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Happy February! Check out this month's newsletter for information on upcoming events, products, promotions and more! 


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Question: In 2013, CCS was named Integrator of the year by which magazine?


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*Open House Registration*


New CCS Offices


Upcoming UNO Programs


SMART Notebook Software with Epson Projectors


Are you ready for 4K?!


Lifesize Cloud   


Open House Registration



Come attend our 2nd Annual Open House

on Thursday, April 2nd in our Nashua, NH office!


Check out the latest and greatest products in the audio visual industry, talk to manufacturers, win awesome prizes such as a 42" LED TV, network with professionals and enjoy some tasty treats!


Register Today!: http://goo.gl/qcnN27



New CCS Offices!




CCS Presentation Systems continues to expand by adding new offices in Atlanta, Knoxville and Birmingham!


Looks like we'll be needing some new wall plates!



Upcoming UNO Programs



CCS New England has paired up with UNO Pizzeria & Grill and Epson to bring you the "Get Brighter" and "Light Up Swampscott" programs starting March 1st and 2nd, 2015!

Get Brighter Programs:


Currently there are 3 different "Get Brighter" programs in the works:


1. "Get Brighter Dover"

2. "Get Brighter Timberlane"

3. "Get Brighter Burlington"

**"Get Brighter Taunton"**TBD


Each school participating can support their school of choice from March 2 - April 17 by having 20% of their total UNO bill donated directly to the school they specify by presenting a fundraiser ticket to their UNO's server. The funds raised will allow the schools to further enhance their curriculum and provide overall better education for students.



The school in each district that raises the most funds at the end of the program will receive an Epson BrightLink 575Wi Interactive Projector, including installation and training, generously donated by CCS Presentation Systems New England, UNO and Epson. Consider UNO Pizzeria & Grill [in the district's location] during this time to show support!


"Get Brighter" Participating Schools:



  • Dover High School
  • Dover Regional Career Technical Center
  • Dover Middle School
  • Garrison Elementary School
  • Horne Street School
  • Woodman Park Dover Alternative School


  • Timberlane Regional High School 
  • Timberlane Regional Middle School
  • Pollard School
  • Sandown North School
  • Sandown Central School
  • Danville School 
  • Atkinson Academy


  • Burlington High School
  • Marshall Simonds Middle School
  • Fox Hill Elementary School
  • Francis Wyman Elementary School
  • Memorial Elementary School
  • Pine Glen Elementary School
  • Burlington Early Childhood Center



Light Up Swampscott:




The Swampscott School Department, The Town of Swampscott and UNO Pizzeria & Grill have partnered together to create the fundraiser, "Light Up Swampscott," sponsored by CCS New England!


From March 1 - April 30, guests will be able to support the purchase of a new projector for the Swampscott High Auditorium. 20% of guests' total bill will be donated directly to the cause by presenting a fundraiser ticket to their server during the time period. Consider UNO Pizzeria & Grill of Swampscott during this time to show support!  


Stay tuned for more details and links to the fundraiser tickets in our March 1st newsletter (and on our social media accounts)!



SMART Notebook Software with Epson Projectors



SMART Notebook collaborative learning software helps users create high-impact lessons that bring learning to life. It provides creative power and flexibility, access to high quality resources, an adaptive toolbar, cross platform capabilities and dual pen support for collaborative learning.


Did you know that this software works on Epson BrightLink Projectors too?!


To see a full list of projectors that can use Notebook software, visit: http://goo.gl/h9uJVi


To learn more about Notebook or Epson Projectors, reach out to a CCS sales representative at 339-227-6181 or visit http://www.ccsnewengland.com/contact-us/.



Are you ready for 4K?!


ISE 2014: 4K Switching
Watch Crestron demonstrate live 4K Switching!


Are you ready for displays to have horizontal resolutions of 4,000 pixels? Look no further!


At ISE 2014, Crestron introduced real-time 4K switching with multiple sources going through a DigitalMedia (DM) switcher to multiple displays. While many manufacturers claim they are 4K ready, DM is now delivering the cards and end points.


Want to update your card-based DM system to 4K? Reach out to a CCS sales representative to learn about a limited time offer at

339-227-6181 or http://www.ccsnewengland.com/contact-us/.



Lifesize Cloud


Cloud Video Conferencing | Lifesize Cloud Product Tour
Lifesize Cloud Product Tour

Searching for an easy-to-use cloud video conferencing solution? Check out Lifesize! With Lifesize, everyone, regardless of location is just a video call away from having a seat in the meeting!


All you need to do to start the meeting is launch the Lifesize Cloud app, click on the names of the people you would like to invite and sit back and enjoy your meeting - it's that simple!  


To learn more about Lifesize Cloud and how it can simplify your routine, contact us today at 339-227-6181 or http://www.ccsnewengland.com/contact-us/.




For 17 years CCS New England has been one of the leading providers of audio visual equipment to the education, corporate and government markets. Our services are comprised of integration, sales, design, engineering, installation, maintenance and training. Our product lines include projectors, LCD/LED displays, SMART Board interactive whiteboards, classroom response systems, digital signage, control systems, projection screens, audio systems and video conferencing.