February 2020
February 2020
Staying on top of vital issues
Marijuana update
As our state works to understand the impact of the legalization of marijuana, state legislators are also striving to ensure that the public is aware of the potential risks that use can bring. On February 19, a bill was signed in by Lt. Gov. Garlin Gilchrist requiring that all Michigan marijuana shops place warning labels on their products informing consumers that "use by pregnant or breastfeeding women may result in fetal injury, preterm birth, low birth weight or development problems for children." As one of the bill sponsors said, "Many people believe it's perfectly safe and that's just not true."
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No m atter how you feel about marijuana, it's still bad for youth
As we navigate the new landscape of legalized marijuana, it's important to be aware of the effects marijuana can have on the developing brain. This is especially important as surveys have shown that 45% of youth in Ottawa County say that there is little or no risk in smoking marijuana once or twice a week.
Some possible effects that marijuana use may have on an adolescent brain include:
**difficulties in memory, problem solving and overall learning ability
** increased risk of mental illness
**increased potential for addiction
Read more here so you can address any misconceptions that your kids may have.

Vaping Update
The recent federal ban of flavored nicotine PODS has now resulted in a shift in youth use. They are now using DISPOSABLE vape products like Puff bar, Posh, Eon Silk and Mr. Vapor (and these products are also much cheaper) and refillable cartridges. Neither product is covered in the January ban, though the FDA has the power to widen the ban to include these products. These now popular products still contain as much nicotine as 2-3 PACKS of cigarettes.
Read the full article here so you can stay current on this fast moving public health crisis.
Free Family Event
Sponsored by Coopersville and Allendale Schools
April 20, 2020
6-8 pm
Coopersville High School-Centerstage Theatre
Panel discussion after showing
Middle school age students and up are encouraged to attend with parents

Vaping Town Hall
Monday, April 27 6-7:30pm
Herrick District Library, Holland
OSAP is hosting another town hall in our series of town halls focused on vaping; this one is in Holland.   In Ottawa County, 1 out of every 4 teens has used a "vape" in the past month. How do you know if your teen is addicted? What are the health effects I should be worried about? Why are these devices so popular and how do they compare to traditional cigarettes? What can I do about this trend?”
Join us for an informative Town Hall where you will learn more about this rising trend, its impact on youth and how to help prevent addiction for your teen. Speakers will discuss the potential health impacts of vaping and youth addiction. Come and see firsthand what youth are being exposed to, become familiar with the devices, and what you can do to prevent youth use. This workshop is meant for parents, educators, youth pastors, general community members and anyone who works with youth.
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