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What is Newsworthy? Power Grid Attacks or Footballs?
Economics 101 - Robin HoodMarch Members' Dinner Meeting
Federal Government's Alaska Land GrabSunday Seminar
Fight Over Defunding Executive Amnesty to Continue for Some Time
Status of Attorney General NominationVoter Integrity Project Updat
Obituary - Dr. Timothy F. Johnson, Frederick Douglass FoundationWhat is "Patweetism"?
Geography 101 - Global Human PopulationIs ISIS the New KKK?


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Legislative Committee Update
Peggy Smetana, Chair

HR 240 DHS Appropriations Act
(including Defunding Executive Action Amnesty)
How the Senate Works - Not the Sexiest of Topics

The Senate Democrats blocked HR240, DHS Appropriations Act (which included defunding illegal Executive Action Amnesty) from coming to the floor of the Senate on Tuesday, February 3rd. The vote was 51 ayes, 48 nays. Three-fifths vote (60 votes) was required for passage.

The Senate has 54 Republicans, 44 Democrats, and 2 Independents (who caucus with the Democrats). Republican Senator Dean Heller of Nevada voted nay, while Republican Senator Mark Kirk of IL missed a plane flight. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell changed his vote to Nay to preserve his ability to bring the bill back to the floor.

The Democrats took to the floor afterwards to excoriate their Republican counterparts for holding DHS funding hostage to their desire to defund executive amnesty. Chuck Schumer made great drama of how awful the Republicans were to take this action.

Democrats are great dramatists. Republicans must learn this technique.

Democrats for years have blamed Republicans for being Obstructionists, the Party of "No." Republicans must now learn to publicize that the Democrats wouldn't even vote to bring the bill to the Senate floor to talk about it. If all Republicans had been present and voted, 6 Democrats/Independents would have had to vote Aye in order to bring the bill to the floor. None did.

We must tell Republicans to keep bringing the bill up. We must tell Republicans to publicize that Democrats are obstructionists, the party of 'no', and are holding up the funding of DHS because they want to continue Obama's illegal Executive Action amnesties.

Why would Senators want to perpetuate the notion that a President can use Executive Actions to change their laws?



Federal Government Land Grab Of Alaska
Losers & Winners

The President has proposed designating the vast majority of Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) as a wilderness area, including its potentially oil-rich coastal plain. The wilderness area designation would seal off the area from oil exploration. Obama said he wants to make sure we can preserve this amazing wonder for future generations.

Much of Alaska is beautiful, but the oil-rich coastal plain, known as ANWR's "Area 1002," is less so. In 1980, Area 1002, also known as the North Slope of ANWR, was specifically set aside by Congress and Pres. Carter for oil and natural gas development. An estimated 14-42 billion barrels of oil lie in Area 1002 which represents 1.5 million acres out of more than 19.6 million in ANWR.

Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) said recently that when a wilderness study area is proposed, Congress is supposed to approve or disapprove. Some have been pending action by Congress for 30 years but are treated and managed as though they've already received the designation. Wilderness study areas have the most stringent restrictions. Murkowski said that there are 528 such areas throughout Alaska and 11 other Western States that are pending Congress' decisions.

The states and their citizens are the losers, here, as economic development, jobs for residents and income for the states are lost. Alaska's At-Large Rep. Young has said that the Obama administration views Alaska not as a sovereign state but as an eco-theme park for the president's most extreme environmentalist allies.


Lachlan Markey, a former Heritage Foundation investigative reporter, reports that Russian money for anti-oil and gas campaigns has been laundered and funneled through the California-based Sea Change Foundation to the Sierra Club, the Natural Resources Defense Council, Food and Water Watch, the League of Conservation Voters and the Center for American Progress. Money comes  from two notorious Russian money launderers who are close advisors to Russian President Vladimir Putin. In addition, three Russian energy investment firms run money through a firm with ties to the Kremlin to donate to U.S. environmental groups.

Heritage reports that while President Obama panders to the extreme environmentalist Left, Russia has plans for Arctic supremacy. Russia is laying claim to great areas of Arctic oil and gas with rigs, nuclear-powered icebreakers, and the Northern Fleet, which represents two-thirds of the entire Russian Navy.

Sounds like a spy thriller novel, doesn't it? To read more, click here.



Fight Over Defunding Executive Amnesty
is Likely to Continue for Some Time

The fight over HR 240 (DHS Appropriations Act) with defunding of Executive Action Amnesty, is likely to continue until February 27 (the last day DHS is currently funded), and maybe even after.

On February 3rd the Senate Democrats again blocked cloture and prevented the bill from moving forward, by a vote of 53/47. All Republicans except Dean Heller voted for it; all Democrats and Independents voted against it.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell should continue to bring up HR240 until it is passed, and we must continue to contact senators and tell them to vote for it, until we hear that it is passed.


Contact the following to thank them for their work for the bill. They need to know that we really want this bill. Fight for what is right! Call 202-224-3121 and ask for each by name, and send them a tweet (info on tweeting is below).

Ted Cruz

@tedcruz or @SenTedCruz

Jeff Sessions


Mitch McConnell


John Cornyn


John Boehner


The only Republican Senator to vote against the bill is Dean Heller of Nevada. Please ask him why and tell him to support it if his answer doesn't make sense. @SenDeanHeller

Contact the following Democrat (and Independent) senators who have expressed opposition to or concern with Obama's Executive Action amnesty but who voted against HR 240.

Joe Donnelly (D-IN)


Claire McCaskill (D-MO)


Joe Manchin (D-WV)


Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND)


Angus King (I-Maine)


Al Franken (D-MN)


Mark Warner (D-VA)


Jon Tester (D-MT)


Tom Carper (D-DE)


Democrat Senators who are up for election in 2016, and may be vulnerable to persuasion, are: Ron Wyden (OR), Chuck Schumer (NY), Brian Schatz (HI), Harry Reid (NV), Patty Murray (WA), Barbara Mikulski (MD), Patrick Leahy (VT), Richard Blumenthal (CT), and Michael Bennet (CO).

If all Republican Senators (54) voted for HR240, we would need six Democrat/Independent Senators to vote "Yea" to achieve the 60 votes needed to move the bill forward.

Possible talking points:
  • Americans still need jobs. Some have given up looking and aren't included in the unemployment statistics Will giving work permits to illegal immigrants help Americans, especially the poor?
  • Voters elected Republicans to the majority in Senate, in part, because of Obama's stance on illegal immigration.
  • Why do you let Obama trash the Senate and House and make up his own laws?
  • Why do you want Executive Amnesty more than you want funding for DHS?
  • If HR240 doesn't pass by Feb 27, and DHS appropriations expire, the Democrats are to blame if DHS shuts down.
    I cannot imagine what America will be like if Obama is allowed to continue making and breaking laws.

Do not give up calling unless you want the Republican senators to give up. Continue calling until you hear that HR240 has passed.

Some Twitter hints

Try it! Go to to sign up. If you have problems, call someone who tweets for help.

You can message multiple Senators within one tweet, but you are only allowed 140 characters per tweet. Spaces count as characters.

"Hashtags," like #DefundAmnesty and #DHS, are subjects that tweeters can search for on Twitter. If they like your tweet, they can retweet to their followers. Your message can reach thousands.


To Sen. John Cornyn (got many retweets) - "Thank u @JohnCornyn for news release on your senate website calling on Dems to allow debate on #HR240 with #DefundAmnesty Please retweet"

To Sen. Dean Heller, who voted against HR240 - "YourSenWebpage, @SenDeanHeller ,saysEnforceExisting Immig Laws & Laments nev hi unemploymt. WhyDid U voteNay onFund #DHS & #DefundAmnesty ?PR"

To Sen. Joe Manchin: "Fund #DHS & #DefundExecutiveAmnesty. @Joe_Manchin . In Nov US voted NO on Exec Overreach" 


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Status of Loretta Lynch Nomination
for Attorney General


The Senate Judiciary Committee interviewed Loretta Lynch and heard testimony from others January 28-29. Her demeanor and presentation skills impressed Dem and Repub Judiciary members who commented favorably about her, despite her agreeing that the president's executive action amnesty was within his right and saying that American citizens and illegal immigrants have an equal right to work in the U.S. She opposes voter ID laws, including NC's, and said she will continue the lawsuits against them. While demurring to answer whether polygamy would be unconstitutional if gay marriage is constitutional, on the basis that "I have not been involved in the argument or the analysis of the cases that have gone before the Supreme Court," she didn't hesitate to brand waterboarding "torture," though she wasn't involved with those cases, either.

In a carefully orchestrated discourse, Ranking Member Pat Leahy (D) walked her back on her comments on equal rights to work. She explained that she was brought up in a household where everyone was expected to work and contribute and she doesn't believe illegal workers have equal rights to jobs as American citizens. So she was for it before she was against it.

Senator Leahy says the key question about Attorney General is independence, and that she will be independent from President Obama and is not "Eric Holder 2." However, MTC members should be aware that Lynch and Sharon Malone, wife of Eric Holder, were friends as far back as their time at Harvard in 1980. One must suspend disbelief to accept that Lynch's nomination by and service to the president are not without strings.

Senator Grassley (R) said he will put the nomination on the agenda for Thursday, Feb. 12, but that he expects the vote will be held over. Leahy wants the vote on Feb. 12. The Senate is out of session the week of Feb. 16. If the committee approves the nomination, it will be scheduled for a vote by the full Senate.

Those who oppose the president making and changing laws, who oppose illegal immigration and who stand for voter integrity and voter identification laws should oppose her nomination.

Contact Senator Tillis, a member of the Judiciary Committee, at 202-224-6342 and on Twitter at @ThomTillis. Senator Burr is at 202-224-3154 and on Twitter at @SenatorBurr.

The Republican members of the Judiciary Committee are:
   Chuck Grassley (IA) - Chair - up for election in competitive race in 2016
   Orrin Hatch (UT)
   Jeff Sessions (AL)
   Lindsey Graham (SC)
   John Cornyn (TX)
   Mike Lee (UT) - up for election in 2016
   Ted Cruz (TX)
   Jeff Flake (AZ)
   David Vitter (LA) - up for election in competitive race in 2016
   Thom Tillis

The Democratic members are:
   Patrick Leahy (VT) - Ranking Member - up for election in 2016
   Dianne Feinstein (CA)
   Chuck Schumer (NY) - up for election in 2016
   Dick Durbin (IL)
   Sheldon Whitehouse (RI)
   Amy Klobuchar (MN)
   Al Franken (MN)
   Christopher Coons (DE)
   Richard Blumenthal (CT) - up for election in 2016


  Loretta Lynch Lindsey Graham polygamy gay marriage
Obama AG nominee Loretta Lynch started sorority with holders wife  

Frederick Douglass Foundation
Founder Dies at 50

WASHINGTON, Feb. 3, 2015 /Christian Newswire
/ -- On Friday, January 30, 2015 Dr. Timothy F. Johnson passed peacefully from this life in his home in Omaha, Nebraska. A dedicated father and visionary leader Tim, a former Major in the Army, was a strong Republican and advocate of conservative values for the Black American and urban communities across the nation. Tim made history on June 13, 2009, when he was elected Vice Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party, becoming the first Black American to hold the position and the highest ranking party official since the state party's inception on March 27, 1867. "It is with deep sadness that the Frederick Douglass Foundation announces the passing of its founder, Dr. Timothy F. Johnson," said FDF Chairman, Rev. Dean Nelson.

In 2008, along with Nelson and Mr. Troy Rolling, Tim established the Frederick Douglass Foundation, a conservative black political organization dedicated to righteousness, justice, liberty and virtue. The Republican organization quickly grew to tens of thousands of members and supporters, with chapters in over 20 states.

"We will greatly miss our friend Dr. Timothy F. Johnson, who believed that Americans should not separate God's Word from our bold and courageous engagement in civic participation. We will forever be thankful for Tim's advocacy and commitment to truth." -- Michael Steele, Former RNC Chairman

"Dr. Johnson was a true Son of Liberty in the Douglass tradition. For him, our God given liberty was non-negotiable." -- Hon. Ken Blackwell

Dr. Johnson leaves behind four adult children-Ruben, Ryan, Re´┐Żeta, and Rashonda-and seven grandchildren, along with countless friends and colleagues. His children have set up a memorial fund where friends and family can make contributions in Tim's honor.

Memorial services will be held in Omaha, Nebraska and Cleveland, Ohio on dates to be determined by the family. The Frederick Douglass Foundation will be led by its Chairman Rev. Dean Nelson and General Secretary Troy Rolling until a new president is appointed.
Dr. Timothy F. Johnson was 50 years old.

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This month we're taking a different perspective on inspirational quotes. Why has the Left been successful? Because it never gives up. It seiz-es the lexicon, the classroom, the pop culture, the courtroom and the streets. So, we are going to look at what the other side says lest we forget the philosophy we're fighting.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have.
~ Saul Alinski
There is absolutely no greater high than challenging the power structure as a nobody, giving it your all, and winning!
~ Abbie Hoffman

A revolution is a struggle to the death between the future and the past.
~ Fidel Castro

We should open our eyes, see what's in front of us, and act.
~Bill Ayers

There's enormous progressive activism and, more often than not, success at the grassroots level - everything from "living wage" campaigns to efforts to finance our elections are having terrific success.
 ~Jim Hightower

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,
Nothing is going to get better. It's not.

What is Newsworthy? Power
Grid Attacks or footballs?


The morning of January 26, the news shows were all in a tizzy over deflated footballs and a massive snowstorm that had not yet happened.

What had happened over the weekend that was not worthy of a news headline on Monday? A terrorist attack to an electrical grid that knocked out power to a population equivalent to half the U.S.!

I am certain most of you reading this were unaware of the terrorist attack that left 80% of Pakistan's population in darkness very early Sunday morning January 25th, yet I am certain you have heard of the controversy surrounding the footballs used by the Patriots on the Sunday a week before, which continues to be in the news even as I write.

Disappointingly, not even Rush Limbaugh mentioned this attack.
June 9th of last year, a similar attack blacked out all of Yemen (24 million people!). This also went largely unreported.

We had a warning April 16th, 2013 when a well planned sniper attack on an electrical substation in central California destroyed 17 transformers that required 27 days to repair. That terrorist attacks on power grids in other countries have recently achieved such massive success makes me wonder when one will occur here.

Footballs or power grid attacks; what should we be watching?

I am very concerned for our country.

Miriam Chu


  Islamists Rehearsing Attack Power Grid

  Sniper Attack On Power Grid Still Concern In Washington and For Utilities

  Sniper Attack CA Power Grid Preparation Act War

  Terrorist Attack Causes Pakistani Blackout

  Militant Attack Plunges Pakistan Into Darkness

  Pakistan Electricity Outage Islamabad Lahore Karachi Quetta



March Members' Dinner Program

Our first dinner meeting at Filly & Colt's Restaurant, last month, was a resounding success. Chef Karen's team prepared a buffet of really good food that garnered positive reviews from the large group that participated.

Donald Bryson, NC State Director for Americans For Prosperity will be discussing AFP's state and federal legislative goals this year and how grassroots efforts can influence public policies for economic freedom.

Justice Bob Edmunds, Sr. Assoc Justice on the NC Supreme Court, will discuss the state's judiciary and his own reelection campaign for 2016.
Monday, March 16, 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Filly & Colt's Restaurant
10 Knoll Rd, So. Pines (inside the Longleaf Country Club
Price for the buffet (if reserved 3 days in advance) is $16 
The buffet incl. tea/coffee and dessert (tip is at your descretion)
Wine, cocktails & other beverages are available from the
    cash bar with or without dinner.

Sunday Seminars are Back!

The monthly, in-depth learning seminars are back. On the request of many who are often unable to attend on Saturdays due to family and other obligations, we're going to try Sunday afternoons.


Main Event
Viewing of the film SILENT CONQUEST - The End of Freedom of Expression in the West. After the film we will discuss what we saw and give everyone an opportunity to discuss their thoughts and ideas, and what our politicians are doing.
Sunday, February 22
2:00pm - 3:30pm
Pinehurst Village Hall, 395 Magnolia Road, Pinehurst
Free, and includes refreshments.

*registering helps our volunteers know how to plan

Did you know?

1. Neither Web nor email addresses are case sensitive. That is, when you write or tell someone an email or Website address, caps are not important. Sometimes they do facilitate reading, however. Thus, will work, but is easier to read.

2. Nowadays, it is rarely necessary to write "www" at the front of a Web address. Type into your browser and see what happens.


Voter Integrity Project (VIP) of Moore County
A committee of Moore Tea Citizens, in conjunction with
the Voter Integrity Project of NC Density Project


We started this project in September when we began to send letters to homes where four or more registered voters reside with more than one last name. We also included five or more registered with the same last name. These letters were sent to the voter with the most current registration date, requesting their assistance to confirm that those registered at their address still remain.

When we finish the last four precincts (we have done all 26 precincts in Moore County), we will have mailed over 1,500 letters. This should be completed within the next ten days. Add to that the information we gathered from the Moore Republican Women on mail returned to them and from GOTV volunteers where they found voters had moved, and we have sent out approximately 1,600 letters. In each letter, we have included a postage paid postcard for information to be returned to us.

As of today, we have received information notifying us of over 500 voters who no longer live where they are registered. In January, the Board of Elections did a massive maintenance, and many of the voters we were notified about have been removed by the BOE. However, we have submitted 110 Challenges to the Board of Elections - with our first hearing February 10 - and currently have over 200 more ready to go. We are receiving about 10-15 per day. The response has ALL been positive....we get calls thanking us for doing this...and Glenda Clendenin, the Director of the Moore County Board of Elections has been most cooperative and grateful for our help.

The cost for this project has been borne by generous contributions from individuals, and organizations including Moore TEA Citizens, Moore County GOP and Moore Republican Women.
Just counting the postage (49 cents for a stamp, 34 cents for a postcard), the paper and envelopes used to mail each letter, the paper to copy the challenge and its evidence - we estimate the costs have run approximately $1.00 per letter. This does not include the ink which seems to run freely with all the copying we are doing!

We need approximately $250 to $300 to finish the rest of the 26 precincts. Right now the cupboard is pretty bare and these funds are coming from the VIP committee volunteers. We are most grateful for financial assistance from individuals and groups.

Going forward, we will be tackling apartment and condo complexes, which will be mostly a "boots on the ground" effort meeting with apartment managers and rental/leasing agents. We'll need your prayers for that one! Of course, copying costs never stop!
Many thanks for your consideration. If we have not answered all your questions, please let us know.

-Carol Wheeldon and Dee Park


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Until recently, I had unvoiced, rhetorical questions about the value of social media in getting through to politicians. "What's the point? Who'sgoing to read my little tweets? Who cares what 'yourname123' has to say, anyway?" So I rarely tweeted. BUT, last month that changed. I followed a link that landed me on Renee Ellmer's Twitter feed. She had posted a picture of herself signing her oath of office. I looked at her constituents' comments and found every one was negative (see picture, below). Most or all of those people are likely from District 2, and they clearly felt angry and betrayed.

Psychological Warfare: live in their heads
While it's incontrovertible that occasionally a single tweet is clever or poignant enough to go viral, that isn't necessary for conducting a successful twitter campaign! Our strength is in our numbers. Politicians are people. People have egos, want to be liked and want approval. Think about yourself, for a moment. It's easy to shrug off a naysayer but what if everyone seems to be against you? When your joke makes nobody laugh, your ideas are consistently panned, and your actions regularly garner disapproval, what changes take place? The wind leaves your sails. You start to question your judgment. You start to feel lonely. YOU STOP DOING THE THINGS THAT GET YOU PUNISHED. Politicians feel those things and have to get reelected.

And what about their staffers? What's the office like when the boss isn't happy? What is the toll when you're constantly getting negative input from the home district? Who wants to work in a negative, "loser" environment? It can't help but degrade morale and take the fire out 
their Progressive push.

What would be the effect if our politicians' Twitter feeds, phones, etc., were consistently filled with earnest citizens congratulating them for standing on principle or excoriating them for selling out for campaign cash or to party pressure? How would they feel if they knew we were watching them and that we're keeping score, publicly?
Networking: a critical activity

The Tea Party movement has many members and even more supporters across the state and country. We all want the same general things but we don't network well. Formal alliances are important and we're moving in that direction (not an easy task), but social media affords a stopgap.

Simply monitoring the Twitter account of a neighboring county's Tea Party group provides instant networking. We know what they're doing share information and inform them of out activities. Our Legislative Chair, Peggy Smetana, can't follow the social media and Webpages of every politician that matters to us, and to study and track all the bills and proposals at every level of government. However, if a few of us divvy the pie, we can have real impact with minimal effort.

MTC is beginning to expand its sphere of influence and needs its patriots to "get their activist on." Even if you can only carve out a tiny bit time (30 minutes a week? 5 minutes a day?), your effort is important. That's not hyperbole or pandering. General Washington played a critical roll in the Revolutionary Army, but he'd have gotten nowhere without Private Smith and Sergeant Jones. If you're not already volunteering, we need you. Next week we will email you a link to our "Activists Wanted" Webpage. It will contain diverse* opportunities for opposing the counter-Revolution that is trying to get the Land of the Free to lie down and die.

*different time requirements, abilities and interests, mobility limitations, things for teens, things for college students, etc.



Is ISIS the New KKK?

Millions of Muslims living worldwide have no desire to wage jihad against other cultures and religions. Here in our own community, Muslims live and work peacefully along side Christians, Jews, Buddhists, atheists and all other manner of non-Muslim. So then, who are these vicious people who are trying to kill us and conquer the world for Allah?

When I heard about the burning of the Jordanian pilot, I was reminded of this verse from the Quran, Surah 4, verse 56: "Indeed, those who disbelieve in Our verses - We will drive them into a Fire. Every time their skins are roasted through We will replace them with other skins so they may taste the punishment. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted in Might and Wise."

The exhortations to violence are there, yet are ignored by the majority of Muslims. Why would this one group of Muslims take this verse so literally?

These people are not Islamic extremists, they are Islamic Supremacists. I hate to reference Wikipedia, but they have a very eloquent definition for supremacism: "Supremacism is the world view that a particular age, race, species, ethnic group, religion, gender, class, belief system or culture is superior to others and entitles those who identify with it to dominate, control or rule those who do not."

For Islamic Supremacists, like other supremacist groups, (such as the KKK, Nazis and Aryan Nations), their ideology justifies their use of terror, torture and even murder to oppress anyone who is not Muslim, (or not Muslim enough!). We fought a world war to end the Aryan Supremacist movement of Nazi Germany. In America, our civil rights movement was sparked by the brutal murder of 14 year old Emmett Till, whose only crime was flirting with a white woman. The motivation for the attack on the Charlie Hebdo office was printing cartoons offensive to Islam. Offend a white woman; you die! Offend Islam; you die!

America does not tolerate the vicious oppression of racial minorities by White Supremacists and we should not tolerate Supremacists and we should not tolerate the oppression of non-Muslims by Muslim Supremacists. It is very sad that our president cannot recognize the ideology that has declared war on our culture, values and existence.
The President orders you to stop "hyping" the threat of "random" terrorism...

How Do I Do That?

As you can probably guess, using Twitter isn't hard once you understand it, but therein lies the rubs. For those of you that don't know a tweet* from a twit** but would like to, we're going to have a class in the next month or two with an expert tweeter. In the meantime, here are two links that can help you get started. Going into a class with some basic knowledge will steepen your learning curve.

Video Introduction - This moves fast. Don't try to follow along, just watch it.

Written How-to - This is a step-by-step, written how-to guide. It's not like making a PBJ sandwich and you'll have read carefully and concentrate.


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