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Whether you enjoy playing, performing, or just listening to music, it has the ability to provoke all kinds of emotions. This month, we’re focusing on what we LOVE about music. Enjoy the updates on all the wonderful things our students are up to!

Gulf Breeze School of Music Vocal Student
   Madeline Ruffin wins Competition!

On February 8, Madeline competed in the Young Voices 2020 Competition, sponsored by The Choral Society of Pensacola. She won the High School division, with a cash prize, and an invitation to perform at a special Young Voices concert that will be held on March 14.

   Madeline is a sophomore at GBHS and has studied voice and piano at our school for four years. She LOVES music because it is a way to express herself , and it is so calming and beautiful.
   Congratulations Madeline! We are very proud of you!

I Love Music Because...

Lillian says, “I love music when it’s very loud, like in songs when it gets really loud.”

Eleanor say, “I love songs!”

Christopher says, “I love music because it’s a different and deeper way to express feelings.”
Eden says, “Music helps me feel happy and calm at times and pumped up at other times. I love that music works with my emotions.”

Welcome New Students!
We Love having YOU at our School!

W e l c o m e t o t h e G u l f B r e e z e S c h o o l o f M u s i c!
Gracie B.
Lily B.
Angelo C.
James S.
Kennedy M.
Gregory P.
Ella R.
Jack R.
Abby E.
Caleb R.
Leah T.
Nathan T.
Cody T.
Shanina V.
Amanda Y.

Students Love
achieving new
musical levels!

Zaki, Master Level
Are you ready to climb the Musical Ladder System ®
to success?

Here are the latest student’s with their trophies, wristbands, and certificates!
Kyrah, Musician
Mary, Rock Star
Ryan, Song Bird
Garrett, Song Bird
Ben, Apprentice
Lilla, Apprentice
Isabella, Superior
Matthew, Rock Star
Marshall, Song Bird
Kayden, Apprentice
Luke, Song Bird
Kiera, Musician
Claire, Song Bird
Abigail, Allegro & Vivace
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