February 2021
Did you know that Head Start was born out of the Civil Rights Movement? John F. Kennedy was appalled by the extreme poverty he faced in West Virginia during his Presidency. He was moved to end the cycle of poverty, but it was Lyndon B. Johnson who made his vision a reality.

The intention of Head Start was to disrupt the cycle of poverty that is transferred from one generation to the next across the nation and promote social justice in those areas where educational opportunity was denied on the basis of race.

After launching the program, the group of scientists and experts working for Head Start quickly realized the role that diet played in student's success. When the child came to school physically or mentally unwell, they struggled to have the bandwidth to learn. So, nutrition became another integral component of the Head Start model.

Head Start also realized the importance families involvement in their child's life on a daily basis. This inspired the notion to get more educational opportunities into the home which resulted in the sponsorship of the beloved children's TV show "Sesame Street."

All this to say, we are grateful that equity, diversity and inclusion have always been the core of Wild Plum Center's values and we are a proud part of the Head Start initiative as we work together to continue building an equitable future.
Conscious Discipline Trainings
We love Conscious Discipline and have found so much of the content covered in their trainings to be applicable in the classroom and beyond.

Take the "Time Machine" mat pictured below that helps with Conflict Resolution. Two children that are in disagreement stand on opposite ends of the mat. The teacher asks both students if they are willing to solve the problem. If they are, they step forward. Next students take a S.T.A.R. (Stop, Take a deep breath And Relax). breath and take the next step forward. Then, students are encouraged to wish each other well with so that both students are in a calm state. The next step is focusing on the goal of resolving the problem "1,2,3" let's do it! Then the students fill in the blanks to the sentence "I don't like when you do ________. Please do ______ instead." The final step is to meet in the middle with a high-five or a hug, a connection that symbolizes the bond is repaired.

Seems simple, but this is a great framework to illustrate healthy Conflict Resolution strategies and give children the tools they need to be successful outside of the classroom walls.
Service Spotlight
We had the great fortune of discovering Let Your Light Shine Bright and learning more about their non-profit organization. This non-profit is based out of Berthoud and operated by community members.

Let Your Light Shine Bright recognized that families with young children who were quickly outgrowing the essentials (car seats, highchairs, and even clothing) often wanted these items to serve purpose in the lives of those with greatest need. So, they bought a few shipping containers and began organizing and re-distributing donated goods that were of use to families with children ages 0-5.

When in need of a highchair for one of our families, Let Your Light Shine Bright had one for us to pick up in less than a week! Community Partnerships are so enlivening. It's great to have another one.
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