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2020 Census
The 2020 Census is upon us and communities need to prepare. Having an accurate Census count is essential in multiple ways.

The Census population count, for example, has major major implications for State Shared Revenues – sales tax monies that are distributed based upon population. About 35% of Grand Haven Charter Township’s annual General Fund monies come from State Shared Revenues ( or about $92 per person each year ).

In addition, redistricting of legislative districts and enforcement of statutes affecting voting rights rely on collecting Census data every ten years.
It is also important to note that:

  •  The census is convenient. It can be done through the mail, by phone, or online. 
  • The census is confidential. Individual data is protected for 72 years.

Most resident are only asked to answer a 9-question Census questionnaire. A sample of the questionnaire can be reviewed at the Census website.    View a sample of the 9-question Census questionnaire here .

Michigan stands to lose about $1,800 per person, per year in federal funds for every resident not counted. That’s some serious money that adds up quickly to the detriment of our residents and communities.

Please help us in spreading the word that it is important during this year’s Census to “ Be Counted ”.
Grants Available for Home Repairs
Each spring, home repair grants of up to $7,500 are available to eligible homeowners in the City of Grand Haven, Grand Haven Charter Township, Spring Lake Township, and the City of Ferrysburg through the Neighborhood Impact Program.

The Neighborhood Housing Services helps residents apply for these grants. 

Eligible repairs include roof, siding, windows, well/septic or sewer, HVAC, water heater, exterior doors, and more.

Single-family, owner-occupied homes may be eligible if mortgage payments, homeowners ' insurance, and property taxes are current, and total household income is less than the amounts shown below.

For more information, please contact Neighborhood Housing Services at (616) 935-3270.
Updated Parks & Recreation Plan
The Township Board adopted a new parks and recreation plan pursuant to the state requirements. This joint community plan includes Grand Haven Charter Township, Grand Haven City, Spring Lake Township, Spring Lake Village, and the City of Ferrysburg.

By collaborating with the neighboring communities, the Township is able to both reduce the consulting costs associated with the plan’s development and coordinate with the surrounding communities on meeting the recreational needs of residents.

The state requires current Parks and Recreation plans to be on file to be eligible for grant funding. Each of the 5 communities intends to submit grant applications within the next 5-year cycle of the plan.

A copy of the new Parks and Recreation Plan is located on the Township’s website and can be accessed through the following link:
Presidential Preference Primary
Michigan’s Presidential Preference Primary will be held on Tuesday, March 10 th.

Michigan voters don’t have to register as members of the Republican Party or Democratic Party to be eligible to vote in primaries, they can cast a ballot for any candidate. 

That said, even though voters don’t have to publicly declare themselves as Republicans or Democrats, voters will have to ask for a ballot for one of the parties in the presidential primary. And, that choice will be a matter of public record.

If you would like to vote absentee – a new option for ALL Michigan voters – please contact Deputy Clerk Kristi DeVerney  kdverney@ght.org or (616) 604-6343.
Collaboration with Spring Lake Village
Grand Haven Charter Township and Spring Lake Village entered into an agreement to share planning services. Township Community Director Stacey Fedewa and Associate Planner Cassie Hoisington will provide four to six hours of planning services to the Village each week – holding office hours at the Village each Wednesday afternoon.

By working together Spring Lake Village and Grand Haven Township will achieve more together and control costs of effective planning services.
Sheriff Hours
Sheriff hours in the Township have remained steady over the past few years. However, for FY 2020, the Township Board included monies in the budget to have the Grand Haven Area Public Schools COPS officer remain in the Township over the summer months – when this area is the busiest.
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