February 2018
  Customer Highlight: Lincoln County Publishing
Lincoln County Publishing Co., which publishes The Lincoln County News, Newcastle, ME, is a family-owned, full-service print shop that has been in business for more than 100 years.
Center: Chris Roberts, Publisher; John Roberts (left), Allan Roberts (right) Associate Publishers, showing some Quad-Stack printed samples after the final "36 hours straight" of a week-long installation marathon***.
On January 17th, the company held an Open House as a Damariscotta Region Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours event.

"We had concerns about the weather," stated Chris Roberts, Publisher, "But despite the cold and 6" of new snow, we had 80 people in attendance."

In March of 2017, Lincoln County Publishing doubled the color capability of their press line by replacing two older Quadra Color units (in their existing Web Leader equipment line) with two refurbished Quad-Stack units.  According to Associate Publisher John Roberts, the company always had the goal of increasing the amount of color in the paper to offer a better reader experience. "Our family is always focused on serving the community, and we chose to make a significant investment in our print product to better serve the readers and advertisers of The Lincoln County News," Roberts said.

As part of the evening's Open House festivities, the publishers demonstrated how the newspaper press works by printing a special eight-page section exclusively for attendees of the open house. The section included a timeline of the newspaper's history, information about new and ongoing projects, and biographies of the publishing company's employees. 

  ***Lincoln County Publishing made a time-lapse video of the press line reconfiguration which they have shared with us.  To view it, CLICK HERE.***

 Got Belts???

We've had quite the run on belts of all sizes lately, and many of them have been requested on a rush-order basis.  We strongly recommend that you regularly inspect the belts on each piece of WebPress equipment for cracks, hardening, & wear then check as well as making sure you have a spare or two of each type on your shelves.  

Valentine's Day Origins
A Roman Party, celebration of an execution, or an early welcome to Spring.

What are the true origins of what we now celebrate as the most romantic day of the year?

In all honesty, no one really knows.  There are a lot of theories, and a few myths, but nothing definitive.  A  link in our forum to a NY Times article explores each of the three ideas mentioned above.  (A tidbit from the article: We can be thankful it wasn't called St. Eormenhild's or St. Austrebertha's Day.)

One fact remains: the National Retail Federation expects celebration of Valentine's Day to rack in BILLIONS of dollars from American spending alone.
Why a Paperless World Isn't Happening
From an article by David J. Unger in The Guardian:

Imagine that, instead of paper, the computer and all its accoutrements came first. In a flash of divine perception, a Chinese castrate under Ho Ti's reign conceives of binary systems, electronic circuits, vacuum tubes, capacitors, Boolean logic, transistors, integrated circuits, microprocessors, keyboards, floppy disks, CD-ROMs, zip drives, HTML, CSS, Javascript, modems, routers, email, wifi, AoL, Google, Friendster, Napster, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, gifs - all at once. And so, for nearly two millennia, the human race lives in a paperless, digital world.

Then, sometime in the middle of the 20th century, scientists at MIT, Stanford and the US Department of Defense begin to search for a better way to store and share their ideas. They experiment with mashing up old rags and wood to mix with water, draining the mixture through a screen and drying the matted fibres into sheets. The breakthrough makes its way into civilian life, and by the turn of the millennium most people in the developed world carry a pad of paper in their pocket...

Just a snippet from an interesting article that you can click to through our Worth Reading forum page.
 Parting Thought

All you need is love.  But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt. 




~Charles Schultz~ 



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