February Newsletter
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Student Spotlight
Born into an artistic family, dance senior Nicolas Ouporov was captivated by the artistic world around him from the start.
“The arts are what bring me personal fulfillment and meaning,” Ouporov said. “I can’t imagine my life without creating sculpture, setting up photo shoots, or choreographing dances. I think no matter what profession you take on, the spirit of creation is necessary and leads to a much more fulfilling life.”

Donor Spotlight
To most people, packed church pews signify the start of a service. For Little Hickory Productions President Frank Serio, the scene holds a different meaning entirely.
“I live in Jupiter and the town of Tequesta is right next to it, and Sue used to do concerts at…the Church of the Good Shepherd Episcopal Church,” Serio said. “She was in a trio—basically, there was guitar, mandolin and violin. And when she passed away we held her Celebration of Life there, it’s a wonderful church full of special people.”

Save the Arts at Dreyfoos!
                                                     To Our Families and Community Supporters,
US News & World Report has ranked the Dreyfoos School of the Arts the #31 magnet high school in the nation!! We need your help to continue this excellence. Last school year, your support provided for 12 Artists in Residence and 2 support staff positions for the students. This essential program would not exist without full funding from the School of the Arts Foundation and you.

The arts programs are primarily funded through your donations to the School of the Arts Foundation.
We are asking families to donate $575 per student for the 2020-2021 school year.
All donations - large and small - are greatly appreciated.