February 2020
The things we love about Wild Plum Center
We've spent 55 years enhancing our program to keep up with the evolving needs of our community. We love having the opportunity to instill a passion for learning in children from the start. Read below for February highlights of all the things we love that are taking place at the Wild Plum Center.
Family Involvement
There are few things more endearing than the love between parents and children. That's why it is so important to empower parents to be their child's most important teacher and provide resources to help them advocate for their child's education right from the start.

Wild Plum families know that family involvement is crucial to children's success and are actively involved at the Wild Plum Center through Policy Council meetings, Connecting Families Programs, and Parent Education such as Nutrition, CPR and Emergency Readiness trainings.

Thank you to the Longmont Museum for providing a fun filled morning for the families in our home based program.
Free Play
Free play is a tool for developing a child as a whole. We know from studies that Free Play is important for healthy brain development, allowing children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, cognitive and physical abilities.

Children need to explore, play, move, use their motor skills and interact with each other. Free play allows for children to practice and process what was learned in lessons and apply it to imaginary or real situations they recreate with classmates. Building with blocks, playing house, making phone calls and raising animals are all different expressions that we witness during Free Play. These activities most certainly reflect children's ability to pair what they have learned in school with what they have absorbed through experience.

Free Play helps the teachers too! Just given the opportunity to observe children playing freely gives them a better idea of what interests their students so they can better engage them. This helps them evaluate where there might be issues, subjects or skills that need to be discussed or developed further. This time allows teachers to connect with their students and promote a happy class. And if a happy class leads to a more productive class than Free Play has done it's job.
Our Community
Birds and Blooms
We are beyond thankful for our community's steadfast support of Wild Plum Center and the work that we do to serve over 250 children and their families. Our signature event "Birds and Blooms Festival" could not take place without community involvement. A special shout out to Longmont High School and Silver Creek High School cheer squads for signing up to volunteer.

We also would like to thank Bank of Colorado for their commitment to sponsoring the event at the "Growing" Level. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor and standing behind Longmont families contact catherinb@wildplumcenter.org to learn more about the benefits of each sponsorship level.