Volume 07 | February 2019
Fountain Pen Tales
    It’s funny how February, the shortest month, has so much happening—Ground Hog Day, St. Valentine’s Day, Lincoln’s Birthday, Washington’s Birthday, Presidents’ Day, and the start of the Chinese New Year, to name a few! There are also month-long observances: American Heart Month, Children’s Dental Health Month, and even National Bird Feeding Month! But Black History Month, first known as Negro History Week, precedes them all. It began in 1926 and February was chosen because Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglass were born in February. To discover the origin of Black History Month, click below. The website, Abagond 500 words a day on whatever I want, gets credit for the historical overview.  
February Tale of the Month
In the quest for equality, many people made choices that were difficult and life-changing, even the children. February’s tale of the month is a short story of one child’s personal dilemma. I hope you enjoy it.
Meet The Author
I’m Gracie Chandler, the creator of Fountain Pen Tales. I’ll be at the Jax Book Fest at the Main Library, February 23, 2019, autographing my novel, Free to Be. Meet me and other local authors at the Authors Roundtable table. If you already have your copy, stop by anyway and say hello. We'd love to see you and you're sure to find an enjoyable read!
I’m Gracie Chandler, the creator of Fountain Pen Tales and author of Free to Be. I recently had the pleasure of presenting an Author Talk to the GEMS. GEMS is an acronym for Girls Empowered and Motivated to Succeed and is an on-going mentoring program sponsored by the Jacksonville Chapter of the Links, Incorporated. The chapter had previously gifted the young ladies, students at Edward Waters College, with copies of Free to Be and the Author Talk gave them a chance to ask questions and discuss the book. Thank you, Jacksonville Chapter of the Links for your unselfish service to our community’s youth.
About Fountain Pen Tales
This newsletter, Fountain Pen Tales, was created with two goals in mind:
  • To share memories of a bygone era through stories, essays, poems, book reviews and interviews.
  • To uncover the imprecise reporting of some historical events and learn the truth about them.
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