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Feb 21

'All in for Autism' Casino Night 
April 3

Hike for Autism
March 15

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Hike for Autism

One individual's journey to support
families affected by autism

Support Chris Waltenburg as he hikes the  
Appalachian Trail, 
a total of 2,178 miles.
He's reach 74% of his total. Let's help him reach 100%.



"What motivates a person to take on any difficult challenge? 

A complete thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail has been a personal goal of mine for quite some time. Completely hiking the Appalachian Trail start to finish will undoubtedly bring extreme satisfaction. I look forward to standing on Mt. Katadin, Maine and reflecting on my journey.

The thought of raising money to help promote the work of the Brent Woodall Foundation for Exceptional Children is all the motivation I need to do this goal. I would like to shine a light on the courage of the parents who live every day in autism's shadow. The Brent Woodall Foundation empowers parents of children with autism and developmental disabilities and encourages involvement in their children's therapy. They provide educational training, customized academic and behavioral plans, and psychological assessments, all of this with modest financial support. I believe that children with autism, as with any illness, should have the best chance possible at a fulfilling life, This foundation helps to provide that chance. Help me help children with autism by sponsoring my hike of the Appalachian Trail." - Chris Waltenburg

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Parents Tips:

The Power of Imitation

When you are presented with a new task, you naturally ask yourself questions to find a way to complete the task. Some people may want to read the instructions while others may want to watch others do the task and imitate their actions. The task becomes easier to complete when you get to watch someone else do it.


Imitation is a major form of instruction for the early years. Infants, from birth, imitate movements and facial expressions from their parents. Infants are able to imitate sounds and gestures as early as nine months old. Through imitation, children learn significant skills such as talking or pretend-playing.


However, children with autism and other developmental disabilities have extreme difficulties with imitation, which may lead to a lack of interaction with their environment. As a result, these children do not learn the necessary skills to expand their knowledge like typically developing children do.


Learning to imitate is a priority in teaching children with autism. Parents, as significant role models for their children, should create frequent opportunities throughout the day for their children to observe and imitate them. You can provide opportunities for your child to imitate reading a book, playing with cars, eating with a fork, singing the ABC song, etc. The ability to consistently and fluently imitate others will create new learning opportunities that will change your child's life. 


View the video below for an example of providing an opportunity for imitation. 


The Power of Imitation

From the desk of

Yurmea Park
Assistant Director of Development 


A Word from Outreach

Sprouts Neighborhood Grant Recipient


Through the inaugural Neighborhood Grant program, funded through Autism Speaks' partnership with Sprouts Farmers Markets, in 2013 Autism Speaks distributed grants of up to $5,000 to 66 organizations around the country for a total of over $340,000.


The Brent Woodall Foundation for Exceptional Children received a Sprouts Neighborhood Grant to help expand the Spanish Outreach's Family FIRST Program. We are so grateful for this grant and look forward to reaching out to even more families!


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Save the Date


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Austin Ranch

2009 Anderson Gibson Road

Grapevine, Texas 75051


Purchase tickets online as early as February 24.


Email Erin@woodallkids.org to inquire about sponsorship.



First week of PREP

The Brent Woodall Foundation's Preschool Readiness Education Program started the spring semester off to a good start!
Learn more about
PREP here. 





BWF Books Now on Amazon!

Meeting Challenges, Making Connections
A Brent Woodall Foundation book series
Written by Carol Alexander
Illustrated by Richard Weinstein


These children's books are designed for the Brent Woodall Foundation's unique children and special families. Geared for children ages 4 through 9, these books feature lovable kids coping with vital issues and mastering important skills. 

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  Two Super Easy Ways to Help 

Register yourself on www.GoodSearch.com and choose the Brent Woodall Foundation as the mission you want to support. Every time you use the GoodSearch search engine, the company will donate one cent to the Brent Woodall Foundation. This is an alternative to Google that will do a whole lot of GOOD for children with autism. It is free and easy to use. Fund-raise for the BWF with just a click of your mouse!
Visited the Brent Woodall Foundation's wish list on Amazon.  
Help the Foundatiom with just a click of your mouse. 
Brent Woodall Foundation for Exceptional Children


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