News and Events for Larchmont Residents
From the Mayor

February – long my least favorite month! And Punxsutawney Phil didn’t help with his prediction of 6 more weeks of winter! (Although he gets an A+ for knowing the vernal equinox is always 6 weeks after Groundhog Day).

But February has brought some good things to Larchmont! We celebrated our first ribbon cutting of 2022 with the opening of Billy & Pete’s Burger Bar, in the former home of Carlyn’s Cove at 2118 Boston Post Road. See our photo of the ribbon cutting below under Community News. Billy and Pete's Burger Bar has the same owners as Billy and Pete's Social, which has become a very popular spot over in the Town of Mamaroneck. Billy Bishop - one of the owners of Billy & Pete's grew up here in the Village, so we are happy to have them open up a spot in our neighborhood! We also learned that Gary Hirsch, owner of Centro, has leased his modern street level retail space to Bluestone Lane Café and begins marketing his apartment units this month. It won’t be long before the Chatsworth/Palmer area is even more awesome! Finally, we look forward to cutting the ribbon for the soon-to-open Ani Ramen restaurant at 1943 Palmer Avenue.

The Board of Trustees approved moving forward with the Flint Park Renovation Plan presented by the Flint Park Conservancy at our February 7th meeting. This approval comes after many months of review and conversation with the Board and the Village Parks and Trees Committee. The 3-phase plan is well-developed and eventually touches every aspect of Flint Park’s many assets and uses. Our thanks to the members of the Conservancy team, who have worked so hard to get the ball rolling. We are looking forward to partnering with them on this project. To learn more about the plan and to see how you can help, visit Flint Park Conservancy.

February also saw the first Village budget session on the 7th. At that session the Village Administrator presented the “first-pass” on revenue and expenditure estimates to the Board and the Finance Committee. The focus was on reviewing the year-to-date actuals and getting details about some of the main cost increases anticipated for the 2023 budget. We can expect that electricity, health insurance and fuel costs will increase next year by 25%, 10% and up to 70% respectively. The next budget session on Tuesday the 15th will focus on departmental budgets for police, fire, DPW and the library. We are back to meeting in person, however there may be options for virtual viewing. All budget sessions are open to the public and location, time and viewing options can be found on the Village calendar.

We will also be resuming joint meetings with the Town of Mamaroneck Council to discuss restructuring ideas for the operation of the Joint Sanitation Commission. Since our first meeting in November, the Commission has been collecting data to help with this analysis. The meetings, open to the public for viewing, will be monthly and will alternate locations. We begin February 17th at Village Hall, check the Village calendar for information.

Things to look forward to in March and Beyond!
On March 1, the Larchmont Environmental Committee will be hosting a Free Low-Impact Landscape Maintenance Workshop for Westchester landscape businesses in Constitution Park. This event is part of the LEC’s commitment to assist local landscapers transition to healthier, more sustainable practices. It will be run by the American Green Zone Alliance and Quiet Communities and will have instructional sessions and hands-on equipment demonstrations. The timing of the workshop is key, since on January 1, 2022 Larchmont’s gas-powered leaf blower ban went into full effect. This spring clean-up period in Larchmont (April 1-30) will be the first with only electric-powered leaf blowers allowed. Please pass along this important information to your landscape company. Details can be found HERE.

July 19th, 2022 is the 100th anniversary of the laying of Larchmont Village Hall’s cornerstone. The Board is working on plans to mark this auspicious day in Larchmont’s history, perhaps with some long-needed Village Hall sprucing up, culminating in a celebratory summer event. Stay tuned!

Proposed amendments to NYS Law – land use mandates
This is important news from Albany that I wanted to make you aware of, as it has a direct impact on Larchmont. As part of the Governor’s Executive Budget for FY2023, two amendments to NYS land use laws are proposed. One amends the NYS real property law and would require Larchmont to authorize the creation of 1 Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) per residential lot. The other, a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) mandate, amends NYS village law and would require Larchmont to permit development of at least 25 dwelling units per acre on any residentially-zoned land within ½ mile of a Metro-North train station. The stated goal of these amendments is to provide opportunities for increasing socio-economic diversity in communities by expanding the inventory of smaller and/or multi-family dwelling units and also to promote more environmentally sustainable, transit-oriented housing. While I believe these goals have merit, I do have serious concerns about this one-size-fits-all approach. The requirements for all cities, towns and villages are the same, with no consideration given to area, population size, existing housing stock, or development problems related to flooding, infrastructure, etc. Both proposed amendments are worded in a way which, for all practical purposes, removes Larchmont’s locally determined land use process. Additionally, the normal application review and hearing is circumvented, neither amendment has requirements for the housing created to be affordable, and there is no recognition of, or funding for, infrastructure issues and investments that would be necessitated by increased and hastily-implemented development. The NYS senate and assembly will present alternate budgets in the coming weeks. I have expressed my concerns to Senator Mayer and Assemblyman Otis and asked that they consider these issues as they work with their colleagues on compromises to the existing proposals. Please let Senator Mayer and Assemblyman Otis know your opinions. As a starting place for more details, here is the proposed ADU (Part AA – page 165) and TOD (Part EE – page 185) legislation, testimony (page 4) from the NY Conference of Mayors (NYCOM) , and testimony from the NYS Association for Affordable Housing. 

Mayor Lorraine Walsh
Village Notes
Lot 3 (Upper Parking Lot at the Train Station): The Down to Earth Farmer's Market is held every Saturday in Lot 3 (and will continue this year through the winter), so if you park your car in Lot 3 on Saturday or overnight Friday into Saturday, please park at the far end by the elevator to avoid being ticketed or towed.

Dog Waste: As a reminder, Village law requires that individuals pick up after their dogs. Dog waste should be thrown either in your own trash or in Village trash bins. Please do not leave the waste on the sidewalk or throw it in other residents' bins.

Mask Mandate: While the NYS indoor mask mandate has been lifted, the mandate remains in place in schools and for mass transit. Masks are also required at the Larchmont Library and Larchmont Village Hall. In addition, individual businesses can require masks at their discretion – so please respect the wishes of the business owners.
Committee and Department Updates
Larchmont Environmental Committee

The Larchmont Environmental Committee is pleased to welcome all Westchester landscape maintenance businesses to a FREE Low-Impact Landscape Maintenance Workshop on Tuesday, March 1 (rain date Wednesday, March 2) from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm at the Larchmont Village Center. The workshop will be conducted by the American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA) and Quiet Communities, Inc., industry experts who have helped grounds maintenance crews across the country make an effective transition from gas-powered equipment to electric platforms. 

The emphasis is on using quiet, non-polluting equipment to handle routine maintenance for properties of varying sizes. It is offered to support landscapers in adjusting to and complying with Larchmont’s new leaf blower code that prohibits use of gas-powered blowers year-round and limits use of electric models to designated spring (April 1-30) and fall (October 15 – December 15) clean-up periods. 

If you employ a landscaping service to care for your property, be sure to tell them about
this timely opportunity and encourage the company owner and crew leader to register for the workshop as soon as possible. You can find a sample letter to send to your landscaper HERE. For full workshop details and presenters, and to register, click HERE!
Larchmont Traffic Commission

The Larchmont Traffic Commission has determined that the intersection at Beach Ave & Willow Ave requires a 4-Way Stop to increase traffic and pedestrian safety. This action is being taken after review of traffic patterns and accident history along with input from local residents. The 2 signs on Beach Ave will be installed soon. 
The Traffic Commission is made up of volunteers from the community. If anyone is interested in volunteering for this important community service please let us know here
Please drive safely!
Larchmont Traffic commission
Larchmont Fire Department

We still have a few more weeks of winter left and with that here are some winter safety tips to bring us through until Spring! Shoveling snow is great exercise, but can cause additional stress on those with heart conditions. Take breaks or let a neighbor help.

Dryer fires and venting is a huge issue in the winter. Make sure your vents to the outside are clear.

Lastly, please service your furnace! Fires due to old/expired filters are totally preventable.

If you or anyone you see is experiencing an emergency please call 911.
Larchmont Volunteer Fire Department

The Larchmont Volunteer Fire Department is in need of fire fighters! The Larchmont Fire Department Volunteer Application is now on line! If you are interested in becoming a future volunteer fire fighter fill in the application. Don't delay do it today. For more information, call Bubba Fanelli: 914-403-2387.
We were so excited to be able to celebrate our first ribbon cutting of 2022 for Billy and Pete's Burger Bar (2118 Boston Post Road). We stopped in afterwards to celebrate - the food was fantastic and the new space looks amazing! Congratulations and welcome to the neighborhood.
Village Calendar

2/1 Traffic Commission Meeting
Larchmont Environmental Committee Meeting
2/2 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting
2/7 Board of Trustees Meeting
2/15 Board of Trustees Budget Meeting
Planning Board Meeting
2/17 Board of Trustees/Town of Mamaroneck Board Joint Meeting
2/21 Village Hall Closed - Presidents' Day
2/22 Board of Trustees Budget Meeting/Work Session
2/23 Architecture Review Board Meeting
3/1 Traffic Commission Meeting
3/2 Zoning Board of Appeals Meeting
3/3 Larchmont Environmental Committee Meeting

For times and locations of meetings, please visit the Village Website.

Minutes for previous Board of Trustees meetings can be found HERE.