February Newsletter
by Rick Bennette, Tequesta, Florida

The moment I met Denise aboard the Love Boat, I knew she was someone special. She became my first love, but we lived 90 miles apart. After the cruise, we maintained our love affair through handwritten letters. Eventually, geography took its toll. We went on to separate lives, yet I thought about her quite often. Thirty years later, we reunited in Grand Central Station. I hired a violinist to play our love song as we held each other for the first time in three decades. After wishing to be with her all those years apart, we finally married.

Thursday, February 13th
7:00PM (Doors open at 6:30PM)

Quail Point Lodge

Be sure to bring your own beverage.
Coffee is the only beverage being served at Bingo.
The game will begin at 7:00PM
Entry: $1.00
Cards: $1.00/each
(for table/game setup purposes please RSVP)
Dianne Jones: 830-598-4528

Early voting will begin February 18th at
Horseshoe Bay Property Owners' Association
107 Twilight
8:30AM-4:30PM (daily M-F)
Last day for early voting will be February 28th at 4:30PM

Voting by Mail:
Applications for ballot by mail shall be mailed to:

Llano County Elections
P.O.Box 787
Llano, TX 78643

Doug Ferguson
Election Administrator, Burnet County
220 S. Pierce Street
Burnet, TX 78611

Applications for ballot by mail (for both counties) must be received no later than the close of business on Friday, February 21, 2020.

Are you registered to Vote ?

Tuesday,March 3rd is election day!

Leap Day

A Leap Day, February 29, is added to the calendar during  leap years . This extra day, also called Leap Year Day, makes the year 366 days long – not 365 days, like a  common year .

When Is the Next Leap Day?

The next leap day is  Saturday, February 29, 2020 .
The last Leap Day was on  Monday, February 29, 2016 .

Why Add a Leap Day?

Leap days are needed to keep our  calendar  in alignment with the Earth's revolutions around the Sun.
It takes the Earth approximately 365.242189 days – or 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 45 seconds – to circle once around the Sun. This is called a  tropical year .
Without an extra, or intercalary, day on February 29 nearly every four years, we would lose almost six hours every year. After only 100 years, a calendar without leap years would be off by approximately 24 days in relation to fixed seasonal days such as the  vernal equinox  or the  winter solstice .

Caesar Introduced Leap Years

Roman general Julius Caesar implemented the first leap day in his  Julian Calendar , which he introduced in 45  BCE . A leap day was added every four years. At the time, leap day was February 24, and  February  was the last month of the year.

Too Many Leap Years

However, adding a leap day every four years was too often and eventually, in 1582, Pope Gregory XIII introduced the  Gregorian Calendar . This calendar, which we still use today, has a more precise formula for calculation of leap years, also known as bissextile years.

Traditions & Folklore

Leap day as a concept has existed for more than 2000 years and it is still associated with age-old customs, folklore, and superstition. One of the most well-known traditions is that  women propose  to their boyfriends, instead of the other way around.

Leap Months

The ancient  Roman Calendar  added an extra month every few years to maintain the correct seasonal changes, similar to  the Chinese leap month .
2020-2021 Phone Directory
Work has begun on the 2020-2021 HSB POA Phone Directory.
We encourage you to check your listing to verify all
of your information is current and complete.
If you are not in the directory and live in the
Horseshoe Bay POA, we would like you to be added.
For corrections and additions,
please contact the POA office at 830-598-8795
or email changes to andrea@hsbpoa.org
prior to April 15,2020 to meet the print deadline. 

Phone Directory Advertisement
The 2020-2021 HSB POA Phone Directory yellow pages are a great opportunity for a business to be seen by area residents. Each year we are selling more directories and more ads. This is the time to help your POA by encouraging your favorite, reliable business to advertise in the POA Directory at the reasonable annual rate of $150 for a half page ad and $250 for a full page ad. If the business acts now, they can redeem the early
bird coupon below and save $50, if redeemed
before 5:00PM on March 31, 2020.
Contact the POA office at 830-598-8795 for all details.
$50 OFF
Save when you buy a full page or half page ad in Horseshoe Bay POA Phone Directory before 5:00PM March 31, 2020!
(this coupon has no cash value,limit one coupon per ad)

We invite everyone to the Horseshoe Bay Property Owners’ Association Spring Fling on Sunday, April 26th from 2:00PM to 5:00PM. We will be showcasing the improvements to the Quail Point backyard through music, art and food.

The exciting band, Silver and Gold will be performing in the pavilion. You will be able to sit and listen to great tunes while enjoying the lake view and spring time in Horseshoe Bay.

We will have small snacks available with water and tea. If you would like something stronger you may BYOB.

Then, we will offer you a special look at Horseshoe Bay Artists. Inside Quail Point Artist of different mediums will be showing their art work. Some will even have pieces available for purchase. ARTIST’S ATTENTION! Please see registration form if you would like to participate in this exciting event.

This is an event you don’t want to miss!  

HSBPOA Spring Fling Artist Registration Form

Calling all Horseshoe Bay Artists to participate in the HSBPOA Spring Fling, Sunday, April 26th 2pm to
 5pm, Quail Point Lodge.

Please complete this form and submit to the POA office at Quail Point or e-mail to andrea@hsbpoa.org . The form must be competed to reserve a spot in the Spring Fling Art Show. There is no charge for participation. You may just display or you may sell your work directly to the attendees. Artists are solely responsible for collecting any monies for the sale of their work and for the payment of any taxes and/or fees associated with the sale.

The participant is responsible for covering the table and for setting up and breaking down their display. Set up may begin at 12 noon on April 26.

Please complete the following information.



Phone: ________________________________

Email: ___________________________

Please tell us about your work:

Painting ___  Photography ____ Sculpture ____ Glass ____   Wood____

Ceramics___ Clay____ Mixed media _____ Fabric ____ Metal _____

Floral ___ Jewelry____ Other please explain___________________

Please tell us what you require for your exhibit.
Table 6’  __________  Table 5’  ___________
Screen 6’X36” __________ Electricity ___________

We are also looking for exhibitors that would be interested in providing photos of their masterpiece for the purpose of promoting this event. Yes _____
(please email photo to: andrea@hsbpoa.org )
Disclaimer: All artists entries will be handled with all possible care, but the HSBPOA and their officers and volunteers will not be responsible for loss theft or damage for any cause. Work is submitted at the risk of the artist and registration indicates acceptance of all the above conditions.

Artist’s Signature _______________________________

Date ___________________

The Annual Meeting of Members of the Horseshoe Bay POA will be Saturday, March 21, 2020 . The Annual Meeting will be for the purpose of electing members to the Board of Directors and to transact other business as may come before the meeting. Three (3)Directors are to be elected for three-year terms to replace three (3) Directors whose terms expire at the Annual Meeting. There are two options for carrying out your vote and assigning your proxy. Paper Ballot or Electronic Ballot. Last year was a great success with electronic ballots. We are attempting to primarily run an electronic voting system this year.

Getting signed up is easy! Contact our office today (830)598-8795 or email andrea@hsbpoa.org

Already Registered E-Voters: You will receive an email with your registration code and link to vote from horseshoebay@ivotehoa.com . If your email address has changed since you registered last year, you must provide your current email to andrea@hsbpoa.org .
Help make Horseshoe Bay the home you want it to be. 

Horseshoe Bay. It is certainly changing and will change even more in the future. How much more?  That, in large part is up to you. 

The Horseshoe Bay city council recently named a seven-person committee of residents to create a long-range plan for the city.  Working in partnership with a professional planning company, the group is reviewing the current state of Horseshoe Bay, interviewing key stakeholders in the region and soon will be asking you for your recommendations on the future of the city.  

Fittingly to be called “ Preserving the Dream ”, the plan’s development will take almost a year. Residents will be asked to complete an extensive survey later this spring with town hall meetings and public input discussions to follow.  A report to the council is set for late 2020. 

“Horseshoe Bay is our home and yet almost all of us have come from other parts of the country or even the world”, said Elsie Thurman, chair of the Long Range Planning Committee. “But, this is our piece of the American dream.  Preserving the Dream is the promise we want every resident, business owner and elected official to contribute to, understand and carry forward”.

“We want to hear from every single person who cares about the future of Horseshoe Bay,” added Thurman.  “We want to know what residents consider important, those issues that need improvement, and those of concern so we can build a roadmap for the future”.

“We conducted the first long-range plan in 2015,” said Mayor Cynthia Clinesmith. “When I was asked to discuss or vote on a community issue as a council member, I first examined what residents told us in that first report, so it is vital to decision making going forward”.   

Preserving the Dream will help Horseshoe Bay identify the things that make this home so special, what is important to our quality of life and how future growth can be structured to help preserve those qualities to all, regardless of their age or socioeconomic status. 

So when the survey comes out this spring, please take a few moments to have your voice heard.

Horseshoe Bay POA
107 Twilight