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We hope everyone is enjoying 2016.
We have had a great year so far and look forward to seeing you at Selwood soon.

Our quail season is going well, and wanted to remind each of you to call our office for any special requests or to book your hunt. Quail season runs until the end of March. We have several dates that are already pre-booked please give us a ring to make your reservations. 1-800-522-0403

Misty with pheasant
Misty has done it again!
Upcoming Event:

February 20th 
Continental Pheasant Shoot
We only have a few spots remaining for our last pheasant shoot of the year. Please call our office to book your spot. Breakfast and lunch are provided with the cost of the shoot.

  • Continental breakfast 8:15
  • Ride to field at 9:00
  • Rotate 12 stands to shoot sporty pheasant, and see great retrieving dogs
  • Ride wagon back to dining room for delicious catered lunch. 

* Get processed birds and recipes with luscious suggestions for cooking your birds. 

* Must be pre-paid. Call Selwood at 1-800-522-0403

Helice stacked
Helice on the Rise!
Upcoming Event:

February 13th
Helice Event
S pots are limited to 25 shooters.
Be on the lookout for more details if you are on our Helice list or call our office for details.
We are pleased to bring this exciting and intuitive shooting sport to Alabama. The number of shooters trying this new sport is growing. If you have not tried Helice come have lunch or just watch as a guest to see the exciting action. You don't want to miss it!

* If you will be joining us for lunch please call our office and let us know. Lunch will be $25.00 for spectators or guests.

Special Events......
Selwood is the place for your special events. When you think of that special event in the great outdoors there is no better place than Selwood. 
  • Corporate meetings
  • Selwood's "Time for the Groom"
  • Family gatherings
  • Upcoming "Dinner Shoots"
Don't forget our top notch accommodations:
  • Selwood's Country House offers restful and relaxing accommodations. From private rooms to spacious decks and porches, the Country House is ideal for comfort and restfulness. Although we are not a bed-n-breakfast, our lodge includes 5 bedrooms with private baths, available for rental to hunters and sporting enthusiasts.
  • Our NEW Smokehouse and Meeting Rooms offer an adjoining double occupancy bedroom. There is a lovely slate bathroom and also a private access to the porch and the porch fireplace.
Call 1-800-522-0403 for rates and arrangements.

Last Saturday a great time was had by all at the Alabama  Vintagers Pheasant shoot.
The weather was gorgeous, the birds flew high and fast the food the atmosphere and  comradery could not have been any better.

Thank you to everyone for coming out and participating in this event. An extra special thanks to Mr. Ron Wolfe for giving this group an extra boost of energy, Einar Holfe for letting us shoot some beautiful and fine Merkel shotguns. Also a special thanks to Ty Sockwell for the great demonstration on the new Helice Field.

Shooters tip of the month... 
Have you ever wondered how the good ones make it look so easy, whether tennis, golf or shooting a shotgun the good ones have their move perfected. They look smooth and controlled.

Shooting a shotgun is all about timing and tempo. The best way to get better is by practicing on 4 or 5 easy stands. Get your timing right. Get your tempo right. Making sure you get your move correct is vitally important to improving your game.

An end to a another great day! 

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