February 2018 Newsletter
From the President: What's New in 2018?
The LOCUS team is looking forward to 2018 and the opportunity to work with more place-focused foundations committed to local impact investing. We are excited to bring many of the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship’s philanthropic analytic tools, including Transfer of Wealth™ Opportunity Analysis, to new audiences. We are developing new tools and services to meet the needs of our foundation clients with solutions uniquely designed for their communities. Please contact me to learn more about how we might partner!

-Teri Lovelace, President, LOCUS Impact Investing
The Rise of Place-Based Impact Investing
- Deb Markley, Senior Vice President, LOCUS Impact Investing

Impact investing – achieving social and environment impact alongside financial returns – is a rapidly growing global industry. GIIN reported a 17% increase in dollars invested and a 20% increase in number of deals between 2016 and 2017 alone. Within the “big tent” of impact investing is an even more important phenomenon from a community perspective – the rise of place-based impact investing. As defined in the Healthcare Anchor Network’s Place-based Investing Toolkit , “place-based investing creates healthy and thriving communities by increasing available capital for positive social, economic, or environmental impacts across a wide range of areas” … from affordable housing to business development. And, place-focused foundations are increasingly important partners in bringing flexible capital to community investments.
This is the LOCUS niche and we are encouraged by the research, focus and action in this field. Here are highlights of the more significant happenings related to place-based impact investing. Read More
Coming Soon!
We are updating our Philanthropic Analytic Tools, including Transfer of Wealth™ Opportunity Analysis, and developing new ones. Watch the newsletter in the coming months for more information or check out What We Do
The LOCUS Team is growing with the hiring of Chance Lee as Administrative Assistant, Renee Cokes as Senior Loan Operations Specialist, and Travis Green as our Solutions Consultant.

Check out Local Investing for Impact: A New Tool for Place-focused Foundations in GreenMoney Journa l by Deb Markley, Senior Vice President, LOCUS Impact Investing.

Media Partners for LOCUS include Locavesting , GreenMoney Journal and Invest with Values .
News From the Field
Invest with Values provides a list of Top Impact Investor Communities where individuals and organizations can go to build relationships, learn about impact, explore shared values and collaborate on investing.
The Impact Investing Guidebook for Foundations was created through a partnership between Community Foundations of Canada, Philanthropic Canada and Purpose Capital as a trusted resource rooted in the practical, day-to-day realities of foundations and impact investors. “Welcome to Impact Investing” takes a look at “What does Impact Investing mean for Foundations”.
You might be interested in the Confluence Philanthropy 8 th Annual Practitioners Gathering Disrupt the Now which will be held March 12-15, Berkeley, CA.
Upcoming Events
Here is where you will find members of the LOCUS team in the coming months:
Urban Institute 
Shared- Knowledge Convening on Place-Based Investing 
February 7-8 - Washington, DC
Teri Lovelace is a participant.
Appalachian Social Impact Investment Symposium
Investing in Rural America
March 2 - Athens OH
Teri Lovelace is a panelist.
March 9 - Chillicothe, MO
Deb Markley is the keynote.
March 18-21 - Las Vegas, NV
LOCUS is a sponsor and Teri Lovelace is a participant and panelist.
April 24-26 - Pikesville, KY
LOCUS is a sponsor and Sydney England is a participant.
Mission Forward!
May 14-15 - Chicago, IL
LOCUS is a sponsor and Teri Lovelace is a participant.
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