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IPPS is a place for both newbies and experts to learn more about plant production
 and propagation.  Come in and find your seat! 

Grand Rapids Conference Tour 2017 
Join us on Thursday, October 12 to enjoy behind-the-scenes tours and rub elbows with both industry experts and newcomers!  We will tour three large-scale nurseries based in West Michigan: Walters Gardens, Hortech and Spring Meadow Nursery. After the nursery tours, Spring Meadow's owner, Dale Deppe, welcomes you to tour his home garden which includes the largest collection of hydrangeas in the Midwest. We'll have a fabulous dinner along the picturesque Grand River. Check it out HERE.  
How We Do It At Our Place:  
Using GA on Microcuttings

Liz Dunham of Knight Hollow Nursery says: When things don't go your way, it's important to remember all the tools in your toolbox. Read HERE how Liz used GA to coax tip growth on Syringa meyeri microcuttings. 
Do YOU have a propagation or production idea to share?  Help us make this a monthly newsletter feature -  send a few paragraphs to ippser@gmail.com - photos welcomed.  
Replace Proceedings for Members?

Spring Meadow Nursery suffered a catastrophic fire in January that destroyed their main office building.  Among the significant losses, members Dale Deppe and Tim Wood lost their copies of the IPPS Combined Proceedings. They are reaching out to see if anyone has copies they are willing to sell. If you are in a position to help replace the irreplaceable please contact: Dale or Tim.  Thankfully, no one was injured and no plants or growing space were lost in the fire. 

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