February 2021 | ForeverChangedAR.org
Sharing the Love: 3 Special Valentine’s Day Stories
We’ve got some great “Happy Tails” to share this Valentine’s Day! During a busy month with many puppies rescued, fostered and (mostly) adopted, we also took responsibility for three dogs with serious physical conditions. Thanks to generous monetary donations and other support, all three are now doing substantially better!
Tonks, who came to us suffering from life-threatening pyometra, has recovered from successful surgery and is now thriving in her forever home (another great “foster fail”!).
Charley is recovering from a hysterectomy that removed her babies, who had all died, sadly, and stomach surgery to remove a number of foreign
objects she had ingested. Sweet Charley will be available for adoption after
a well-deserved rest and recuperation.
The future is looking brighter for Winnie, who originally faced a poor prognosis due to a vaginal canal tumor. Currently undergoing chemo, a healthier Winnie will eventually be looking forward to a happy life in a forever home.
Many thanks to all who helped us save Tonks, Charley and Winnie, and the hundreds of other animals saved through Forever Changed Animal Rescue. Wishing all pups and their families a happy Valentine’s Day!
NEW: Tips from Our Dog Trainer!
We’re excited to introduce a new feature from FCAR: tips from a professional dog trainer! We realize that welcoming a rescued dog into your home is a major commitment of time and resources. FCAR is committed to supporting our adopters. The dog trainer we work with, Kelly Citrin, has volunteered to help by answering your questions from dealing with a new puppy’s nipping, to leash manners, to anything else on your mind!
FCAR has been incredibly fortunate to have Kelly, founder and head trainer of 4 On the Floor, be our constant support and resource. Kelly has assisted us on numerous cases where one of our pups needed a little extra help to get the hang of things. (The photo shows Kelly with Magic, one of our FCAR alumni!) We welcome your questions for Kelly! Tips from Kelly will be in future newsletters and on our website. To submit a question, email TipsFromKelly@gmail.com. And if you'd like to get in touch with Kelly regarding her professional services, please call 301-529-6206 or email kgcitrin@gmail.com.
What is the Best Way to Safely Secure a Pup in the Car?
Dogs are lost, injured and killed in car crashes more than you know. We reached out to P. Suanpan at Dogs Ride Certified for some advice. Whether you’re bringing home your new family member or just want to give your dog a great outing, it’s important to buckle up. You put on your seatbelt, right? Your dog deserves one, too. Only 5 brands of dog seatbelts have actually passed crash testing! Visit Dogs Ride Certified to find out more about the safest dog car safety restraints.
An Opportunity to Show Some Love for FCAR
Do you have an unused storage space in the D.C. area a garage, shed, rental unit, etc.? Our current storage space a garage is needed for other purposes so we’re on the lookout for an accessible place to store nonperishables like crates, blankets, leashes, toys, etc. If you know of a possible storage space we can use, please contact us at ForeverChangedAR@gmail.com. Thank you!
Spread the Word: Seeking Forever Homes
Check our website, ForeverChangedAR.org, for the latest news on pups
 available for adoption, as well as foster and adoption applications.
Still awaiting her forever home is Skye, our 2-3 year old sweet girl from TX, who tips the scale at 45-50 pounds. Skye has a very gentle nature and likes to snuggle and play with her toys. Napping in the sun is one of her favorite things to do, as well as chasing squirrels. Already fully house-trained, Skye is responding well to training and is improving on her leash skills. She is doing so well in her foster home that there is no need for her to stay in a crate. Skye is an all-around joy who will melt your heart the instant she sets her soulful eyes on you.
Follow-up on Tripp
Great news! Tripp, who captured our hearts last summer when we saw a video of him limping on three legs as he roamed the streets of south Texas, is now living his best life in his forever home! Congratulations to Tripp and his new family (pictured here)!