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Congratulations Dr. Alesiani!  

Robert L. Alesiani, PharmD, BCGP, Chief Pharmacotherapy Officer of CareKinesis, is being honored with the American Pharmacists Association's Hugo H. Schaefer Award. This award recognizes outstanding voluntary contributions to the organization, the profession, and society. 

Dr. Alesiani leads the Medication Care Plan Support Center for CareKinesis. He is one of the first clinical pharmacists in the U.S. with training and expertise to provide personalized medicine, in particular, pharmacogenomic testing coordination and translation for people on high-risk medications.  
Upcoming Webinar:  Internal Auditing and Monitoring for PACE Plans - The Basics for Part D Audit Preparation

Wednesday, February 7th @ 3pm ET 

Learning Objectives:
  • Understand how to audit and monitor internal processes
  • Learn where to locate reports and information needed
  • Identify common areas of risk
  • Use the information gathered in Part D bid formulation, quality improvement initiatives, and cost reduction
Is Lillian at Risk for Medication-Related Problems? 

This is Lillian.

This is Lillian's  med list: 
* Tolterodine
* Fluvoxamine
* Gabapentin
* Hydrocodone
* Amlodipine
* Rosuvastatin

Visit  to learn more about Lillian's risk! 

All the Rage: Adherence Packaging!
The spotlight is shining on 'adherence' packaging! Since 2011, the CareKinesis PACE pharmacy model has incorporated medication synchronization and our Medication Adherence Card (MAC) packaging. These features improve adherence and take the guesswork out of medication administration, thus improving safety. 

Did you know that we're the only pharmacy that considers  drug-gene interactions and accumulative drug risk when determining administration times? Click here for more information.
 MedaCube: What our Partners are Saying

"This system give us peace of mind to be able to remotely monitor medication usage for a forgetful participant or for a participant in a household where there is diversion risk."

- Shirley Huang, MD
  Medical Director, TRU PACE

For more information,  click here or email Sara Baughn.
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