Volume III | February 29, 2020
The Triune God and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)
For Christianity, the world, in its plane of order, must be oriented towards God. A God who, according to the scriptures and history, has revealed himself very concretely in three persons: The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. The Christian universe is not an anthropocentric or biocentric universe.

While some believe that the world will disappear, others believe that we are heading for an era of peace. What does God say about the betterment of community and humankind, which are the core of sustainable development?

The magazine Scientific American published an article that speculated on the kind of future humanity could expect. The authors, worried about Ebola epidemics, possible nuclear attacks and genetic engineering, asked themselves the following question: "Does humanity have a sustainable future on the earth?" After assessing the other environments of our solar system, a British cosmologist and astrophysicist concluded that mass emigration from our planet was "a dangerous illusion".

Paradoxically, it is worth considering this same question from a spiritual point of view. The Word of God also describes a final destination for the inhabitants of the world: new heavens and a new earth. Unlike the space option, it will be an environment perfectly suited for us.

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Affordable and Clean Energy
Access to affordable clean energy follows a “too slow general rhythm”, estimates the World Bank (WB), one of the five international institutions which co-produced the 2018 report on the progress of energy through the world. Developing Our World is maximizing the global efforts in providing affordable and clean energy as a right to all. 
Decent Work and Economic Growth
The proportion of the world's population living in extreme poverty has declined in recent years. However, there’s still a growing problem of employment and lack of working opportunities for many people. Developing Our World is working hard to ensure that people are well taken care of when it comes to finding work opportunities. 
Sustainable Development Goal 9
Infrastructure, Industrialization and Innovation
Today, the challenge for developing countries is therefore to set up a competitive industry requiring appropriate state actions, promoting better transfer of technologies, based on the establishment of a high-performance national innovation system. It is to allow the transition from a monitoring and imitation system to an innovation system. Developing Our World is working on achieving sustainable development goal 9 with these actions.