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Contingency Buy-Sell Agreements and Succession Planning -- Repeat
An inexpensive way to avoid a serious risk to agency owners of any age…

Acquiring Agencies - Section 338 Elections Buying Agencies as Corporations but Still Getting to Right-Off the Amortization as an Expense
How to buy an agency as a Corporation, and get the same amortization treatment as you do by buying it as an asset 

Failure to Read a Policy No Longer a Reliable Defense in Broker's E&O Cases; New Jersey Court Decision Holds Agents Liable - But There is a Solution (see end of text)
A simple solution to a sticky E&O problem for agents, pointed out (but not limited to) in a New Jersey court decision – read the comments at the end of the article for the solution…

How to Pull Your Own Teeth AKA Consulting Made Easy
Using a consultant – or doing it yourself?