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February, 2018
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What is a middle schooler,
I was asked one day.
I knew what he was...
but what should I say?

He is noise and confusion.
He is silence that is deep.
He is sunshine and laughter,
or a cloud that will weep.

He is swift as an arrow.
He is a waster of time.
He wants to be rich,
but cannot save a dime.

He is rude and nasty.
He is polite as can be.
He wants parental guidance,
but fights to be free.

He is aggressive and bossy.
He is timid and shy.
He knows all the answers,
but still will ask "why"?

He is awkward and clumsy.
He is graceful and poised.
He is ever changing,
but do not be annoyed.

What is a middle schooler,
I was asked one day.
He is the future unfolding.
Do not stand in his way.

||Author Unknown||

  It is an honor to serve the Baraboo community as the Principal of Jack Young Middle School. I have worked in the Baraboo School District since 1993 and I am proud to call Baraboo home.

It is both my personal and professional goal to provide each and every student in the Baraboo School District with a safe and challenging academic environment. Our most precious resource is our children and we must continuously work to provide them with the highest quality education possible. 

Jack Young Middle School is committed to providing every student with opportunities to learn at a level of challenge uniquely appropriate for them. We offer a wide variety of learning opportunities, led by highly qualified teachers. 

I am married to Lynn Gunnell, who is currently the Choir Director at Baraboo High School. We have three children in the Baraboo School District, including one current middle school student. 

I love Jack Young Middle School and my goal is to create a middle school that kids love too.

John Gunnell- Principal
December  Students of the Month
                                  6 th  Grade
           Austin                                      Zoe

 7th Grade
            Arlene                                     Connor

                                  8th Grade
             Haime                                    Shaylee
Support Literacy at JYMS-February 5th!

   Ben Mikaelsen, author of Touching Spirit Bear, will visit JYMS Monday, February 5. Ben will give three presentations during the school day on that Monday (one per grade level), and he will present again during literacy night that evening around 5. We'll share out more details about literacy night and the author visit as they're finalized, but in the meantime, please mark your calendars!

All students in attendance will get to take home a new book! Every student and adult in attendance will receive free popcorn. 
Bottled water and assorted candy will be available for purchase from the concession stand. 

Ben Mikaelsen will speak in the JYMS auditorium from 5-6 with some additional time for questions from the audience. This presentation will be different from the presentation students will hear during the school day. 

Following his presentation, Ben will be signing autographs in the Commons. 

The following books will be available for purchase before and after Ben's presentation: 

Touching Spirit Bear - $7
Ghost of Spirit Bear - $7
Petey - $7
Sparrow Hawk Red - $6
Tree Girl - $10

Cash or check only. Checks should be made payable to Jack Young Middle School or JYMS. 

There will be door prize drawings for adults and students in attendance following the presentation (around  6:15). Must be present to win. 

We hope to see you there! 

Music Dept. Notes
Upcoming events to add to your calendars:

District Solo Ensemble February 24th at Portage High School --> Events to be scheduled individually between 7:30 AM and 4:30 PM


March 13th 8th Grade Spring Music Showcase Concert! 

  • 8th Band, 8th Choir, and Jazz WIN and WIN Choirs 
  • 3:15-5:30 PM Dress Rehearsal and Dinner
  • 5:30 PM
  •  Performance

Girls Basketball Schedule

Tuesday, Feb. 6th
4:15: 7th and 8th grade vs Mt. Horeb @JYMS
7th grade- small gym
            8th grade- big gym

Thursday, Feb. 8th
4:15:  7th and 8th grade vs Lodi @JYMS
7th grade- small gym
            8th grade- big gym

Tuesday, Feb. 13th
4:15: 7th and 8th grade vs Reedsburg
   7th- plays at South Elementary School,    
   8th- plays at Just A Game in Wis. Dells            

Thursday, Feb. 15th
4:15: 7th and 8th grade vs Wis. Heights @ Wis.
           Heights Middle School

Monday, Feb. 19th
4:15: 7th and 8th grade vs DeForest@DeForest
           Middle School

Thursday, Feb. 22nd
4:15:   7th and 8th grade vs Reedsburg @JYMS
             7th grade- small gym
             8th grade- big gym 

Tuesday, Feb. 26th
4:15: 7th and 8th grade vs Wis. Heights @JYMS
            7th grade- small gym
           8th grade- big gym  
National History Day News
On Friday, January 19th, 38 students participated in the National History Day School-Level Competition at Jack Young Middle School. These 8th graders have been working on their projects since October and this was their first time presenting their work. 

National History Day is an academic enrichment program for students in grades 6-12. Students select topics connected to an annual theme and complete their own in-depth research on the topic. This year, the annual theme is "Conflict and Compromise in History." Students present their conclusions by creating museum-style exhibits, media documentaries, research papers, interactive websites, and dramatic performances.

There were fourteen community members on hand to act as volunteer judges including teachers, members of the Sauk County Historical Society and members of the local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. The judges listened to students talk about their projects and asked them follow-up questions about their research. Students will receive feedback and use that to improve their projects before the Regional Competition in Madison on February 24th.

Spelling Bee Results!
W e had a great District Spelling Bee competition on December 7th! 

Our winners who will advance to regional bee in Portage in February are: 

First place - 8th grader Nickolas Ball
Second page - 6th grader Jake Tickes

We also had a three-way tie in the previous round, so eighth-graders Eva Huffaker, Alice Davies, and Eric Gumz had to complete a tiebreaker round to determine our alternate for the regional Spelling Bee, and Eric Gumz will compete as the alternate. These students made it through 11 rounds before elimination! Congratulations to all students.  Good luck to Nickolas and Jake in the regional bee!  Ms. Schumacher

Innovators and Makers!
 In our Innovators and Makers Computer Science Course our latest project is entitled "Secrets and Safes".  

The Secrets and Safes project poses three real world problems to develop a solution for. As each team created a plan, coded a Microbit to an input device, and presented their work for peers to see, students focused on learning more about the design process and put their skills to the test. Here are the real world examples that groups of students could choose from:

Security Device Options
  1. A system that alerts you when someone has opened a notebook of secrets
  2. A device that sounds an alarm when a spy removes a priceless object from a locker, box, or safe
  3. A system that notifies you when an intruder is detected in a restricted area  
  Pictures are below of some of the projects:

Let me know if you have any  questions!

Bryan Ashbeck
Jack Young Middle School
Digital Literacy Teacher
JYMS AL Coach/Tech Support
Boy's JV Basketball/JV Golf Coach

Notes from the Librarian

Notes from the Library
by Mrs. Steiner

If we are asking our students to become passionate readers, it is important to provide role models who have rich reading lives of their own. When young people see adults in their lives who are having fun reading, learning new things, and are passionate about what they are reading, it is a powerful example that is difficult to teach any other way. The attached infographic is geared toward helping educators develop their own reading lives, but the tips are good for students, parents, and other caregivers as well! 
I encourage you to take a look at the tips provided and use them to help shape your own reading. Remember, if you need suggestions for reading materials, public and school librarians are always happy to help you find that just right book. Happy reading!
(Permission to use the infographic granted by creators Jennifer LaGarde and Todd Nesloney.)

Chromebook Corner

��  Reminder:  chromebooks should stay in their issued cases at all times

��  Students should charge their chromebooks each night to ensure enough battery power to get  them though each school day.

Feel free to contact Mrs. Adams at  radams@barabooschools.net    if you have any questions about your student's chromebook.


WEB Reminder

Our WEB meetings for 8th graders will take place the second Tuesday of each month during lunch.  See you there!
Christina Olson
WEB Coordinator

6th Grade News

     The 6th grade has a lot to celebrate!  We have been working hard to meet the school expectations at lunch and in the hallways, the changes are awesome!  We have had many discussions about infinite campus within our WIN and in our classes.  Please make sure your student can access his/her Infinite Campus and knows how to take responsibility for missing assignments (especially when absent), grades, and any retake opportunities.  The 6th Grade Teachers would also like to acknowledge all the hard work and participation our students put into our Wellness week where we discussed staying healthy, both mentally and physically.  A special thank you to SSM Health and the Baraboo Lions Club for donating clear water bottles to students to help them stay hydrated throughout the day.

*Please check in with your student about supplies.  This is a great time of year to fill up on paper and pencils.

Please do not hesitate to contact your child's teachers with questions and concerns!  

The Sixth Grade Team

Math                                      Science
Ms. Dzanic                           Mrs. McDonald
Ms. Simonis                         Mrs. Krucas                          
Mr. Francour

Language Arts                     Social Studies
Ms.Caufield                          Mr. Koenig
Ms. Van Enkenvort              Mr. Scrabeck
Ms. Zick

Mr. Vaccaro- Special Education
Mr. Behl- Special Education and Language Arts
Ms. Cummings- Special Education and Team Teach Math  
7th Grade News
     The end of first quarter is behind us, and we are excited to report the GREAT things that our students are doing at Jack Young Middle School. So far this year, the seventh grade class has kicked off our magazine fundraiser, rolled out the oneto-one Chromebook initiative, spoke to Chief Schauf and Private First Class Connor Kowalke in Civics class, and completed our seasonal standardized assessments. 
     We hope your child has had a successful start of the school year and look forward to helping them grow their skills.

7th Grade Team

Language Arts                                 Math
Mr. Frisch                                         Mr. Beall
Mrs. Harry                                         Mr. Brickl
Mrs. Reinhardt                                 Ms Kish
Ms. Schumacher                              Mr. Koenig

Science                                             Social Studies
Mrs. Halverson                                 Mr. Considine
Ms Krucas                                         Mr. Jones
                                     8th Grade News
      It's hard to  believe the first quarter has ended! We enjoyed seeing you at our parent-teacher conferences.     You, the families in the community we serve, enhance the high quality of our school.  to some extent, the school can only take partial credit for our level of student achievement.  You have high expectations for the school and your children's performance, and we applaud and welcome those expectations.   Please feel free to contact us at any time.

~JYMS 8th Grade Team

Mathematics                                        Social Studies
Mr. Ashbeck                                         Mrs. Garcia
Mr. Beall                                               Mr. Jones
Mr. Brickl
Mrs. Grogan
Mrs. Roth
Mr. Witthun

Language Arts                                     Science
Mrs. Ehlert                                           Mr. Phillips
Ms. Harry                                             Mr. Witthun
Mrs. McCulloch
Mrs. Nies

Special Education Teacher/PBIS 8th Grade- Mrs. Statz