Volume 14 | February 2021
Let's Talk Intelligent Temperature Sensors, Business after the Pandemic, Zebra's Stage Now Software, and More!
We are one month into 2021, and the cold weather has set in! While we are all looking forward to getting back to business as usual, we continue to keep our heads down and serve you as best we can. As we say here at EMP...Keep Calm and Carry On!
More EMP Culture
The Holidays are a good time to reflect and we did exactly that here at the EMP Tech Group. As a result of that reflection, three new EMP Culture posters are arriving on our website and in our hallways. Embracing a Challenge Culture, remembering that Pride Comes Before the Fall, and thinking about The Speed of Trust are the themes. Want to learn about our culture and posters? Click below...
How EMP will do Business After the Pandemic

It is getting closer; more people have either had COVID-19 or are soon getting the vaccine. Our ability to go back to the way we used to business is getting closer. Or is it? Will we ever do business the same again? Check out the article below to get our thoughts on it all!
Right Product Label on a Budget
Our Standalone Scan and Print application never seems to run out of steam. Do a custom ZBI program that resides on the label printer, scan in some data and print out a label. This has been used to replicate barcodes and as an inspection tool. In this example it is being used as an inspection verification to be sure the right labels were loaded on the label applicator for the product being run.
Use Zebra Stage Now to Update Android

A seldom talked about software application available from Zebra is Stage Now. This software will produce a barcode that you can scan with your Zebra mobile computer to do the initial configuration or to update the Android version on your device. You can also use SOTI to do updates if you have that for your MDM. But we frequently use Stage Now to get the initial SOTI install onto the device. Want to find out more? Click below...
Intelligent Temperature Sensors from Zebra
In January of 2019, Zebra acquired a company named Temptime, one of the leaders in the temperature monitoring industry. This was a logical acquisition by Zebra, extending the reach of their RFID and RTLS product lines. Not only does the Temptime product line include straight visual indicators for excessive heat or cold during transportation, but they also have a line of intelligent sensors. See more below!
GoZebra Trade-In Program
Does your technology need a refresh? Why not get paid to upgrade! Check out Zebra's GoZebra Trade-In program to see if you can get paid to upgrade your devices....

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  • Handheld barcode scanners
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