Happy February Everyone!!!

Hang in there...  we're getting closer to being embraced by the glory and radiance of Spring.  In the meantime, I hope you're all keeping warm and staying safe.  This of course is the month of celebrating Love, African American history and other events that honor the human spirit.  It's another great time to be with family and friends or cuddling with the one you love.  Love is most powerful when we express it unconditionally...  be love, share Love, live Love...  Be the love that you seek!


I AM aglow with the dynamic energy of pure spirit!
The power of my sacred 'yes' amplifies the God qualities within me.

Love is my inspiration,
my conversation and my life.
Peace is my natural state and my Holy charge.
Abundance is my Divine right
flowing to me and through me.

Gratitude is my way of seeing and being.
I AM a mighty force of
God consciousness on this planet!
And so it is!  Amen!

~ Michael Bernard Bec

Do you believe it's possible to attract the love of your life in only 7 weeks?
Katherine Woodward Thomas 'knows' it to be true!!!  She's the author of "Calling in The One".  And, she created an on line course on how to transform your love life in only 7 weeks.  Inspired by prominent female luminaries, Deepak Chopra and His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Katherine is passionate about the power of Love to transform our lives and the world in which we live.  If you believe in infinite possibilities, find out how you can become a magnet of Love so you can attract          "The One"

Or gaze into your own eyes and fall in love with you through an intentional creative process!  Join with others in a continuous flow of Valentine's celebration of Love in this wonderful workshop that honors the Goddess within.
 "Falling in Love with Ourselves"

Black History Month Events in NYC

Hostos - Afro-Brazil Music and Dance




Soweto Gospel  Choir at Lehman College

You're invited to another afternoon with BELOVED 
February 23rd - 2:00 - 4:30pm 
     by donation! 
Sanctuary of Divine Light
2105 Wallace Ave., Apt. #5F
Bx 10462  b/w Lydig and Brady Aves.

Beloved Rainbow Council, will offer inspiring messages that opens our hearts and lifts our spirits. The messages, delivered in love and often laced with humor, are intended to assist us in seeing through our hearts so the Divine beings that we are might become more fully present in our lives.
It is our moment!

The Universe Sees Us As LOVE!

We are the Infinite Light of 
Rev. Barbara 

Rev. Barbara
Energy Healing Practitioner

Services Include:
- Reiki Healing 
  - Reiki Classes 
- Christ Light Healing
- Reconnective Healing  
- Spiritual Consultations 
- Channeled Messages  
- Distant Healing 
- Holistic Events   
How May I Help You? 


Inspirational Vidoes

Send Your Light - In Unity With All The Other Yous
Send Your Light - In Unity With All The Other Yous


enra " pleiades "

Dream - Motivational Video
Never Stop Dreaming

Your Heart's Song

If you're living true to your Heart's song, you know it.
There's a centered, harmonic congruency between your Self and your actions. You have the feeling of being "home" and at peace within yourself.

You experience a resonance of all dimensions of your Being- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. You are not fragmented, filled with self-doubt, or pulled in different directions.

When you are vibrating to your true Heart's song, you spend very little time judging and blaming others or yourself.
Instead, you bring an authentic
acceptance and compassion to life. You are attuned to and trust your inner core wisdom as your compass and guide.

You know who you are. You know your own authentic inner voice, and you sing your own unique "song" with power, freedom and JOY!

May you always have
 Angels by your side!

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