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Dr. Ali Mosharrafa and Dr. Tamir Mosharrafa, founders of Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale. Known for their generous hearts, benefiting both their patients and Arizona charities. Dr. Ali Mosharrafa and his wife, Kristi Joiner Mosharrafa, have loyally served Prevent Child Abuse Arizona through their participation on our Advisory Council. The family has been gift to PCA Arizona ever since.
Each year, the Mosharrafa Plastic Surgery Foundation hosts a fundraising event. Historically, this event benefited up to five local organizations. In Beauty for Good's 4th year, Prevent Child Abuse Arizona is one of the select two that will receive proceeds from this event. The '70's themed Groovin' for Good Gala will be held February 23rd at the prestigious Arizona Biltmore. The food is fabulous, the music is out of sight, and the results are empowering. Interested in attending the Groovin' for Good Annual Gala? Check out the link below!
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Today in Prevention
Our Statewide Reach in Preventing Child Abuse
Arizona Department of Health Services/Maternal Infant Early Childhood Home Visiting (ADHS/MIECHV) Training: Public health and home visiting professionals across the state receive training on best practices.

Advanced Forensic Investigation Training (AFIT) teaches detectives, DCS investigators, prosecutors and forensic interviewers how to interview child victims in a forensically sound way that doesn’t retraumatize them.

Best for Babies Court Team members work to improve outcomes for young children in the juvenile court system in all 15 counties through training on infant and toddler brain development, attachment, and how to heal early trauma.

The Child Abuse PREVENTION Conference provides dozens of workshops and presentations by expert keynote speakers to 500-plus attendees each year. This year’s conference is July 23-24, 2019; visit

Children’s Justice Training (CJT) is offered statewide to improve investigation of child maltreatment. Hundreds of law enforcement officers, DCS caseworkers, prosecutors and forensic interviewers are trained each year.

Healthy Families Arizona (HFAz) is a home visiting program designed to strengthen families during the critical first years of a child’s life, reducing family risk of child abuse and neglect, and promoting family strengths.

Never Shake a Baby Arizona (NSBAz) educates new parents at birthing hospitals about the dangers of shaking and offers tips on soothing a crying baby and dealing with stress.

Strengthening Families is an approach to working with families that focuses on protective factors, which reduce the risks of child maltreatment.

Triple P (Positive Parenting Program) is a multi-level parenting skills program that has been shown to reduce child maltreatment and behavior problems.

The Yavapai Family Advocacy Center (YFAC) provides a safe and supportive environment to help child and adult victims of sexual abuse and family violence. In FY2018, YFAC provided forensic medical exams, mental health counseling and victim advocacy to 820 individuals.
Give your tax credit to a local charity
at no cost to you!

Through a program of the Prescott Sunrise Lions Foundation , you have the opportunity to designate a portion of your Arizona state income tax to the Yavapai Family Advocacy Center (YFAC), which reduces trauma to victims of abuse by providing a safe and supportive environment and facilitating a team approach to advocacy, investigation, and prosecution in Yavapai County.

To do so, follow the steps below and submit a check (maximum $400 per individual or $800 for married couples filing jointly) using the attached form. 
To dedicate a portion of your taxes to YFAC at no additional cost to you , follow these steps:

1. Prior to April 15, 2019 , fill out this form . Under “I am contributing $________”, you may put up to $400 per individual or up to $800 if married and filing jointly. (Please note: in order to get back the full amount that you give, give an amount that is equal or less than the state income tax you pay. Most individuals are able to give the maximum. If you have any questions, check with your tax professional.
2. Mail your form to:
Prescott Sunrise Lions Foundation
P.O. Box 985
Prescott, AZ 86302

3. The Prescott Sunrise Lions will send you a form thanking you for your donation to YFAC. Keep this form for your records.
4. When you file your taxes and you are asked by your tax professional or tax software about the working poor tax credit, enter the amount that you donated and indicate that it was given to the Prescott Sunrise Lions Foundation .
5. The dollars that you donated to YFAC will be subtracted from your Arizona State income tax liability for 2018 subject to the $400 per person/$800 per married couple filing jointly limitation noted above. Prescott Sunrise Lions Foundation will send 100% of your donation to YFAC!
Thank you for taking advantage of this opportunity to support the Yavapai Family Advocacy Center and the work we do to help and heal victims of trauma and abuse.
A New Curriculum Designed to Build Protective Factors
Strengthening Families™ is an approach to working with families in a way that builds five core protective factors:
Parental Resilience
Social Connections
Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development
Concrete Support in Times of Need
Social and Emotional Competence of Children
When family support professionals work to build these five strengths in families, research shows:
·         Families become more resilient
·         Children develop more optimally
·         Child abuse is prevented
Since 2015, Prevent Child Abuse Arizona has offered trainings to hundreds of family support professionals on the Strengthening Families™ approach. These trainings have helped professionals understand the importance and significance of the five protective factors.
However, we often received feedback that the professionals we trained were struggling to put the information they learned to action. They wanted specific ways to help families build these factors in their lives.
So in 2018, Prevent Child Abuse Arizona Training Director Claire Louge, along with certified trainers Sandi Cimino, Rhegan Derfus, Sara Martinez, and Brandi Samaniego, collaborated to develop a supplemental curriculum, Flourishing Families, to make the protective factors actionable.
Flourishing Families is designed to support early childhood home visitors work with families to build protective factors. The curriculum includes multiple activities that encourage the parents to reflect on their own personal understanding of parenting and build upon their existing strengths.
Flourishing Families is currently in its first draft. Prevent Child Abuse Arizona is seeking funding to continue refining the curriculum to ultimately train home visitors to implement Flourishing Families with families statewide. 
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Thank you for your continued support. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of Arizona children.
Prevent Child Abuse Arizona is shifting the public conversation about child maltreatment so that prevention is the priority. We provide training, parent education and prevention services for families, foster parents, child welfare professionals, social service providers, law enforcement, court personnel and the public.
As a 501(c)3 organization, Prevent Child Abuse Arizona is eligible to receive bequests. Please contact Rebekah Prieto at if you would like to discuss including Prevent Child Abuse Arizona in your legacy.
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