hope I'm that good someday.

In the flight department, the newest addition will be Matt Wichern taking the reins as the Chief Flight Instructor, including this column that I have had the pleasure of writing since April 2015. Matt has been one of the Assistant Chief Flight Instructors for quite a while now and if you have been around Centennial Airport I am sure you know him. Please drop in the flight department and congratulate him on his new assignment.

Going forward, I will be focusing on developing the charter businesses in Colorado and Pacific Northwest. The charter has great aircraft at both locations, for very different missions. I have been the director of operations for the charter company for a year and a half now and it is time to see where that adventure takes us.

As I transition to my new roles in aviation, I plan to fly more for the joy of flying. Whether that is in our charter aircraft, for someone else as a contract pilot, in the Citabria, or one of the other club aircraft, I plan to get out more this year. Maybe I'll take on a new student pilot or two. I have missed the thrill of signing off that first solo endorsement.

I have a '46 Taylorcraft BC12-D that has been waiting patiently to go flying with me. We need to go do that this year. Hopefully, when we finish the post-restoration test flights you will see her out on the ramp. If you do please stop by, we may need to take someone for a ride.

See you around the airport.
Steve Green
Chief Flight Instructor
Aspen Flying Club at KAPA

KAPA -    (303) 799-6794
KFTG -   (303) 261-4041
KBJC -  (303) 466-6998
KUAO - (503) 678-1454