February 2018
Call for Annual Report
We need your prompt assistance. Please respond to this short questionnaire by clicking the link below. It will only take a couple of minutes and will be very helpful to our Region!
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Please answer by FEBRUARY 20, 2019 https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/5P3S3DM

If you are not the person that has the information, please forward this email to the appropriate person for his or her response.
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What does this go to?
> Clean Cities member incentives
> Sustainability reports for your business or organization
> Local emission data analysis

If you have questions,
Please reach out to Emily Paskett emily.paskett@utahcleancities.org
February Newsletter
Legislative Preview: Week 1
Follow 2019 Utah Legislative Updates on transportation and air quality with UCC

H.B. 98 Freight Switcher Emissions Mitigation
H.B. 107 Sustainable Transportation and Energy Plan Act Amendments
H.B. 127 Sales Tax Exemption Revisions
H.B. 139 Motor Vehicle Emissions Amendments
H.B. 148 Vehicle Idling Revisions
H.C.R. 3 Concurrent Resolution Urging the Environmental Protection Agency to Update Switcher Locomotive Emission Standards
H.C.R. 2 Concurrent Resolution Supporting Renewable and Sustainable Energy Options to Promote Rural Economic Development
UCC Blog Highlight
UCC Goes to Washington February 11-14, 2019
UCC Goes to Washington D.C. - Utah Clean Cities Coalition

When private and public sector, government, social, and altruistic leaders apply pioneering partnerships and technologies to address social challenges and build sustainable communities, we experience the multiplier effect. The shared alliances we ...

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