Newsletter #2
February 2014
Passing On A Better World
Table of Contents
A Word From Our Editor
Fish Are Dying by the Millions
Fukushima Really Happened
The Safest Food to Eat is Grown in Enclosed Greenhouses and Warehouses
We've Been Busy
The Greenhouse that Was
Our new Micro Food Forever™ Farm Greenhouse
The Strawberry Tower
Demolition of the Greenhouse and Growroom
Used Hydrocorn For Sale
The Growroom that Was
The new Micro Food Forever™ Farm Growroom
The Engine Room
The Automation System
Our Debut's Distinguished Guest List
Introducing Dr. Chahbani
The Dedication Garden
More Distinguished Guests at the Debut
What's Coming to Sue's Health Foods
Our Product Line Up
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A Word from our Editor, Grace Sylke
This was a close call as it's almost March; but here it is our February Newsletter. We so appreciate your Subscription and want to remind you that we have combined our Mailing Lists to create one Newsletter for both Aquaponics USA and Aquaponics World, LLC. Thank You for joining our List.

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This website is all about teaching the people of the world "What Is Really Taking Place With 
Your Oceans Now".

It offers a way to get involved in the creation of an ALLSOLAR Oceanic Research Vessel to be dedicated to Oceanic Awareness around the globe.
In order to hand a more Sustainable World over to our children and grand-children, we need to make changes FAST! That's what Aquaponics World, LLC, is all about.
Dear Subscriber:

Sorry to be sending out our February Newsletter so late in the month. But once you see it, you'll understand why because we've been too busy to create this Newsletter until now. In our last Newsletter, we said we'd be talking about the Food Revolution; but that subject has been pushed forward to our March Newsletter because we have some important developments to share about Aquaponics World, LLC.

In fact, we have a big announcement to make regarding a milestone we've finally reached. 

We have our Proof-Of-Concept MICRO FOOD FOREVER™ FARM up, running and ready for TOURS (with an NDA). 

But first, we need to take another look at what isn't working on our planet. We simply can't continue to act like there are no consequences connected to our unconscious behavior regarding our soil, our oceans, our waterways, our aquifers, our water availability and our use of dangerous energy choices like nuclear power.

Millions of fish are dying in mass death events all over the planet. To see the staggering list of these events that no one is talking about, go to CLN, Conscious Life News at:

We have to stop overfishing our oceans, draining our Aquifers, depleting our soil, building nuclear power plants on fault lines (or how about stopping using nuclear power all together) and polluting our waterways.
Fukushima really happened! It isn't some conspiracy theory.
And it just keeps happening because there's nothing we can do to stop it. Could Fukushima be responsible for the mass fish deaths? Right now, that crippled nuclear power plant that sits 5,443 miles across the ocean from Newport Beach, CA is dumping "around 300 tons of highly radioactive water that has been flooding into the pacific ocean on a daily basis for the last two years". The ocean just happens to be where many fish live. 
The Japanese government placed a gag order on this subject in December; but just because it isn't being talked about doesn't mean it isn't the worse disaster to ever hit our planet.  

The crisis in Japan has been described as "a nuclear war without a war". In the words of renowned novelist Haruki Murakami:

"This time no one dropped a bomb on us ... We set the stage, we committed the crime with our own hands, we are destroying our own lands, and we are destroying our own lives."


As a result of Fukushima--
The safest food to eat is food grown in Greenhouses and Warehouses. That mostly means food that is grown using Aquaponic and Hydroponic food growing technology that is protected from radiated rain, snow and soil. That's why we've developed a new copyrighted Trademark that we are putting on all of our packaged products. The dangers that Fukushima poses to our food supply can't be kept a secret forever. The entire world is being radiated; and people will soon be looking for food that is as safe as it can be--that's "Rad Shielded" food.
Before we go any further, we have to post this Warning!
When you get the Aquaponics bug, it can take over your entire life. So beware because Aquaponics has a mission to save our planet from soil degradation, water scarcity, food scarcity and fish scarcity.  
And please forgive me for bringing up Fukushima again in this Newsletter or even talking about the crisis we're facing on our planet. It wasn't my plan; but they came forward anyway because this subject is so important.

So what's been keeping us so busy this past month?
We have completely torn out everything we were doing in both our Greenhouse and our Growroom and replaced those small backyard Home and School Systems with our Aquaponics World, LLC, Micro Food Forever™ Farm Demo and Proof- of-Concept scalable Model. 
And what a scene that was. We tore out nine Deep Media Grow Beds and moved several hundred pounds of expanded clay. We took out one 320 gallon Fish Tank, and three 120 gallon Fish Tanks; and moved 75 Tilapia with an average size of 2 lbs. each. One was actually over 5 lbs. In that process, we lost two fish due to mysterious reasons related to this move. 
We found fingerlings we didn't know we had due to the design of our first systems, which were in the Greenhouse and had the Fish Tanks under the Grow Beds.  We don't recommend that kind of set up precisely because you can't get enough contact with the fish to know what's really happening in the Fish Tanks. Here is a photo of Oliver moving one of those 75 fish. 

The Greenhouse that Was
This Greenhouse is 8' wide and 28' long. It had five Deep Media Beds offering a total of 55 sq. ft. of growing area and three 120 gallon fish tanks. This original demo of our Small Home and School Systems was replaced with 3 EZ-Reach Deep Media Grow Beds offering 42 sq. ft. of growing area, two 120 gallon Sump Tanks and a Vertical Duffy Duct™ System that can produce 224 heads of lettuce or other leafy greens. We lost only 13 sq. ft. of Deep Media Grow Bed space and we gained 224 holes for lettuce production. We're in a Patent Process and will show you this Vertical Duffy Duct™ system when that's complete. 
Our new Micro Food Forever™ Farm Greenhouse with a peek at the Vertical Duffy Duct™ System inside.
It's truly amazing how Vertical Growing can drastically change the output of a growing area. We are about to put a diffusing Greenhouse cover over the entire Greenhouse so the light is more evenly distributed and the intensity of the sun in our desert world is decreased. In the meantime, we've hung some shade cloth on the south side.
On the left of our Greenhouse is the Strawberry Tower
Strawberries are a very hardy plant. Right now we have temporarily placed them outside in the Tower; but two of these Towers will be inside our Greenhouse and hooked up to our Food Forever™ Farm water system. We'll also be doing some redesigning of this Tower to make it a more efficient aquaponics water delivery item. Then we'll put it on our Aquaponics USA website as one of our products. 
Tearing Down the Growroom
Tearing apart the Greenhouse was just one half of the demolition process because we also had to tear down the Growroom, paint it and install the new Food Forever™ Farm Horizontal Duffy Duct™ System. We also had to connect what were two separate growing areas, the Greenhouse and the Growroom, into one water system that flows from the new Fishroom that we're calling the Engine Room to both the Greenhouse and the Growroom. Our Micro Food Forever™ Farm Proof-Of-Concept Demo System is demonstrating both outdoor growing in a sun-lit Greenhouse as well as indoor growing in a Growroom with grow lighting. The photo above shows a Deep Media Bed being emptied before being removed from the room.
Here it is--the Hydrocorn from 9 11 sq. ft. Deep Media Grow Beds 
We're going to sell it from right here after using some of it to fill the 42 sq. ft. of Deep Media Beds that are going into the Micro Food Forever™ Farm Greenhouse.
The Growroom that was
Our original 8' x 30' Growroom (almost the same size as our Greenhouse) had four 11 sq. ft. Deep Media Grow Beds with a 320 gallon Fish Tank (it is sitting between the third and fourth Grow Bed in this photo). This Growroom was serving as a demonstration of our 44 sq. ft. Food Forever™ Growing System, the FFGS-40. Three of these systems were installed in three elementary schools in Tucson, AZ. You can watch the installation Videos on our YouTube channel at Aquaponics USA TV.

When this photo was taken, we hadn't evolved to using Net Pots yet and were planting rockwool cubes directly into the Deep Media Beds. 
The new Micro Food Forever™ Farm Demo Growroom
We can show you this aquaponics growing technology because even though our System Designer, Oliver Duffy, thought he was designing an original system, our Lead System Technician, Keil Plotczyk, brought in a Hydroponic Growing Magazine with an almost exact duplicate of Oliver's design so we won't be Patenting the Horizontal Duffy Duct™ System. Aquaponics borrows a lot of already well established soilless growing technology from Hydroponics (even when we think we're being original). Hydroponic growers have been developing technology for years that is easily adapted to Aquaponics, which is assisting Aquaponics growers to move quickly into innovative directions. 

The first 12 ducts in this Duffy Duct™ System are for growing our seedlings. We move seedlings from their seedling trays into this end of the Duffy Duct™ System where the holes are much closer together than they are in the larger Grow Out Duffy Duct™ area; and they are under LED Lighting. The remaining 27 ducts are the Grow Out Duffy Duct™ System where we are growing kale, spinach, cabbage, arugala, head lettuce, romaine lettuce and butter lettuce. The cabbage, which gets huge in an aquaponics system will eventually need to be transplanted into the Deep Media Grow Beds. 
On To The Engine Room Where The Fish Run The System!
In the last year, we have added this room and placed 6,000 Watts of Solar Panels on the roof to run our Micro Food Forever™ Farm. The Engine Room is the heart of the Food Forever™ Farm. We are running five 120 gallon Fish Tanks that are holding approximately 150 Lbs. of Tilapia. In the back left corner of the room, we have installed one 14 sq. ft. Deep Media Grow Bed. The Basil you saw next to the Grow Bed being torn out in the Growroom was transplanted into this new EZ-Reach Grow Bed. It's called an EZ-Reach Bed because it is only 32 inches across and can be set against a wall and planted easily. 

There is proprietary technology in this room that we have not photographed as we are applying for Patents on that technology. 
Food Forever™ Farms Are As Automated As We Can Make Them While Not Getting Too Techy
The Grow Lights (not shown in this photo) in the Growroom and Engine Room over this Basil are all on an automatic staggered timing program so the Growroom does not get too hot. The Siphons in the Deep Media Beds (one shown here) are regulated with valves to control the flood and drain timing. The Fish Feeders automatically drop a pre-determined amount of fish food into the Fish Tanks a specified number of times per day. The Hydronic heating system follows the specifications of a thermostat to control the water temperature in the fish tanks. Water is automatically added to the system when the Float Valves in the Greenhouse sumps indicate it is needed. 
We Debuted our Micro Food Forever™ Farm on Feb. 22nd To A Distinguished Guest List
Among our Guests in the middle  is Mr. Chuck Toussieng Sr., CEO-Senior Engineer of USA Merchant Team, LLC. Mr. Toussieng's USA Merchant Team is marketing unconventional Agra-Farming and Garden Systems as Representatives of CHAHTECH, S.A, the internationally renowned and award winning manufacturer and developers of the CHAHTECH "Buried Diffusers". The USA Merchant Team's Western States Manager, Kenneth Parker on the left, was also in attendance along with Penny Steward, a USA Merchant Team Member and also a Representative of CHAHTECH products.
Kenneth Parker is also the Regional Director of Freshest Quality Organics located in Houston, Texas. This company is sponsoring the National Fruit Tree Project  whose goal is to help schools turn their environments into edible landscapes. To learn more go to Freshest Quality Organics.
Dr. Chahbani of Tunisia Gave A Presentation Of His World Renowned and Award Winning Buried Diffuser

This irrigation technology will forever change the face of global farming. Now, environmental water conservation is maximized over conventional irrigation, by requiring only 35% - 50% of water consumed by other systems. There is no evaporation, run-off, or energy requirements with buried diffusers. They are gravity activated and because they are buried, water delivery is made directly to the root mass. Buried Diffusers are the answer to drought plagued and arid environments. Did you hear that, California. To learn more about the wonders of the Buried Diffuser go to CHAHTECH, S.A TECHNOLOGIES
We will be uploading Dr. Chahbani's discussion of the Buried Diffuser on our YouTube Channel in the near future. Just go to Aquaponics USA TV to view it.
Dedication Garden
This Blood Orange Fruit Tree was planted in the Micro Food Forever™ Farm Dedication Garden area and has been dedicated to the National Fruit Tree Project. It will also soon be the recipient of a Buried Diffuser, which will save it from the challenging winter conditions and the present drought conditions occurring in our Hi-Desert world above Palm Springs, CA. 
Our Other Distinguished Guests Included:
Standing in the middle is lovely, Sue Huber of the famous Yucca Valley Sue's Health Foods Store and behind her is her husband, Joe Huber. Sue's Health Foods will soon be carrying our product line consisting of Living Butter Lettuce, Living Romaine Lettuce, Living Basil and Peppers. To learn more about this great store that's been serving the Hi-Desert since 1984 go to: SUE'S HEALTH FOODS

Seated on the left are John Morgan and Sean Robineti from the Orange County Pond Doctor, a Water Gardening Service Company dedicated to being a full maintenance, serviceand repair resource for water feature enthusiasts who are interested in achieving harmony within a freshwater habitat. To learn more or get your water feature pond serviced go to: 
What's Coming to Sue's Health Foods From Our Micro Food Forever™ Farm
We're focusing on the most delicious lettuce you will ever eat including both Butter and Romaine lettuce; and it's ALIVE. It's packaged with roots attached so it stays alive until you eat it. Watch for our zer0 Pesticides, Petrochemicals and GMO's Label. We'll let you know when it's about to arrive.

Our Living Lettuce is also "Aquaganic", which means it's beyond Organic because it's grown in a living eco-system in which live natural fish fertilize the plants instead of manmade petrochemicals. And "Aquaganic" vegetables have zer0 Pesticides & GMO's
Here's our Product Line Up!
We've come up with a Recommended Product Line for our Food Forever™ Farm Farmer Associates. We decided on these particular products based on two criteria including: Ease of Growth & Market Trends.

Lettuce is one of the easiest vegetables to grow; and you can get massive amounts of Lettuce in a Vertical Duffy Duct™ System. Living Lettuce with the roots attached is becoming more and more popular in the market place as it indicates fresh, live food.

We're also selling Living Romaine Lettuce and Living Basil. Peppers (shown below) grow profusely in Deep Media Beds so a Packaged Pepper Product rounds out the group of four Recommended Products. 

Our Aquaponics World Micro Food Forever™ Farm will be growing the products; but Aquaponics USA will be marketing and selling them in our local Hi-Desert Community starting with Sue's Health Foods Store.
Those Sweet Red Peppers
Peppers love Aquaponics systems--all kinds of Peppers. We're featuring sweet Red Peppers as a starting Pepper product. 
The Connections Between Aquaponics USA, Aquaponics World, LLC and Mr. Chuck Toussieng Sr.'s USA Merchant Team, Dr. Chahbani and his CHAHTECH, S.A. were all made possible by one of the best networking locations on the web known as:
If you haven't tried Linkedin yet, we highly recommend you link your company or yourself up with a site that really works if you work it.
This Newsletter was late; but it wasn't brief. Hope you enjoyed your Tour of our new Micro Food Forever™ Farm. If you wish to schedule a Live Tour (subject to the signing of an NDA) just call us at 760-671-3053.

We so appreciate you being one of our valued Subscribers. Until our March Newsletter (to be delivered after the 19th), take care and GET GROWING!
Aquaponics World, LLC & Aquaponics USA  
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Due to rising costs, we recently raised our prices; but for our Subscribers, we are offering this 10% Discount on a Food Forever™ Growing System through the end of March.

We want you to know how much we appreciate you and your interest in Aquaponics USA and Aquaponics World, LLC

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Grace & Oliver
Co-Owners of Aquaponics USA & Aquaponics World, LLC