First Presbyterian Church of Rome
February 2020
Faith Promise for 
Missions Cards
Faith Promise for Missions cards have been mailed to all members and will be available at all Mission events. There will be a special time during the worship service to present your Faith Promise for Mission Cards. Please be in prayer regarding your individual Faith Promise. This is such a blessing to Missionaries.
In addition, Pastor Jonathan and the Family Ministry Team would like to strongly recommend that parents speak with your own children and young adults and encourage them to make their own Faith Promise this year. No matter the amount, what a great opportunity to not only bless our missionaries, but also disciple our kids in the importance of both giving and of engaging in the Lord's kingdom work! Please make sure to pick up an extra Faith Promise card or two.

Art is either forming us or deforming us. This means that the arts (visual art, film, music, literary arts etc.) are incredibly powerful. The arts can sanctify or destroy us. 
Together, we will seek to answer the following questions.  
  • How is art inherently valuable? 
  • What is the purpose of art within real life?
  • What is the role of the arts in spiritual formation?
  • Is there a difference between "fine art" and "popular art" and can either or both be equally powerful impactful?
  • Is there a false divide between "worldly art" and "church art"?

 Led by Rob Davis CLC #203

"PresbyWhat??" - Are you curious about what Presbyterians believe? Were you raised in another denomination but would like to know more about ours? Are you considering joining this church (or have recently joined) but have questions? If you answered 'yes' to any of the questions, then this class may be for you. This class is open to anyone who wants to know more about the ministry and beliefs of our church and denomination.
(led by Kenneth Studdard & Rev. Bill Pardue, CLC #201)

Join me on Wednesday nights to study and discuss some of the ways in which the Bible says we grow in the grace of God.
1 Timothy 4:7 (NASB) says, "Discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness." The discipleship process involves learning to develop spiritual practices for the purpose of growing in Christ and experiencing more joy in our relationship with him. Together we will look at some of the inward, outward, and corporate disciplines of grace that are not commonly talked about or even thought of as disciplines, such as rest, fasting, evangelism, work, and worship. I look forward to being with you over these next few weeks and growing in Christ together.
Led by Dr. Jonathan Schwartz, Fellowship Hall

Wo men's Service Opportunity
As a women's ministry, we are partnering with the Ruth and  Naomi House to provide meals for its residents on the third Thursday of every month for 2020! Will you consider
joining us? The Ruth and Naomi House is a women's and children's shelter on North Broad in Rome that opened its
doors just last year. So, grab a couple friends and sign up for a night to serve those in our community. Thank you!
Sign up through the Take Them a Meal link:
last name: Naomi House
password: ruth2020
When we need a pastor, we call a fully trained pastor. Stop and think how indigenous church leaders get biblical training to be able to teach their people? ITEN. This Missions season, we will hear about the work required to train church leaders in non-Christian countries. The work of ITEN should resonate with a reformed, thinking congregation like our own.

Missions Emphasis Schedule of Events

Special Dinner hosted & catered by Fred and Mary Taylor. Followed by Missions Program for Students and Adults in King Hall Dr. Stephen Woodworth of ITEN *Summit, Communicants, & Nursery at regular locations.

FREE Breakfast at 9AM in King Hall,
9:15 AM - Combined Adult SMC/Student SS (King Hall)
10:30 AM - Combined Worship (Sanctuary).
*Nursery, Children's SS, and Children's Worship will operate as usual.
If you would like more information about Missions,
contact Natalie Pettegrew at
Missions Spotlight: Meet our Speakers

Dr. Stephen Woodworth
In his role as Associate Coordinator for ITEN, Steve helps to oversee site assessment, program development, and vision casting, as well as on-site teaching and partnership development. He is a native of New England with more than a decade of experience in pastoral ministry, church planting, and education. As an ordained Teaching Elder in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC) his call has stretched from the local church, to the academy, and into the mission field. He was the founder of Valley Hope Church in Black Mountain, NC and a pastor in residence at the Billy Graham Training Center at the Cove. Prior to teaching overseas Steve served at Montreat College and Toccoa Falls College as a Chaplain and as a professor of practical theology. In addition to his work with ITEN, Steve is an occasional writer with work appearing in books, encyclopedias, and magazines including TGC International Outreach, Christianity Today, Leadership Journal, Christ & Pop Culture and Think Christian as well as academic journals such as the Journal of Youth Ministry, Christian Scholar's Review, Cultural Encounters and Anthology. He currently lives in Georgia with his wife Carrie and their three boys Luke, Andrew, and Zachary.

Dr. Michael Kuhn - Mike has lived twenty-eight years in three different Arab countries: Morocco,
Egypt and Lebanon. He also served in France. His ministry has focused on leadership development and discipleship in the Muslim context Mike currently serves ITEN as a specialist and consultant in missional theology as he assists ministry leaders to respond positively to the theological challenges of ministry in the Muslim world. He recently served as the Professor of Biblical Theology and Discipleship at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Beirut (2012-18). He continues to serve ABTS as well as Fuller Theological Seminary (Pasadena, CA) as an adjunct faculty member. He also served as an associate pastor for adult discipleship at Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church (Knoxville, TN; 2007-12).He enjoys assisting Western Christians to understand and engage positively in the ministry opportunities of the Muslim world. Mike is married to Stephanie. They have three daughters, two grandsons and seven grandchildren.

Congratulations Communicants Class of 2020
Claire Bojo,  Garrett Bourg,  Toby Burns,  Gracie Cowan
Emma Frances Cromartie,  Madeline Earnest,  Kate Fulton, 
Camryn King,  William Ogletree,  Sam Pardue, 
Anna Grace Wells,  Jack Wilkes